Library Carrels

Summer Carrels

*Study Carrels may be reserved during the Summer semester by currently enrolled Language School, Bread Loaf School of English and academic year students, faculty and staff on a first-come, first-served basis starting the first day of the summer session [ MAP]
*Study Carrel Suites have been set aside for use by specific Language Schools; individual carrels within the Language Suites are available on a first come, first served basis and may not be reserved; the Language Suites are intended for the exclusive use of the language specified.

Thesis Carrels – Monday 2/15 at Noon

Spring thesis carrel sign-up starts this Monday Feb 15th @ 12 NOON.
Seniors may reserve a thesis carrel if currently enrolled in a 500, 600 or 700 level thesis/project.
For guidelines and more info – click here.
Thesis Carrels are available at all three Libraries.
Thesis Carrels – Music Library – about 70 carrels available
Thesis Carrels – Music Library – 8 carrels available
Thesis Carrels – Armstrong Library – 9 thesis carrels available on the lower level
Midd ID required
Applications will be available at the Circulation Desks
No Banner print-out needed – the library account has been coded if eligible
Due date for carrel keys will default to 5/18
Please refer questions to Steve

Spring Thesis Carrels @ Main

Hey everyone. Students are asking about how carrel signups will work this Spring, so I wanted to make sure staff and student workers knew what to tell them. There’s a couple of major changes, but we think people will like them.

Carrels will still be available first-come first-served only to seniors currently writing a thesis or independent project, and will still be available starting on the second Monday of classes (February 15). Seniors will still need to fill out a thesis application and pick the carrel they want from our master carrel map.

However, instead of early morning, carrels will start being handed out at 12 noon. We got some complaints about waiting in line before the building even opens, so we’re going to try 12 noon as a start time instead.

Also, students wanting carrels no longer need a Bannerweb printout! Dan has worked out a way, through Banner’s regular updates of Millennium, for all students who are registered for a thesis or independent project to show as a new patron-type: 6 – Thesis student. So instead of needing a printout from Bannerweb to confirm that a senior is enrolled in a thesis or project, their p-type will automatically update in Millennium. We simply need to swipe their ID card to confirm that they can get a carrel.

Hopefully these changes will make the process of getting a carrel easier for students and easier for us as well. If you have any questions, please ask!

Good to Know – Senior Thesis Carrels

questionYou may get questions this week about senior thesis carrels.
Here is a brief FYI:
Carrel sign-ups begin on Monday January 11th (it’s always the 1st Monday AFTER classes begin) at 7:30 am
Thesis carrels are open to seniors who are currently enrolled in a 500, 600, or 700-level thesis or independent project – senior seminars do not count; juniors writing theses don’t count
A Bannerweb printout confirming enrollment is required
A completed and signed thesis carrel application is required
Carrels are first-come, first-served
The updated carrel map of available carrels will be available on the 11th
Please refer questions and renewal or change/trade requests to Steve
Stay tuned for up to date procedures for checking out carrel keys to eligible seniors

Carrel Monday

Senior thesis carrel sign-up started today – Monday, September 14. The first senior to be assigned a carrel arrived at the Main Library at 4 am; the 64th person arrived at 7 am for the 7:30 am opening of the library. By 10 am, 130 (out of 202) carrels had been assigned to the early-birds; by 5 pm 159 carrels had been assigned. Maura and Steve organized the event – with Morgan, Joanne, Rich, and Cassidy providing on-site support – ensuring another successful and orderly Carrel Monday – many thanks!

Getting Thesis Carrels Ready

We’ve already gone through and cleaned out all the thesis carrels in the Main Library, and are now at work on policies and procedures for the start of the academic year.

As seniors start returning to campus, they may ask you at the various Circ Desks about how and when to get a carrel. We’ll begin checking out thesis carrels on the second Monday of classes, September 14. There’s currently a question of whether we will give out carrels that Monday morning, or wait until Monday evening. Do you have a preference, or pro/con ideas about the time of day? If so, please add your thoughts as a comment below in the next couple of days.

Seniors are the only students eligible for a carrel, and they also need to be currently enrolled in a 500, 600, or 700-level thesis or independent project. 500 and above level senior seminars do NOT give thesis carrel eligibility. Seniors will need a printout from Bannerweb confirming their enrollment in an appropriate course in order to check out a carrel.

Additionally, a new policy change for this year is that we will no longer be giving out orange due date slips for display on carrels and lockers. Staff will continue to periodically check library books on carrels to see if they are checked out or not, and remove them if they aren’t, but we will no longer be using the due date slips for this purpose.

Summer Carrels and Lockers

It’s that time of year again, when summer students and faculty are asking about carrel and locker space in the library for the duration of the summer. Here’s a quick refresher of our guidelines.

Lockers are available to anyone associated with the College: LS and BLSE students & faculty, and academic-year students, faculty & staff. Local guest borrowers are not allowed to check out lockers. Lockers are checked out for 28 days and may be renewed in person at the Circ Desk, or online through My Midcat. Lockers are available now. Please remind patrons they should use orange due date slips on all library materials they plan to keep in their locker.

Carrels 1-68, or all the carrels on the upper floor and upper mezzanine on the side of the building which faces Axinn, are available, as are all carrels on the lower level (#s 250-273). We will begin loanging them out starting Friday June 12th, to anyone associated with the College. Guest borrowers are not eligible. Carrel keys are checked out until the end of LS or BLSE for those patrons (August 14 and August 8, respectively), and until August 31 for all academic-year patrons. Please remind patrons they should use orange due date slips on all library materials they plan to keep in their carrel.

The carrel rooms (70-227) will be set aside for individual Language Schools to use, as communal spaces for each School so that the Language Pledge can be maintained, but students can work together. The keys to these carrels are not to be checked out to anyone, as the rooms are to be an open space for each School.

All carrels on the Lower Level (250-273) are used as open study carrels for any patron, whether associated with the College or not, and their keys are also not to be checked out.

A carrel map for carrels 1-68 is located on my desk at Circ, to give to patrons to help them decide what carrel they’d like to check out. Please X out a carrel number when you check out the corresponding key. Any questions, ask me or any supervisor. Also if any patron has questions or concerns, please refer them to me. Thanks!

Re-shelving Etc.

A couple of reminders for the Main Circ Desk:

Please assign re-shelving as much as student schedules and desk activity allows
Please review the re-shelving basics with students before they head to the stacks – refer to Rich’s training sheet
Please sweep unassigned carrels that are clearly abandoned – but use your discretion as this is a very stressful time of year
Please discourage squatting in unassigned carrels and study rooms
Sweep shelving/holding carts in the Main Library – always scan/check-in at Circ prior to re-shelving – we recently had lots of books “returned” to the carts – and none of them had been checked in
And as always – double check carts for shelving errors BEFORE they go re-shelving
If time allows – it would not hurt to assign a double check-in at the front desk prior to re-shelving – could help us save a lot of time searching 🙂