Circ meeting 8-24-17

Present: Kim, Todd, Lexa, Dan

With the demise of NExpress, Kellam raised a question about how holds in MIDCAT behave. Should they continue to just issue a hold, or should we have them issue a recall, giving patrons the power to recall their own books without staff intervention? The general feeling of the (small) group was that we should still push people to ILL and emphasize the use of the WORLDCAT button that has replaced the NExpress button. Staff still want to be the ones to issue recalls to avoid recall wars. So we will keep it as is for now and pay closer attention this semester.

Dan will do a massive billing for late Spring and Summer items once students come back to campus. He will run lists next week to have searched before billing now that everything is back on the shelves.

Dan will find out when the laptop pool is getting updated. Kim will remind Deans about the laptop policy: (i.e. they don’t need to give permission for students to take a Dell PC out of the building. If we have them, they can go out.)
Reminder to everyone that Mac laptops do not go out of the building. Refer any exceptions to Dan.

Nobody likes dealing with the bikes. The maintenance this summer was not efficient. We’ll see how this semester goes.

Poster ideas:
Don’t highlight books
We are not an office supply store

Please don’t hand out office supplies. Here are things we can provide: pencils (they can use the ones next to the computers), rulers, scissors (at the desk), paper clips, rubber bands, dry-erase markers for the rooms, a piece of tape.
We don’t supply paper, glue, highlighters, envelopes, stamps, white out.

Dan will order a new map to replace the out-of-date map for circ

No new equipment to worry about except USB-C dongles and accessories.

Dan will be interviewing new circ subs next week

Dan will make new building guides

All circ student hiring will now go through the SEO website (go/seo). Please refer inquiries there rather than giving out Kim’s email

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