Library Hours for Thanksgiving Break

The Libraries will have reduced hours for the upcoming Thanksgiving break.

Tuesday 11/22: 7:30 am – 8 pm
Wednesday 11/23: 9 am – 5 pm
Thursday-Saturday 11/24-26: CLOSED
Sunday 11/27: 9 am – 1 am

Tuesday 11/22: 7:45 am – 5 pm
Wednesday 11/23: 9 am – 5 pm
Thursday-Saturday 11/24-26: CLOSED
Sunday 11/27: 4 pm – midnight

As always, complete hours can be found at go/hours/

New Equipment: Lighting Kit

We have a new lighting kit which includes 18 parts inside the case. The parts are numbered one through 18, making it easy to count them.

There is a lighting kit checklist form to the right of the lighting kit on the shelf in the wooden equipment cabinet. When you loan out the kit, you will take a checklist form, count the items with the borrowing patron, and then the patron will sign the form. The form will go inside the case.

When the kit is returned the following day (one-day loan period), the checklist form will be inside and the 18 parts will be counted and confirmed. The checklist form can be thrown out after the kit is checked in and cleared from the patron’s account. Please let me know if you have any questions.

New Zoom Audio Recorders in our Inventory

Hi Circ Supervisors!

We just received 5 new audio recorders, which will eventually replace all of the older digital voice recorders. They are in the same drawer as the other recorders. There are only 2 parts to the package we will check out: the recorder with a foam audio buffer, and a USB connector. They actually came with several other parts but Dan and I thought it best that we keep this item simpler. The barcode is on the luggage tag, since that was the only available space for it.

We are getting a few more pieces of equipment, including some graphing calculators. You may have noticed that we now have a third digital Rebel T3i camera too!

I am also adding new Mac chargers, which is really great for the fall semester.

We look to be in good shape for the coming year.

Ebooks on reserve

So, you know how I spend all of my waking hours these days placing books and media on reserve in Millennium so students can find their course materials via MIDCAT? Along with print books and media, we are now adding ebooks to the items associated with a reserves list in MIDCAT. Please see Prof. Williams’s PSCI 0430 as an example of what this looks like. Similar to media items, ebooks are identified as such in the title (via a bracketed “[electronic resource]”). Likewise, their call numbers end in “eb”, as DVDs end in “D” and BluRays end in “B” etc.

Please familiarize yourselves with how to access ebooks in MIDCAT, as our Circ students and patrons will surely have questions about it. Rebekah’s blog post will get you started, and here is a more detailed Q&A. I think our borrowers will be delighted to find that ebooks can be used by multiple people at one time, and are not limited to the usual two-hour reserve period that restricts our print reserves.

Please leave comments or questions below!

New borrowing web page

main_interiorAs you may have noticed – we have an exciting new borrowing page!
Please refer our borrowers to these pages for questions about borrowing. Loaded with good info! 🙂
In addition, the Library has a new home page for quick and easy access to research resources.
Use the new LIS home page for questions about LIS things beyond research and borrowing.
The Help and Support pages can help you find all things Helpdesk and Media Services related.
The website is very intuitive, and has really good search functionality, but please take a little time on your next shift to familiarize yourself with these resources so that you can better assist our borrowers with questions.
Tell us what you like – and don’t like! Please direct comments and feedback about the new website to this link.

Borrowing Privileges for Retired Faculty and Staff

Recently retired faculty and staff may need to have their borrowing account updated. Verify retired status on new Midd ID.
Please refer to a supervisor.
Circ supervisors:
Edit expiration date – no exp date
Change patron type to retired faculty or retired staff, as appropriate
Enter home address info
Insert home phone info
Verify email address

Midd ID’s – Double Check Name and Photo

Please note!
We just experienced another incident of the wrong ID number being embedded in a summer ID.
Which means that when you scan an ID, the wrong account will display on the screen and you may inadvertently check things out to the wrong person.
Help solve this problem by verifying that the name on the ID and the name on the screen always match.
Scan ID
Look at photo and name on ID
Look at name on borrower account on screen
Do they match?
If yes – proceed with check-out
If no – alert a supervisor immediately – do not check out
This person needs to get a new ID at Public Safety before borrowing
If necessary, ask for another photo ID and type in their name to bring up the correct borrowing account.
Please extend our apologies for the inconvenience.
Thanks! 🙂

Retired Staff – Borrowing

Just a heads up that staff and faculty who have retired recently may have an end of employment expiration date in their borrowing account. This information is entered by Human Resources, and uploaded to the library borrowing data base from Banner. It is an easy fix! And we welcome continued borrowing by retired staff and faculty.
Supervisors, please adjust the record as follows:
Update address info to home address
Enter home phone number
Verify that the email address is accurate
Remove the expiration date
Adjust patron type to 53, 54 or 82
PS issues a new ID designating current college employment status