Meeting Notes

Circ meeting minutes 10-30-14

Present: Dan, Kellam, Terry, Todd, Lexa, Janine, Kim, Nancy

* Short dongle presentation by Danielle Madison. Janine will make up a visual cheat sheet to hang on the storage cabinet.
* Janine went over the summary of Active Threat safety proposals based on procedures at other NEXpress schools. Ideas include a panic button at circ, having student EMTs wear some kind of identifier while in the library, and a camera at the entrance to the building. Terry will look into the possibility of closing to the public earlier (card access). We should also look into more advanced First Aid training.
* Dan asked if there was any reason not to have a 3-day loan for camcorders and tripods. General agreement that that would be fine. Dan will work on loan rules.
* Short discussion on values to give to Terry and the directors. Patience, Calmness, Responsiveness, Follow through, Consistency, respect.

Circ meeting minutes 8-28-2014

Present: Nancy, Rachel, Todd, Kim, Janine, Kellam, Dan

Dan gave a list of updates that people should know before Fall:

* update on the circ sub pool and possibilities moving forward
* Print cash cards are coming back
* Carrels are ready to go the second Tuesday of the semester – signs will be posted. No changes to the procedure from last Fall
* Student schedule is largely set, will need to hire a couple
* Microsoft office is no longer available on disc to install. Send people to the Helpdesk or go/getoffice
* 105 is being renovated as the new video conferencing room. Most work will be done during J-term (tentative)
* Lights are still broken. Hopefully fixed before Fall.
* Kim and Janine will work Labor Day. That’s about it.
* Dan thinks he may have figured out a “due at closing” loan rule.” Will test once we are open till 1.
* That’s all. Picnic time.

Circ meeting 5-22-14

– Dan gave a brief update on the FMMC equipment meeting he attended this week – nothing was decided and Dan will keep everyone posted.

– Bike update: Bikes are done for the semester and will not continue over the summer. May return in the Fall.

– Overall, the semester went very well. Students were good, reserves survived without Kellam.

– 24/7 – security company has not impressed of late, we will plan to collect student cell numbers to hand out to overnight workers.

– All circ staff will be signing a confidentiality agreement. Dan will send out.

– Kellam reports that Tuesday 6/17 is the BL pickup date for facilities. We will probably go up to set up on Thursday 6/19.

– NExpress seems to be past the bumps created by the lack of server upgrades midway through the semester. Still a few straggler items coming through.

– Reshelving is looking better than it ever has at this time. Carrel returns are more work (checking each one in person) but ultimately worth it.

– No update on Armstrong situation.

Circ meeting 4-17-14

– All agree that the LS dictionary display from last summer should be repeated. Dan will let Carrie know.

– Dan gave an update on the bikes. An email will come out next week to all campus. At that point, we can start giving them out (if patrons have a bike sticker on their ID, for liability purposes). We only check the keys in and out – all inquiries to the bike shop.

– Dan asked if anyone wanted to work at BL. Let Dan know. Dan will inquire about a BL student who will work in the library.

– Kellam comes back May 1st.

– Dan will provide a link to PCI info. A PCI audit will be happening some time in the future, so all staff should be prepared to answer questions about this, if asked.

– A discussion about equipment and patrons claiming all the parts were not included at check out. A suggestion was made to have a form that patrons sign agreeing that they have everything. Dan will think about this. For now, staff will be more diligent at check-in to make sure everything is there and we will be more adamant with patrons that everything was there at check out, based on the fact that it was there at check in. Janine will also check booked items to make sure everything is there beforehand.

– Discussion about laptops. DECISION MADE: STUDENT LAPTOPS WILL STAY IN THE BUILDING. We will security strip them. A message will pop-up at checkout. Students will be notified. We will change the actual loan rule in the summer (so they will still be due back tomorrow) but they will need to stay in the library.

– Todd reports that the PQ’s have been shifted so that all the French literature is now in the right hand row (looking at the back).

– Armstrong update. We don’t know anything other than they are thinking about that space.

– The cafe will be open 24/7 during 24/7, for at least part of it.

– Dan has arranged for a security guard during 24/7.

– Dan met with Public Safety to discuss options for getting people out of the building at closing. May start imposing fines, may install cameras. Public safety will get back to us. For now, we will not do anything different in our procedure.

Monthly circ meeting 1-22-14

Present: Janine, Kim, Nancy, Shawn, Kellam, Dan

Janine made a delicious cake to celebrate Kellam and her impending doom. leave. (sorry – impending just seems to be naturally followed by “doom”.)
Dan reminded everyone about evaluations. Keep them short and sweet. Please get them to me in the next two weeks.
Dan told everyone the reserves plan when Kellam leaves. Dan will be the mailbox guy and print reserves, Megan will be EREs. Nancy will cover in April when Dan is out. Terry will be the copyright resource.
Dan gave a quick bike update – we have the locks, no one wants bikes right now.
Dan and Janine gave a quick overview of the new laptops, including the new cleaning procedure for the PCs.
Carrel day reminder – 2nd Tuesday in Spring term at 8 am
Kim reports she has hired new students and they are shadow training, may need to hire one more for Spring.
Shawn is heading to NERCOMP conference today
Nancy has given up on Bicentennial Hall. She will always have frost on her windows.
Kellam has reserve lists ready to be pulled. Reserves may be a bit wonky for a week or so as Winter ends and Spring starts.
The compact shelving is mysteriously and shockingly working.
The stacks at Armstrong still need to be oiled.

Post LS-wrap up with the students

1. Do more education of summer students about printing, possibly add a “how to print” sheet to their arrival packet. (Dan will bring this up with the User Services Managers)
2. If the info desk is still in place, maybe posting a tech student there to respond to printing questions for the first couple weeks. (and this)
3. Have tech students in the helpdesk area until 12am. (due to budget issues, I doubt this will be feasible, but I will mention it)
4. Fill paper trays at the beginning of each tech shift to avoid those issues all together. (Dan will let Joe know)
5. Have cafe’ open at night Sun-Thur. (This isn’t up to us…)
6. Have librarians available 5pm-7pm. (Numbers don’t justify this, but we will continue to keep track)
7. Better signage for reference and tech services (can’t really see the signs when entering the library) (Dan will talk to Joseph about this)
8. Armstrong would like more dongles and two mac computers for their branch. (They will be getting more shortly)
9. Need to make a new cheat sheet for who reserves which rooms in the library. (Dan is following up)
10. Audio books shelved together (like the Vermont and Faculty Author sections) (Dan has asked Rebekah if this is possible)
11. Clean the bathrooms more, main and upper get very dirty. (Kim contacted facilities)
12. Make up tip postcards to hand out at the beginning of language school about pertinent info. (Go for it!)

Thanks everyone for your input and for a great summer!

Circ meeting minutes 5-22-13

Sorry for the delay…

– A group has been scouting Armstrong for spare office space. Good luck.
– We need more supplies, pens, etc. We need to bolt everything down. Dan will talk with Mary about this office supply store issue. Also, batteries.
– Discussion about penalty points for summer borrowers. General agreement to turn it off. Dan will fix loan rules and adjust notice texts.
– Dan gave a brief outline of the Helpdesk’s plan for loaner laptops.
– Kellam updated everyone about the Davison circ desk schedule
– Update of vacation schedules for the summer
– Student staffing update from Kim – all is well
– Janine reported on the customer service session she attended at Ilsley.

Meeting with Mike 2-7-13

*Carrels (lack thereof) discussion: Dan will come up with a list of possible options to present to SLAC
*Schedule for evaluations will be in the AD meeting minutes
*No complaints about communication
*BiHall 24 hour lab damage discussion. Take pictures of the damage
*Discussion about Ilsley and Millennium
*General agreement that doing away with the merit bonus raise was a good call
*Dan gave stats about billed items = general success of the penalty points
*Public printing: monitor the hassle factor and if it gets too high, let’s have a conversation.

Circ meeting 1-23-13

Present: Shawn, Janine, Nancy, Todd, Rachel, Kim, Kellam, Dan

* Discussion about thesis carrels, availability, wait list
* Mysterious disappearance of TX’s
* Rachel – microfilm machines tutorial (took place immediately following meeting)
– Celebration for Feb seniors next Wednesday at 2. Rachel will send out invites and food sign up
* Todd requests ID requirement strengthened. Janine will put sign back up.