New Media Equipment to Circ this Fall

We will be adding several new items to our to our media equipment inventory this fall.

The goal is to standardize most of our cameras and camcorders for our patrons, and to ease the support aspect.

7 additional Canon ELPH 150 digital still cameras (upgrade from the 110 model)
10 (approximately) Vixia hand held camcorders, which will replace the older FS11 line we currently use. (We are keeping our FS 200 models).
We will stay within the XA10 line for the high end camcorder. We have two.

We will receive one palm sized LCD projector. This is a new technology so we will monitor its checkout frequency and performance feedback.
We were unable to add more LCD projectors so we will loan out what we have (8 students, and 5 fac/staff).

One more digital Rebel T3i will be added (yay)!
Mac chargers
(checking on i-Phone chargers)

No iPads or Kindles. These have tapered off in borrowing. We have 10 to circulate which will be fine.

More news will be coming (via the blog) regarding PC laptop re-imaging procedures.


Please be careful with returns!

We’ve had a slew of returned items this week that haven’t been properly checked in, including a batch of five (yes, 5!) media items all returned by a faculty member that were reshelved without being checked in first. There have also been a number of Reserve items that haven’t been checked in properly. This causes a good amount of added stress and work for both the borrower and Circ staff.

Please check in all returns immediately at the check-in station and reshelve promptly. This is the best way to prevent confusion and missed check-ins.

As always, please alert a supervisor if you have any questions about a returned item. Thank you!

Reminder re: media needed for screenings

This is a reminder that on the day of a scheduled screening, films may not be borrowed prior to the screening. Students may borrow films immediately after a screening, or on any day prior to the day of the scheduled screening, and regular reserve loan guidelines apply.

This policy is in place so we can guarantee that the media needed for a screening is accounted for, clean, and ready to go for a screening.

This policy has been in place for over a year, so students and faculty should already be aware of this policy and the need to plan accordingly. Please refer any questions to a supervisor — we’re happy to help explain our policies to our borrowers.

Bindery Slips

dvdA reminder to use the blue bindery slips when placing things on the P&P shelf – especially for media – and when it is not obvious what the damage/problem might be. If a borrower reports a problem with a DVD or video, please write the specific details of the problem on the slip.
If it is reserve media, add a yellow rush slip in addition to the blue slip, and alert the Reserve Office.
See this previous post for more info.

Films Scheduled for Screenings by Media Services

A reminder that films scheduled for screenings do not circulate prior to the screening on the day of the screening.
See below for more info:
Films that are scheduled to be screened by Media Services staff will be set aside by Circ staff – after cleaning, repairing (if needed) and verifying availability. On the day of a scheduled screening, films may not be borrowed prior to the screening. Students may borrow films after a screening, or on any day prior to the day of the scheduled screening, and regular reserve loan guidelines apply. This only applies to films that are listed in the daily Media Services screening schedule. Films are listed in the daily film screening schedule only when a faculty member requests that Media Services staff provide technical support to a class screening. If a faculty member has a film on reserve and will be screening the film themselves, Circ staff do not set aside the films.

Media Screenings Info for Circ

This is a brief reminder of the major points I covered during Circ student training on June 25.

1. Screenings students have messages in their Mill records saying they can take Media out of the library.
2. The Film Screenings binder (updated daily by supervisors) is located on the front desk to the right of the pillar; student Screeners will use this binder to tell you what media they need.
3. Screenings materials do NOT get checked out to borrowers on the day they’re being screened, only screening students (or in rare cases, the professor).
4. Always ask screening students if they need a Projectionist Key (located in the key drawer).
5. Professors are responsible for A) giving Reserves media to be screened beforehand, or submitting a list of media from our collection; B) reserving a room for the screening through the Scheduling Office; C) getting a screener assigned by emailing/calling Helpdesk.
6. If professors/TAs/bilinguals appear in person (or call) with a problem (most usually “We’re in room X for a screening but no one’s here with the movie”) hand the issue to the supervisor on duty.

Any questions, please ask me. Thanks!