Reminders for the summer

Reminders for the summer:

• All Summer students, faculty, and staff, have printing privileges just like the AY – login and release. Quotas are in effect.
o Breadloaf INLCUDED
o LS families are NOT included
• Patrons will need to activate their MIDD username and password. Please direct them to the Helpdesk or go/activate.
• IDs are required, just like during the AY. Breadloaf patrons have IDs with their name and ID # on them, but they may not swipe. If that is the case, just type in the ID #.
• Davison (Breadloaf) books brought into the Davis Family Library will probably set off the alarm as there is no desensitizer at Breadloaf. If this happens, just desensitize them.
• Licensed software is not available to Summer patrons (i.e. Microsoft Office)
• Items listed as “Available” in the catalog are requestable during the summer. We should be running paging slips every morning and placing these items on the hold shelf.
• Carrels and lockers are available and have a fixed due date of 8/12. This date should not be altered. There is no carrel agreement to sign during the summer.
• The Breadloaf courier will come to get the bin (which will live on the desk between Kim and Janine) mornings and afternoons M-F and mornings on Sat and Sun. They will call from the loading dock.

Printing to Plotter at Armstrong

With the new printing system in place, procedures for printing to the plotter at Armstrong have been changed.  Students will ask about this at the desk, so please review.  (I’ll check with others in LIS to see if they’d consider adding this info to documentation at go/printing or elsewhere. UPDATE:  Instructions are now at go/printing.)

How to print to the plotter at Armstrong:

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Printing and Quotas

Message from the Helpdesk:
The new process for student printing and quotas starts today.
Here are two Go links for easy access:
Each will take you to our new public facing wiki procedure document for student printing and quotas.
Please make sure you are familiar with the process and document contents. Thank you.

Main Lib 242K Printer

Just FYI
Main Library 242K has new toner but is still flashing a “toner low” message. It is functional, but if it gets worse, please notify Helpdesk so they can take it off line and post an Out of Order sign and update the printer status board in the Atrium.
Did you know that you can check printer status at go/availablecomputers