Equipment reminders to circ staff members (including subs)!

This is a reminder to avoid making extensions on our equipment loans, including laptops. We need to keep the due dates as they are, so we can circulate these items to other patrons. Digital cameras, camcorders, laptops, and iPads are part of this inventory. Due dates need to be honored, so please do not change them.

We can certainly loan out the student Dell PCs and chargers for two weeks to students with laptop issues, such as  a crash, theft or a break.

We can also contact the Help Desk for specific media requests. They can loan out longer-term laptops for those who need that assistance.

Thank you for all of your work and for your attention to this topic.

Access Services Conference – Atlanta GA

Valuable information was gathered at the recent Access Services conference held at Georgia Tech. Learning various customer service styles and techniques utilized in libraries ranging from student populations of 2,000 to 48,000 was eye-opening. The major takeaway was how change is the “new normal.”  Integrating new technologies and innovation with excellent customer service were major themes. Tips on Reserves policies & procedures, merged libraries, media, student employees & professionalism at the Circ Desk, Reference, and privacy/confidentiality issues were topics of interest. Info regarding maximizing customer and employee satisfaction was particularly enlightening. Power Point presentations will be available from the conference site in January 2012, but I am receiving some of these presentations directly from specific schools for my reference. I will place them in our Conference folder in the 2011 Orgs drive.

Cramming and non-cramming students welcome!

Since we are now open 24/7 until Friday, Dec. 10 (Sat the 11th we close at 8 PM), we would like to welcome all bleary-eyed, hard-working students to our quiet place. We also welcome entertaining students, like the streaking stream of mud-caked students who graced our lobby and staircase a couple weeks ago! You know who you are, however, we do not know who you are, due to your daytime disguise in student attire. We saw your tracks and heard the patter of bare feet on tile and wood stairs as you ran to the 2nd floor. It may be getting a tad chilly now, but we wanted to acknowledge your distracted presence, in case you thought no one saw you. Believe us, mouths were agape and eyes were wide in amazement. Until next time, bundle up and happy studying!

Office 2007

A reminder that Office 2007 is now available. Check out this post on the LIS blog – it has some very cool features, including RSS functionality to make following the Circ and LIS blogs even easier!

With Outlook 2007, users can subscribe to RSS feeds in their email client.
Add an RSS Feed through the Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 Account Settings dialog box
1.On the Tools menu, click Account Settings.
2.On the RSS Feeds tab, click New.
3.In the New RSS Feed dialog box, type or press CTRL+V to paste the URL of the RSS Feed. For example, (to find the url for the rss feed, just click on the “RSS” symbol on the blog you want to follow)
4.Click Add.
5.Click OK.