Summer means requesting!

Requesting of available items has been turned back on. Calm down, I know you’re thrilled beyond words. Here are the instructions for running the paging slips.

Remember to CHECK IN all of the items that are pulled and put them either on the hold shelf at Davis or in the proper bin (Armstrong or Breadloaf). The Breadloaf bin will live next to Janine’s desk.

Please get into the habit of running paging slips first thing in the morning and sometime in the afternoon.

Requesting of “Available” items has been turned on

In preparation for Language Schools and Bread Loaf, the ability for patrons to request items listed as “available” has been turned back on. Please remember to print out Paging Slips when you run notices in the morning. (They do not need to be on blue paper – we can print them to the circ printer.) A reminder of procedures can be found here.

Circ Meeting 6/22

Circ Meeting 6/22 Main Lib 145
Present: Todd, Dan, Nancy, Maura, Rachel, Steve, Brenda Ellis, Phil, Janine
We celebrated Maura’s June birthday with Lemon Cake.
Brenda presented a brief (but riveting) intro to the Mosio Text LIS service – a web platform for receiving and replying to text messages from users. LISBorrowing has been set up as an account, and Circ may in the future monitor Mosio more actively. Currently LIS librarians are monitoring the site and will forward messages as needed to the Lib Circ mailbox. Users can text LIS by sending a text to 66746 (mosio) using the keyword “midd” to begin their message. Please refer questions about Mosio to Brenda or Steve.
Dan presented a brief overview on BLSE workflow for Midd, NExpress and ILL requests for Davison pick-up. Please refer to the BLSE procedures on the Circ Wiki for details about BLSE.
And…at the very same time…Kellam presented a training session on the BLSE workflow at the Davison Library. Present: Kellam, Joanne, Judy, Chris.
Please refer questions about BLSE workflow, procedures, and schedules to Kellam and Dan.

Retrievals – Paging Library Materials

Retrieving library materials to fill requests for NExpress, ILL, MiddCampus, Davison (Breadloaf), Mills (California) etc.

Main Stacks:
In the absence of Stacks, ILL will retrieve; if ILL unable to pick up by 2 pm, Circ will retrieve

Pick up Midd (including Mills and BL/Davison), ILLiad and NExpress paging slips X2/daily from red NExpress cart early morning and early afternoon
Books, etc. – retrieve materials from shelves
Browsing DVD’s – retrieve case; pull DVD from sleeve; visually inspect for damage; clean/scan only if needed; insert in case; deliver to ILL Lending Office
Fold NEXPRESS notice lengthwise (name of patron face out) and place inside book or item
Deliver all paged items to Lending Table in the ILL Lending Office for sorting to appropriate carts by an ILL supervisor
ILL – processed by ILL
NExpress – processed by ILL (with CIrc as back-up)
MiddRequests (including Mills, Davsion, Music, Armstrong) – to Circ
MiddRequest and NExpress – if not found on shelf, write “NOS” on paging slip and give directly to Circ supervisor to cancel request (in Mill Circ – Search/Hold Mode)
ILL – if not found – write NOS on slip – deliver slip to ILL Lending Office
Fri afternnoon, evening and weekends – retrieve NExpress, ILL and Midd requests as staffing and activity levels allow
Circ – check cart for paging slips after 2 pm daily

Hold Shelf Procedures

Procedure for placing requests on the Holdshelf at all Circ Desks:
Scan barcode
Print hold slip
Place on holdshelf – alphabetically by borrower’s LAST name
Why print a hold slip?
Important info is printed in BIG and BOLD for easy identification and tracking of holds
Verifies borrower’s name – listed Last, First
Verifies pick-up location – material is placed on hold at correct branch
Verifies status dates – time/date placed on hold shelf
Verifies title and call number info – hold slip is placed inside correct item
Thanks for your help in ensuring that when our borrowers come to pick up a hold that the correct item is waiting for them at the correct location.
Please let me know if you have any questions.