Exhibit A proving my own techno-geekery: I saw a Twitter fed through a friend’s Facebook status update that highlighted a website of a mashup artist, DJ Earworm, which I then proceeded to bookmark via del.icio.us (which then feeds to my own Facebook page) and am now blogging about it. So while that proves that I’m a geek, it might also prove that I’m musically out-of-touch, as DJ Earworm seems to be well-known in mashup circles (although not on Wikipedia!).

Definitely check out his site if you have a taste for mashups & haven’t heard his work – my favorites are “Together as One” (Beatles + U2 + more), “Stairway to Bootleg Heaven” (Dolly Parton covering Led Zepplin with a bunch of other stuff from Queen to Pat Benatar), and “Over the Confluence of Giants” (tons of sources). More conceptually, “United State of Pop” took the Billboard Top 25 songs for 2007 and remixed them all – the mashup has become a hit on its own, hitting radio top 100 lists for March! I’ve embedded “Together as One” for your listening pleasure:


Update: inspired by all of your Wikipedia-ing, I’ve created a page for DJ Earworm. Let’s see how it’s received…