Printing to plotter at Armstrong

Nice job, everyone, on keeping up with the symposium-related questions we received last week.  Some questions were about using the large-format plotter (aka “plotter”) in 209.  Remember that there are instructions for the plotter at go/printing.  Be sure you can find these instructions on your own — you’ll probably be asked about them again soon!  There are a few poster sessions scheduled in the Great Hall in the coming weeks.

Note especially the section on reimbursements.  If a department is covering the cost of printing posters, the department will have asked LIS to credit students’ accounts at the beginning of the semester.  Students with questions about this can contact their departments.

203K printer

Our 203K printer has been acting a little strange this week.    Mostly it will freeze up and not print even print jobs that have been sent directly to it.     Please have students print to 202 when the printer freezes.   Shutting it off and back on often clears the problem.   If it does not want print after a reboot then shut it down and direct print jobs to 202 and 161.  We are working to correct this problem and I’ll update you when I know more.

Main Library – Printer Update

From Tech Helpdesk:
LIB242 has been replaced with a brand new Kyocera printer.
The new printer driver (with the same old name LIB242) has been installed on all the public computers in the Main Library. We may have missed a few, so if you hear from customers that the new printer is printing gibberish, please obtain the name of the computer that the customer was using and notify the Tech Helpdesk.

Points to Remember from Circ Training, 6/29/09

Todd asked me to take notes during the training and post them here. I’ll summarize what the presenters talked about and if you have any questions, ask me or comment below.

Scheduling – use and refer to the Outlook calendar. If you need a sub, please post to the summer distribution list for one and alert the supervisor who normally works during that shift.
Blog – students should check the blog at the start of every shift – link located on desktops at each Circ desk
Wiki – great for finding procedures and workflows

Equipment – heavily used by Language Schools and sometimes also Bread Loaf during the summer.
–equipment is located at all 3 branches, and items circulate for 4 hours, 1 day, 7 days, or 14 days depending on what they are. Renewals are possible for all items (except faculty/staff laptops) as long as there is still ample supply of the item in question available for other borrowers. However, under no circumstances are loans allowed to be extended for the duration of the summer. In other years we’ve been able to do this, but due to shrinking inventory and budget cuts, we’re sorry but we can’t accommodate summer-long equipment requests anymore.
–don’t turn borrowers away if you don’t have what they need on hand. Check the other two branches to see if their equipment is available. Bring in supervisors to book equipment. Supervisors can also contact Media Services to see if their equipment inventory has what the borrower is looking for.
–when people ask about how to use equipment: direct them to go/equipment (“the greatest thing ever”–Maura) which has instruction manuals in pdf format which can be read online or printed
–remember to check all pieces of equipment at check-in and check-out (ie. read and follow the pop-up messages in every equipment record)
–equipment must be returned to the branch it came from; equipment cannot be transported in the courier bins like books, CDs, and DVDs can.
–new equipment for this summer: flip cams, Hebrew keyboards, portable P.A. systems

Rachel (with input from Kellam on BLSE)
ILL – green or pink bands; green can be taken out of the library, pink must stay in the library. In fact, when a patron returns a pink-band ILL to the desk and leaves without saying anything, it’s best to assume they’re NOT done with the item and it should go back on the hold shelf (assuming it’s due date has not passed).
–ILL can only be renewed by ILL staff intervention
–when checking one out, remember to change the due date in Millennium to what the ILL band says
–ILL can be shipped from Main to Armstrong, but between no other branches
NExpress – blue bands, usually a faster option than a recall or using ILL.
–NExpress can be renewed by a patron through My MidCat twice
–when checking one out, remember to use the due date generated by Millennium, and write it on the blue band
–NExpress can be shipped from Main to Davison (ie. Bread Loaf) and back, but between no other branches

Guests/Visitors – guests who have borrowing privileges may borrow books & government documents
Guests have access to computers (through the daily “pclab” password).
–they do NOT have privileges to borrow: equipment, movies, lockers & carrels, ILL & NExpress
–guest printing: through print card bought at Wilson Cafe, college Bookstore, or MiddXPress in McCullough. Each branch has 1-2 “guest printing computers” where guests can send print jobs. Guests then use the print release stations like students & faculty do.

Desktop Stats – to be clicked after every patron interaction which does not involve the actual circulating of materials (ie. check-ins, check-outs). Used by staff to document staff and student staff use during all hours we’re open.

Todd (with input from Kellam on BLSE)
Printing for students & faculty – all branches using print release stations – Middlebury username and password (same one used for Webmail, Banner, etc.) NOT the same one used by Bread Loaf students & faculty – they will need to activate their Midd accounts for this. Direct them to go/activate and look them up in Millennium to give them their ID #.
–copying is $.10 for b/w, $.50 for color. Color available in Main and Armstrong.
–Equitrac copy cards bought at “black box” in print rooms. Use $1 to get a card; then more money can be added onto that card.
–Faculty can use a department code (2) and their ID number to charge copies directly to their department.
–please report printer problems to supervisors/Helpdesk in a timely manner

Emergency Procedures – please use part of your next shift to read over the Emergency Manual (there’s a copy in each branch). Ask your supervisor if you have questions about what’s in it.
–first aid kits are also available at each branch at the Circ Desk. Additional kits are available in Main at the Info Desk and in the Staff Room.

Mozio – new texting reference service, implemented at the end of spring semester. Text to # 66746 from any cell phone. Start your message with “midd” and then type your reference question. Reference librarians (or perhaps Circ or Helpdesk staff) will respond via text to your phone.

Is that it? Whew!

Printer in LIB 242

LIB242 no longer wrinkles paper, but needs additional parts. On the chance that it locks down, it is possible to reset the error and continue using the printer until the parts are installed.

If panel is not lit, turn power off and on.

‘(additional functions) *’ button – ‘2’ & ‘8’ simultaneously – then ‘*’ button again

Copier button
Functions button
Clear button
Err button
OK button
Clear once or twice until panel returns to normal

note – Be sure to hit the right buttons – and be sure they register being pressed.

Ink for the Epson 2400 and paper for the HP 5500 Plotter

Subject: Quick reminder about ink for the Epson 2400 and paper for the HP 5500 Plotter

The ink for the Epson 2400 colour printer located in Carrel 28 is in the cabinet in LIB242, the Printer/Copier room on the Main Floor.

The paper rolls for the HP 5500 plotter located in the Wilson Multimedia Development Lab (LIB220) is in LIB201a, the supply closet (close to the back leaning against the wall on your right.)

Please let Mack know if you have questions.