Circ meeting 6-4-15

Present: Terry, Will, Kim A., Shawn, Nancy, Todd, Rachel, Kim G., Janine, Dan

– Head’s up about Jason’s summer course: 2 weeks, everyone is in Millennium and will presumably have ID cards, so no one should notice, but FYI.
– Reminder to ask for ID cards – we get lax as the semester goes on – still need to REQUIRE IDs.
– Discussion about supplies that we supply to students. The bottom line is that we will supply 4 things: tape, staplers (with staples), dry-erase markers, scissors. Everything else they will need to procure for themselves.
– Any ideas about how to deal with squatters? We will add language to the written agreement along the lines of – if there is a squatter, feel free to ask circ staff to ask them to leave. But YOU (the borrower) are still responsible for clearing everything out of your carrel. We will mention this to them verbally at check out, as well.
– Proxy cards for faculty – Dan will add an option on the web form that would allow the proxy to check things out directly onto the faculty account, rather than a separate proxy account. They will need to accept the possibility that we will not be able to tell who checked out what. The default will still be separate accounts unless this is checked.
– Long-term laptops for students. Long discussion. Resolution: PC laptops will be – with supervisor override – checked out for two week loan periods to students. Dean intervention is not required. When they’re gone, they’re gone. Mac laptops will continue to be library use only. No exceptions.

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  1. I realized that if we add an option to the proxy accounts form for “one account”, then the proxy card will not be able to have an expiration date. In essence, we would be giving out duplicates of the faculty card which would never expire. This seems like an inherently bad idea, so I’m not going to add this as an option.

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