Circ Meeting 6-1-17

Present: Rachel, Kat, (eventually – ha! -ed) Todd, Shawn, Kim, Nancy, Janine, Dan.

Nancy declares that when cows lay down it will rain.

Penalty points are off
Bikes are gone for now, may be back for summer. Stay tuned.

Microfilm machines back up and running after theft of memory and keyboards.

We’ll share circ students next week with ILL

Start threatening people about still having NExpress items out. Dan will do this.
Dan will run a list of nexpress still out.

Iliad pod in the works to replace NExpress. Rachel will check to see if there’s a way for patrons to specify that they want something via the pod.

Shawn – hired the son of a coordinator for the summer. Filling various needed slots for LS.

Weeding project close to starting at Armstrong.

Armstrong will get a new ILL computer.

Hired a student for ls. still short but have enough to make do.

We have a student scheduled for Armstrong and Davis during ls. Need to figure out. (Update: Shawn has hired another person, so we should be set)

Discussion about student jobs and summer and 24/7

Courtesy hold shelf : if anyone wants to leave something at circ – leave it on the shelf with a note. If it’s expensive, leave it in Dan’s office and email people. No library items on the courtesy hold shelf, please.
Use the regular hold shelf

Janine – higher level student discussion
Budget, requirements, availability. Janine and Kim will explore the possibilities.

Laptops for the summer: No laptops from overseas. Dan will check with Helpdesk. (UPDATE: They hadn’t thought of it and will reach out to coordinators and see if they have a plan. We have a backup plan just in case…)

Carrels are done.

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