Building and Facility

Locking classrooms as part of closing

To help ensure students don’t stay in the building after closing, we are going to start locking the classrooms as part of the closing routine at Davis. So please clear and lock LIB 201, 230, 105, 140, and 145 before closing each night. These will also need to be unlocked by circ staff on the weekends – facilities will take care of it on their morning rounds during the week.

Intercom issues

Beeeeeep. Beeeeeep. Beeeeeep. (repeat)

When the intercom system decides to act up (as it did late this afternoon on three occasions), it’s helpful to know what to do. First, if it occurs during regular business hours, contact Joseph, our fearless facilities coordinator. If Joseph isn’t in, Charlie Conway is skilled in the ways of intercom repair. It the issue occurs after hours, please call Public Safety. They can coordinate with Facilities to access the intercom system (located in the server room on the lower level). The fastest solution is to simply turn off the intercom.

The issue today seems to have been resolved by shutting down the system and then turning it back on. Other occasions may warrant turning it off for the rest of the day/evening. It’s good to know that we can resolve strange and annoying intercom issues rather quickly, returning the library to its natural state of peace and quiet.

Armstrong map in MIDCAT

Thanks to Shawn O’Neill and Barbara Merz, you’ll now get a map of Armstrong when you click on “Armstrong (Science) Library” in MIDCAT!

The MIDCAT page with our floor plan is here.  Notice the link “Click here for larger map.”  That goes to a version with better resolution in the wiki.  We weren’t able to get the map in MIDCAT to look any better.  It’s most important to know that books and bound periodicals are on the lower level, and the map in MIDCAT does show that.

Thanks, Shawn and Barbara!

Davis Family Library – Bookdrops

The back book drop is located in Lib 131, formerly the book stacks office, now occupied by Lisa Terrier. Lisa will empty the drop and deliver returns to the Circ desk M-F mornings. Circ (staff only) will empty on days when Lisa is out, as part of the evening routine, and on weekends, or as needed during peak times. To ensure security and privacy, Lib 131 will soon be re-keyed. The new book drop key chain will include 2 keys – a key for locking the exterior of the drop if ever needed, and a key for the interior office door to Lib 131/the book drop cupboard. The exterior of the drop should be unlocked at all times, and Lib 131 should be kept locked at all times.
Many thanks to Lisa – it’s not everyone that gets to share an office with a book drop! 🙂

A reminder that the front book-drop is located in the cupboard under the courtesy hold shelf and needs to be checked at opening, prior to closing and regularly throughout the day.


Collection Mgmt move timing and requesting in process materials

A message from Joseph: “Please be aware that Acquisitions, Cataloging, and End Processing are all moving offices in the next few days.  I’ve just processed a batch of rushes and except for desperately needed items we will not be processing anything until mid-week next week.  If you have request for items in process, please explain the situation to the requestor and try to keep expectations realistic.”

Armstrong Compact shelving issues

A section of the compact shelving (bound periodicals QP 1- QP 351)  in Armstrong is not working correctly.   Sometimes it’s not resetting after it has been opened and therefore none of the aisles in that area can then open.   I will post signs in this area directing patrons to the circualtion desk if they have problems opening an aisle.    Below is a set of instructions for using our service key”  to override the shelving unit if it does get stuck.   Please carefully check all aisles that will open or close when using the override key to make sure no one is in those aisles.

Compact Shelving Won’t Reset – instructions

STOP: and first check that all of the aisles you are opening are completely empty.

Get “Service Key” (looks like TV remote control) from the drawer below the cash drawer.

  • Point it at the inoperative shelve unit.
  • Push the yellow button (has a triangle and “!” on it).
  • On the book shelf:  hold in the button that is supposed to open the aisle (the button must be held in, as it will stop moving as soon as you let off the button).
  • Once you’ve moved it about one foot, let off the button.
  • Now push the “Reset” button on the shelf.
  • If the shelf doesn’t reset, try repeating these steps again.