Circ meeting minutes 1-26-17

Present: Nancy, Kim, Shawn, Janine, Dan, Todd, Rachel, Kat, Kellam.
Notes compiled by Dan.

There have been two laptops stolen from the library this week. Pass the word and stay vigilant!

Janine reminds everyone to be diligent about checking for all parts, removing data, cleaning, charging, etc. Also, please return to the proper shelf and make sure cases are closed properly.

Dan didn’t mention this in the meeting, but meant to, so here you go: Please make note of the tweaked instructions for dealing with iPads when they are returned:

Shawn introduced the idea of having a student supervisor position at Armstrong, specifically for evenings and weekends, paid at the Level B rate. Todd said that we used to have this, back in the day. 4 or 5 students who would sub for each other and cover those hours needed. Kim wondered what this would gain us, especially given that there is a supervisor at Davis all the time. Issues like the plotter, the library not being unlocked, etc were discussed. Armstrong is also in the process of getting a lockbox for its keys, so that may alleviate some of the need. If we do want to explore the student supervisor position, we’ll need to make cuts elsewhere in the student calendar to keep the budget flat. Shawn will continue to mull and consult with Dan as necessary.

Todd is thinking of reducing students for stacks, as there is not enough work to keep them busy. Similarly, Kim is thinking about reducing some of the shifts at the desk due to lack of activity. Janine is keeping hourly gate counts in the evening during J-term to see if it is worth staying open till 1.

Jesus may or may not have been in Armstrong recently, reading a 1907 chemical journal.

Shawn may offer a plotter tutorial for students in the spring.

Discussion about CBB leaving NExpress and what that means for the future. Dan will discuss with Terry.

Rachel reports that there is an issue with patrons requesting CDs from CBB schools. Dan checked the loan rules and nothing in there should be affecting this. It is an open ticket with iii.

Dan ran a list of EAST items and it is indeed many more items than the original ~6000 that we surveyed. So it is likely that many on the list have been missing for a while. Rachel will discuss with Terry a plan for getting those replaced. Dan includes anything with an EAST note on the to-be-replaced quarterly list.

Kellam informed people about the President’s Water course being taught here and at MIIS this Spring.

Dan gave an update on the summer housing and hiring discussions that are going on. Not much progress is being made, but we’re trying.

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