Meeting Notes

Monthly circ meeting 9/6/18

Present: Todd, Rachel, Kim, Kellam, Nancy, Shawn, Dan

Summer thoughts:
Bikes were terrible
The lack of Helpdesk staff before and after their hours was noticed
Weeding/shifting project at Armstrong was completed on time!
Lack of student help led to HS student hires, which turned out to be great.

Fall reminders:
Carrels are not yet all repaired from the Spring
Dan will ask Wendy about the accuracy of the catalog re. bound periodicals at Armstrong
Text messaging for library overdues, hold pickups will be available soon
Mobile catalog is close to being up and running. Go to from your cell phone to test out.
Three new subs hired and are being trained
Brief discussion about penalty points. In the end, we decided to try using manual blocks in lieu of penalty points for the semester to see how it goes. Dan will update the documentation.
Interest expressed for a Zoom meeting or video conference call with Monterey circ staff to meet and greet. Dan will look into this once things calm down a little bit.

Midd/MIIS merger doc work took up the remainder of the meeting. Dan will type up the doc and share with everyone.

Circ meeting 8-24-17

Present: Kim, Todd, Lexa, Dan

With the demise of NExpress, Kellam raised a question about how holds in MIDCAT behave. Should they continue to just issue a hold, or should we have them issue a recall, giving patrons the power to recall their own books without staff intervention? The general feeling of the (small) group was that we should still push people to ILL and emphasize the use of the WORLDCAT button that has replaced the NExpress button. Staff still want to be the ones to issue recalls to avoid recall wars. So we will keep it as is for now and pay closer attention this semester.

Dan will do a massive billing for late Spring and Summer items once students come back to campus. He will run lists next week to have searched before billing now that everything is back on the shelves.

Dan will find out when the laptop pool is getting updated. Kim will remind Deans about the laptop policy: (i.e. they don’t need to give permission for students to take a Dell PC out of the building. If we have them, they can go out.)
Reminder to everyone that Mac laptops do not go out of the building. Refer any exceptions to Dan.

Nobody likes dealing with the bikes. The maintenance this summer was not efficient. We’ll see how this semester goes.

Poster ideas:
Don’t highlight books
We are not an office supply store

Please don’t hand out office supplies. Here are things we can provide: pencils (they can use the ones next to the computers), rulers, scissors (at the desk), paper clips, rubber bands, dry-erase markers for the rooms, a piece of tape.
We don’t supply paper, glue, highlighters, envelopes, stamps, white out.

Dan will order a new map to replace the out-of-date map for circ

No new equipment to worry about except USB-C dongles and accessories.

Dan will be interviewing new circ subs next week

Dan will make new building guides

All circ student hiring will now go through the SEO website (go/seo). Please refer inquiries there rather than giving out Kim’s email

Circ Meeting 6-1-17

Present: Rachel, Kat, (eventually – ha! -ed) Todd, Shawn, Kim, Nancy, Janine, Dan.

Nancy declares that when cows lay down it will rain.

Penalty points are off
Bikes are gone for now, may be back for summer. Stay tuned.

Microfilm machines back up and running after theft of memory and keyboards.

We’ll share circ students next week with ILL

Start threatening people about still having NExpress items out. Dan will do this.
Dan will run a list of nexpress still out.

Iliad pod in the works to replace NExpress. Rachel will check to see if there’s a way for patrons to specify that they want something via the pod.

Shawn – hired the son of a coordinator for the summer. Filling various needed slots for LS.

Weeding project close to starting at Armstrong.

Armstrong will get a new ILL computer.

Hired a student for ls. still short but have enough to make do.

We have a student scheduled for Armstrong and Davis during ls. Need to figure out. (Update: Shawn has hired another person, so we should be set)

Discussion about student jobs and summer and 24/7

Courtesy hold shelf : if anyone wants to leave something at circ – leave it on the shelf with a note. If it’s expensive, leave it in Dan’s office and email people. No library items on the courtesy hold shelf, please.
Use the regular hold shelf

Janine – higher level student discussion
Budget, requirements, availability. Janine and Kim will explore the possibilities.

Laptops for the summer: No laptops from overseas. Dan will check with Helpdesk. (UPDATE: They hadn’t thought of it and will reach out to coordinators and see if they have a plan. We have a backup plan just in case…)

Carrels are done.

Circ meeting 3/9/17

Reviews done – YAY!

Kim talks about skimming
We don’t do enough business to make it worth it.

Procedure for when a laptop goes missing/stolen: Create a helpdesk ticket and it will eventually get routed to the people who can help.
More specific procedure to come, but until then, just have them create a ticket.

Guest printing – cheat sheet at both circ and Walk-in.
None at Armstrong – send them to Davis

Need to make a “how to logout” sign for the printers. Janine may do that.

Nexpress dying May 1st. We’ll need to do some website cleanup

Armstrong door alarm not working
Front door isn’t closing well
Lockbox is working well for Armstrong

Summer students at Armstrong – have 2 before and after, but still need some

Printer in ILL will be replaced 3/15 (pending snowstorm)

Circ meeting minutes 1-26-17

Present: Nancy, Kim, Shawn, Janine, Dan, Todd, Rachel, Kat, Kellam.
Notes compiled by Dan.

There have been two laptops stolen from the library this week. Pass the word and stay vigilant!

Janine reminds everyone to be diligent about checking for all parts, removing data, cleaning, charging, etc. Also, please return to the proper shelf and make sure cases are closed properly.

Dan didn’t mention this in the meeting, but meant to, so here you go: Please make note of the tweaked instructions for dealing with iPads when they are returned:

Shawn introduced the idea of having a student supervisor position at Armstrong, specifically for evenings and weekends, paid at the Level B rate. Todd said that we used to have this, back in the day. 4 or 5 students who would sub for each other and cover those hours needed. Kim wondered what this would gain us, especially given that there is a supervisor at Davis all the time. Issues like the plotter, the library not being unlocked, etc were discussed. Armstrong is also in the process of getting a lockbox for its keys, so that may alleviate some of the need. If we do want to explore the student supervisor position, we’ll need to make cuts elsewhere in the student calendar to keep the budget flat. Shawn will continue to mull and consult with Dan as necessary.

Todd is thinking of reducing students for stacks, as there is not enough work to keep them busy. Similarly, Kim is thinking about reducing some of the shifts at the desk due to lack of activity. Janine is keeping hourly gate counts in the evening during J-term to see if it is worth staying open till 1.

Jesus may or may not have been in Armstrong recently, reading a 1907 chemical journal.

Shawn may offer a plotter tutorial for students in the spring.

Discussion about CBB leaving NExpress and what that means for the future. Dan will discuss with Terry.

Rachel reports that there is an issue with patrons requesting CDs from CBB schools. Dan checked the loan rules and nothing in there should be affecting this. It is an open ticket with iii.

Dan ran a list of EAST items and it is indeed many more items than the original ~6000 that we surveyed. So it is likely that many on the list have been missing for a while. Rachel will discuss with Terry a plan for getting those replaced. Dan includes anything with an EAST note on the to-be-replaced quarterly list.

Kellam informed people about the President’s Water course being taught here and at MIIS this Spring.

Dan gave an update on the summer housing and hiring discussions that are going on. Not much progress is being made, but we’re trying.

Circ meeting minutes 9/24/15

* Dan gave update on carrel situation (about 60 still available). Will open to juniors and seniors Monday.
* Update on panic button estimate
* Microfilm machine is acting up again
* Kim reports the students are good, the schedule is set
* Shawn has only hired one student, Armstrong schedule is also set
* Janine deleted the mini LCD as it is unrepairable
* Students are leaving the building at closing, PS is more present at closing
* Shawn needs some more retina chargers – Janine will provide
* Shawn will plan a student lunch meeting
* Kellam reports that reserves are looking good
* Dan will check to see if he can edit the Bike Shop website. (he can’t) Until we hear differently, direct all bike inquiries to the bike shop.

Circ meeting 8-27-15

• Students-only at Armstrong Friday
• Kellam
o BLWC reserves are still up – Kellam will clear next week
o Fall term prep is going well
o The Docutech server upgrade is expected to happen before classes start
o Kellam will do the BL report and send out a feedback request soon
• Dan
o Language in motion workshop in October – participants eligible for guest borrower card
o Panic button installation proposal hitting speed bumps with facilities – Dan is working on it
o No word from the bike shop about bikes
o We will start to think about carrels soon
• Todd
o The shelving for DVDs is being installed – waiting on the actual shelving to arrive
o Do we allow alums to borrow DVDs? NO.
• Janine
o Putting together a bunch of equipment to give to Armstrong
o Dan will check on dongles that went to BL
• Kim
o Full schedule – just two empty shifts right now
o Supervisor meeting re. student legal stuff – good meeting
o Welcome email coming soon to students
o ePAFs will be done after Labor Day
• Nancy
o 4 open shifts at Armstrong
• Other
o The Kims are swapping Tuesdays and Saturdays for the Fall
o VCAL update from Terry (That’s President Terry to you)
o Dan will check with PS about making sure IDs swipe before Fall starts
o Anyone working Labor Day? NO.

Circ meeting 6-4-15

Present: Terry, Will, Kim A., Shawn, Nancy, Todd, Rachel, Kim G., Janine, Dan

– Head’s up about Jason’s summer course: 2 weeks, everyone is in Millennium and will presumably have ID cards, so no one should notice, but FYI.
– Reminder to ask for ID cards – we get lax as the semester goes on – still need to REQUIRE IDs.
– Discussion about supplies that we supply to students. The bottom line is that we will supply 4 things: tape, staplers (with staples), dry-erase markers, scissors. Everything else they will need to procure for themselves.
– Any ideas about how to deal with squatters? We will add language to the written agreement along the lines of – if there is a squatter, feel free to ask circ staff to ask them to leave. But YOU (the borrower) are still responsible for clearing everything out of your carrel. We will mention this to them verbally at check out, as well.
– Proxy cards for faculty – Dan will add an option on the web form that would allow the proxy to check things out directly onto the faculty account, rather than a separate proxy account. They will need to accept the possibility that we will not be able to tell who checked out what. The default will still be separate accounts unless this is checked.
– Long-term laptops for students. Long discussion. Resolution: PC laptops will be – with supervisor override – checked out for two week loan periods to students. Dean intervention is not required. When they’re gone, they’re gone. Mac laptops will continue to be library use only. No exceptions.

Circ meeting minutes from 1-22-15

Mike Roy joined us.
A brief discussion about the future of Armstrong.
A discussion about the future of ERes. Kellam will write something up and submit to the directors.
Dan gave an update from the Intota conference call
Reminder that evaluations are coming up – probably take place in February
Kim Ammons is now covering Saturdays. Kim Gurney is now Monday-Friday
Janine will send out the active threat summary she wrote up
Kellam updated us about the BL Inn renovation
Spring semester hiring is underway.