Printing and Quotas

Message from the Helpdesk:
The new process for student printing and quotas starts today.
Here are two Go links for easy access:
Each will take you to our new public facing wiki procedure document for student printing and quotas.
Please make sure you are familiar with the process and document contents. Thank you.

Main Lib 242K Printer

Just FYI
Main Library 242K has new toner but is still flashing a “toner low” message. It is functional, but if it gets worse, please notify Helpdesk so they can take it off line and post an Out of Order sign and update the printer status board in the Atrium.
Did you know that you can check printer status at go/availablecomputers

Reserve Reprints? Where can they be found?


Some Faculty submit reprints (photocopies) for reserve. Reprints are housed in the file cabinet to the left of the printer. Reprints are filed alphabetically, by the title of the article. The first three letters of the title of the article will appear in parenthesis after the location (reprint file)

Author Richard Ivey School of Business
Title Make green delicious
Call No. Reprint file (MAK)

Reprints circulate like books (watch the screen for date/time due). Remove the reprint from the folder, and circulate only the reprint. When returned, place the reprint back into the correct folder.

Printer Status Board at the Main Library

There is a cool new printers stop/go sign up on the white pillar to the right of the info desk to inform users about printer status.
The Helpdesk walk-in will be keeping this up to date and it will be vigorously maintained.
This is a simple but important step toward mitigating confusion and frustration in our printer world.
There are some spare “dots” in the drawer under the fax machine at the Info desk so that the board can be kept up to date by others if the Helpdesk is closed and locked.

So many cards – so much confusion

There has been some confusion recently about the many cards needed to print, copy, borrow and do other things on campus…
Please explain very carefully the difference between Copy Cards and Print Cards when providing assistance. You cannot use a copy card to print. You cannot use a print card to copy.

Print Cards:
*Middlebury College students, faculty and staff do not need to purchase Print Cards – they simply log into the release station with their Midd username and password to release their print job.
*Guests need to purchase a Print Card at the Library Cafe, the College Bookstore or MiddExpress to create an on-line PaperCut account that will allow them printing privileges. The Print Card itself does not get inserted into any machine or unit – it is used only to create an on-line guest print account.

Copy Cards:
Guests AND students need a copy card to be able to copy.
*Copy Cards can be purchased from the black Equitrac copy card vending units with a $1 bill – and value can be added after the initial purchase.
*Copy cards are inserted into the black Equitrac box adjacent to the copier to be able to copy
*Faculty and staff may have a departmental account – in which case a copy card is not needed.
*Faculty and staff need to enter their ID and departmental code (2) into the white Equitrac box adjacent to the copier.

Thanks for helping our users navigate unfamiliar procedures and systems.

Guest Printing

Please pass on any feedback, responses, comments you receive regarding the new guest printing policy.
The process in 4 easy steps:
STEP 1 – Create a PaperCut account on the Guest Print Station
Add value as needed after creating your PaperCut account
STEP 2 – Purchase a $5 PrintCard
Available at The College Book Store, the MiddExpress and the Wilson Café
STEP 3 – Select a Printer
Open the document to be printed (via personal email, CD, storage device or Zip Drive) and select printer
STEP 4 – Release print
Go to Print Release station adjacent to printer selected
Log in using your PaperCut account to print

Please read and review the guest brochure for details.

Print Release in Main LIB242

LIS has undertaken a project to implement print management for all public printers.
During this test period students, faculty and staff can log in with their username and password to release print jobs sent to the printers in Lib242.
Guest users can log in with the daily pclab username and password to print.
The computers in 242 are dedicated to print release and cannot be used for other purposes during this test.

What is a print release station?
A print release station allows users (faculty, staff, students, and guests) to release their print jobs to the printers rather than use the current configuration of automatically printing jobs to the printers.

Why install a print release station?
A print release station should reduce the number of unnecessary or duplicate print jobs from being printed, give the user greater control over their printing, and increase print availability.

How does a print release station work?
When a user sends a document to the printer, it queues on the print release station. The user must log into the print release station using their Middlebury username and password to view jobs they submitted. The user sees only the documents that they sent to the printer and they can release or cancel the print request.

Please try out the new stations and provide your feedback. Please also record any and all comments, questions, suggestions etc. on the notepad at the Circ desk. There are also stickies available in 242 for writing comments.

Printers without release stations are available on the 3rd floor of the Main Library (LIB303) or the lower level of the Main Library (LIB142).
Please direct all printing from Main Level walk-up stations to the upper and lower level printers.

If you experience problems or you are notified of problems with the print release stations during the testing, please contact the Helpdesk.