Two announcements

Nothing mind-blowing.

1. The upstairs (A-M) reshelving has been moved to the empty shelves before the A’s.

2. We now have three pairs of “headset with microphones” (if you’re searching in Millennium). They’re in bags in the drawer with the digital voice recorders. They are 1-day loans. Media services says they will get used.

Compact shelving deactivated

The compact shelving in the center section of the main floor of Davis has been deactivated as it is not sensing people in the aisle. So rather than squish someone inadvertently, we have shut down the units and put up signs indicating that patrons should come to the desk for access to those shelves.

Compact shelves broken

The compact shelves on the main level are broken and we have shut them off. If someone needs a book from that section, there are signs for them to either email circ or come to the desk and fill out a request slip. The slips are on the cart next to Janine’s desk. We will retrieve books in the morning and afternoon and email the patrons as soon as they are available. Circ staff, please put the books on hold for the patron and email them directly.

Returns mania! And other end-of-term reminders

It’s that time of year again — when thousands upon thousands of library materials are returned to us. Here are a few tips to keep in mind during your final shifts of the term:

  • Keep up with returns — don’t let things pile up!
  • Scan books for damage and pull any that are in serious need of repair
  • Scan book carts and make sure that errant items (ie. NExpress, VT Coll, Armstrong, etc.) aren’t being sent to the wrong places
  • Be pro-active and take full carts to the reshelving areas during your shift
  • If you receive an “on the fly” message during check-in, give the item to a supervisor
  • You may field questions about borrowing books over the summer — our borrowing policies apply year-round. Students can borrow a book for the usual four-week loan period and renew via MyMIDCAT. They are also responsible for mailing the item back to us if it’s recalled.

Please let a supervisor know if you have any questions. We’re here to help you during this busy time!

Returns Returns Returns

stacks_smallIt’s that time of the year again. 🙂
Please take extra care that all returns are checked in carefully and sent to the right place for re-shelving. A little extra care at check-in will save us many hours of work searching and following up on materials that we missed at check-in. This is NOT the time to let returns pile up – please check-in all returns as they come in and share the fun with your shift partner! Carts will fill up quickly and require frequent trips to re-shelving areas. Please sort and spot check carts – look out for ILL/Nexpress, reserves, media, books in need of repair etc.

And speaking of re-shelving…lots of help needed! Supervisors, please assign students scheduled at the desk to re-shelving whenever possible.

Looking for extra hours?!
We can schedule extra hours for any student assistants interested in work and $$$. Please see Rich if interested. Hours are flexible – and you can listen to music while you shelve. Training/orientation will be provided if you have not had Stacks training before.

Armstrong Compact shelving issues

A section of the compact shelving (bound periodicals QP 1- QP 351)  in Armstrong is not working correctly.   Sometimes it’s not resetting after it has been opened and therefore none of the aisles in that area can then open.   I will post signs in this area directing patrons to the circualtion desk if they have problems opening an aisle.    Below is a set of instructions for using our service key”  to override the shelving unit if it does get stuck.   Please carefully check all aisles that will open or close when using the override key to make sure no one is in those aisles.

Compact Shelving Won’t Reset – instructions

STOP: and first check that all of the aisles you are opening are completely empty.

Get “Service Key” (looks like TV remote control) from the drawer below the cash drawer.

  • Point it at the inoperative shelve unit.
  • Push the yellow button (has a triangle and “!” on it).
  • On the book shelf:  hold in the button that is supposed to open the aisle (the button must be held in, as it will stop moving as soon as you let off the button).
  • Once you’ve moved it about one foot, let off the button.
  • Now push the “Reset” button on the shelf.
  • If the shelf doesn’t reset, try repeating these steps again.

Main Library – Microfilm Reader/Printers

A heads up that there are currently 30 students working on an assignment that requires the use of the microfilm reader. Please be prepared to assist users with navigating unfamiliar technology.
ILL staff and student staff are experts in using the film readers. They may also be able to help assist users unfamiliar with the readers.
Take a moment on your next shift to walk over to the film readers and follow directions to familiarize yourself with the equipment, so you can help others.
Please direct reader/printer problems to Stacks, or Helpdesk if unavailable.
There are also some tips on the wiki.