Student Employees

Booked Equipment Shelf Moved Over to the Right

When you retrieve a piece of equipment in the cabinet, you will see that the spot for booked items are now on the right side for easier access. The conference phones are on the same shelf. The conference camera is on the shelf above. The student LCD projectors have more room on the left side shelves.

We have been given 2 more XA10 camcorders so we have four in our inventory. These are placed on the shelf below the booked shelf.

I have added a lighting kit and a couple of wireless mics. They are on the shelves, and ready for checkout. I will add detailed information on those items in the next blog.


New Student Laptop Procedure

Since we have a limited amount of student MacBook laptops, (14 at Davis, 3 at Armstrong), and Dell PCs (6 at Davis, 9 at Armstrong), we can no longer allow student borrowers to take them out of the Davis and Armstrong libraries. They have been continually overdue, resulting in zero laptops available for other students to check out. I understand that we did not advertise the fact that laptops could leave the library, but since we allow a 24-hour loan period, we did not restrict them to the building.   We are now restricting them to remain inside the building.

They will each have a sensor attached so they will beep if they pass through the sensing gates.

All student laptops will be confined to the interior perimeters of the libraries, meaning, they are:

NOT ALLOWED TO PASS BEYOND THE LIBRARY EXIT/ENTRANCE GATES of BOTH DAVIS and ARMSTRONG LIBRARIES. That is to say and to include, the Wilson Cafe and the Armstrong kiosk and reading lounge area as off limits. The loan period will remain at 24 hours for Dell PCs and MacBooks.

To be clear, the new rule is:

Secondary rule change: There will be a pop-up message (coming soon) to remind anyone checking in returned laptops to open up the machine to check the screen to see if it is broken, and if the machine is off, to please turn it on, then turn it off before placing it in the cart. More often the machines are on, so please turn them off and place in the cart. We are asking this so we are certain the laptops are in good working order upon their return to the Circ Desk.

Please direct any equipment questions to me, and I will gladly assist. You may also make your inquiries to your nearest friendly supervisor or to our fearless leader, Circ Czar Dan Frostman.

Thank you for your attention to these instructions and for your dedication to our policies! Now go our and have a great weekend.


New Equipment Arrives at Circ!

We are pleased to inform supervisors and student staff members that 12 near professional-grade hand-held camcorders (Canon Vixia R42 models) have been added to our inventory, as well as one additional very popular high-performance digital camera, the Canon Rebel T3i. The intent for the hand-held camcorders is to have a uniform supply, which simplifies loan use and instruction. We also have seven new Canon Power Shot Elph 100 cameras and Behringer headphones. There was a particular enthusiastic welcome to a  palm-sized Aaxa Pico LCD player.  Feedback so far on the Pico LCD has been A+, despite its less than perfect technical features to the larger models; it has been checked out since we added it last week, and reports are that DVDs screen just as vividly as on larger projectors.  Naturally, the ease of transporting cannot be over-emphasized.

These items were on our “wish list” back in the Spring, and we are so grateful to have them to loan out. We now have 12 LCDs (10 at Davis and 2 at Armstrong), yet we still had an empty LCD shelf Wednesday night, the last night of break. It was movie night for plenty of students!

The new headphones have also had excellent reviews from the students.

We are trying to keep up with the high demand for Mac chargers each night. Many suffer wire damage with use and others get lost.  I know our most popular items are chargers and headphones.

Please ask questions if any arise about the new equipment. In the meantime, as the saying goes in U.K. applies here at Circ, “Keep Calm and Carry On.”

Thank you to Dan, Petar, Charlie, Mary and Carol for managing these additions. We are so glad to have them to loan out.

Congratulations to Circ’s New Students of the Month!

A well-deserved congratulations to the first Fall semester 2013 Circ Student Employees of the Month;
Tiffany Park and Himi Kanaumi!

Tiffany and Himi were nominated from the pool of all LIS student employees.

While we realize that all of our Davis and Armstrong students are of the most excellent quality, we wanted to acknowledge and honor these two particular standouts, Himi and Tiffany. They are exemplary student professionals who are preparing themselves well for success in their futures beyond college.  Senior life can be stressful as you seniors know too well, but Tiffany and Himi always have a sense of humor while they work hard, running the desk.  Over the summer, and now into fall, they continue to show us just how responsible they are, while providing efficiency and top-rate service to anyone at the desk. Their future employers will be grateful when they realize how smart they were after hiring these two smart, charming upcoming recruits!

Equipment Review for Fall 2012 Student Circ Staff

Welcome back to our Circulation Student Staff members!

To ease your transition back into the Circ swing of things, this is a quick reminder on the check in procedure for our media equipment items.

No check in required: Do NOT check in most media items. Please place media equipment items on the red cart when they are returned to the Circ Desk; no need for any check-in action on Millennium.  Supervisors will do all of these check ins.

We have two Canon XA10 camcorders in our media collection. These are open to anyone (all patrons including students) for check out for a one-day loan period. DO NOT extend a loan for anyone without checking with a supervisor.
We have added iPads to our collection, and we have 2 Kindles for borrowing; these are two-week loan periods for faculty/staff members only. (One Kindle Fire is available for student circulation, also for 14 days.) NO CHECK IN REQUIRED.

We also have new HD Flash Canon FS200  camcorders; one-day loan periods to all patrons. PLEASE REMEMBER TO AVOID CHECKING IN THESE CAMERAS; SIMPLY CARRY THEM TO THE RED CART.

We have new LCD projectors for students. PLEASE DO NOT CHECK THESE IN; CARRY OVER TO THE RED CART.

There is a VHS player in the media cabinet and we have a DVD recorder for anyone to borrow. No check-in required.

Check in required: Do check in student laptops, power chargers, DVDs (notice and confirm whether the DVD is inside), headphones, digital voice recorders, calculators.  We have new MacBook Pro for Retina Display chargers in the bottom left drawer (#2) next to the student computer nearest the wall clock. The usual MacBook Pro chargers are also in that drawer, as well as in the Mac cabinet. When possible during a quiet period, please turn off the student laptops as they get returned.

If you have any type of question regarding our equipment, please ask me.
Thank you!


Jack Maher: April’s Student Employee of the Month & DVD/CD Display Center

This note is so everyone is aware of this month’s student employee award, which went to Jack.  He has worked at the Circ Desk since starting as a first-year at Midd, longer than some supervisors.  It was unanimous that Jack had earned this accolade and we are proud of him. Jack’s participation at the circ desk has been memorable and fun. He will not be forgotten at Circ. So far, our circ employees of the month featured Jun Chen as our first, Chad Sonn, Cynthia Wang and Jack. Way to go!

Additionally, Jack selected several DVDs, featuring Ryan Gosling and acclaimed TV series, The Wire for the display area, and we have found that all of his choices have been checked out!  (R. Gosling is a huge draw, so that couldn’t hurt). Our previous student Christian Schoning made his selections before Jack’s picks, and they were also popular checkouts. It is obvious the display center is successful, so we appreciate your input. Brittany Gendron had a fabulous run as our first student recommending films and TV shows. Her picks did well too. This is a great way for faculty, staff members and other students to have easy access to our collection. We have had a lot of feedback from those checking the displayed DVDs and CDS, with comments like, “Wow. I didn’t know you had “The Ides of March,” or “I haven’t heard “The Smiths” in a long time!
So, don’t keep your favorite picks to yourself!  Keep them coming our way so we can share your recommendations. This is your chance to practice your music and movie criticism skills!
Ciao for now ~~

New Student Staff Film and CD Picks at the Circ Desk ~ your input is needed!

At the end of the Circ Desk, we have a  new display case  which showcases DVDs and CDs.  The reason we have this on display is for you, (Circulation Student Staff members) to add your favorite TV, film and music recommendations. We get plenty of questions from all students about which films to check out, so this is an opportunity for Circ students to bring out some of your favorites. It would be great to print your picture (optional) and a comment about your choice (s), and I will place that sign next to the display case.  Many DVDs and CDs are sitting on the shelves without much press. We can make this a weekly rotating list of recommendations. Simply write down your favorite titles, and pull them off the shelf. On my desk, you can leave me a list of one or more of your choices, along with your comments. If you would like your picture to accompany a comment, tell me which picture you want to use, and I will print it, then place it in the sign.  Your opinions are valued so bring it on.

IDs required to check out items!

We have noticed that we are all becoming more lax about requiring IDs in order to check out items. Starting in January, we will REQUIRE IDs to check out items. So as people come to the desk over the next month and a half and do not have an ID, please tell them that in January they will not be able to check out items without their ID.


Hi all.

Stats week will commence Sunday and run for all of next week. As a reminder to those who have experienced this great joy before and an introduction to those new to the bliss: please record any question you get asked – where is the bathroom? How do I print? How many books do you have? Is the macaroni and cheese in the Grille homemade? Do NOT record questions like: Can you get this book for me?

The form for recording said questions can be found here:

Or at GO/zoho_circ

Please let me know if you have questions.