24/7 stats, Spring 2015

Head counts:

Spring 14 Spring 15
137 140 Sun>Mon
122 188 Mon
173 259 Tues
259 253 Wed
250 n/a Thurs
84 closed Fri
125 closed Sat
330 405 Sunday
235 239 Mon
245 325 Tues
408 382 Wed
382 433 Thurs
413 269 Fri
182 290 Sat
215 247 Sun
152 240 Mon

16d 14d # of days
3712 3670 Total

Gate Counts:
Spring 2014 Spring 2015
134 101 Sun>Mon
213 245 Mon
189 180 Tues
297 181 Wed
173 223 Thurs
115 closed Fri
128 closed Sat
373 293 Sunday
183 130 Mon
210 191 Tues
407 268 Wed
379 232 Thurs
165 135 Fri
n/a 41 Sat
135 169 Sun
179 150 Mon

15d 14 d # of days
3280 2539 TOTAL

Stats week!

Because you don’t have quite enough to think about just now…


When you are working at the desk, if someone asks you a question that is not “Can I have this from reserve?” or “Can I get a charger?”, please record it on the form at go/zoho_circ

This will run through Sunday, so please remember to record stats. I will put up reminders on the computers, too.


STATS WEEK, Fall 2012

November 11th-17th, Sunday to Saturday.
If you get asked a question at the desk (other than, “Can you get x for me?”, where x is something that we normally provide to patrons, like a reserve book), please tally it here: (also, GO/zoho_circ)

So if you get asked where the bathroom is, record it.
If you get asked how many books are in this place, record it.
If you get asked how to photocopy, record it.
If the phone rings and someone has a questions, record that.

Get it? (don’t record that)

“Why are we doing this?” you might ask. It helps us figure out staffing, hours, service points, and all kinds of other fun stuff. We only do a week per semester, so please try to be diligent with recording these.


Next Monday, Nov. 8th, will be the official, fully licensed, accept-no-substitutes start of STATS WEEK.
“What does this mean for me?” you may be asking yourself.
You’ve got some of nerve.

But seriously.

We stopped making you keep stats all the time, so for this one week, please keep track of any question you get asked and tally it on this form. I will try to keep that page up all the time so you can just switch over to it. Supervisors will try to remind you as best we can, but in order for these to be useful statistics, we need to make a strong effort to actually record them. Check out the categories listed and let me know if you have any questions.