Student Worker Reminder: Media Equipment Returns

This is a brief reminder to everyone to be sure that the borrowing time periods are followed when checking out various equipment items.  No extensions are allowed without permission from a supervisor. Most popular items are one-day loan periods.
Quick review:
digital cameras (still): 1 day ONLY
camcorders (flash and mini-dv): 1 day ONLY
microphones: 1 day ONLY
LCD projectors: 1 day ONLY – *pay special attention since we do not have many in stock for this high demand item
digital voice recorders:  7 days
calculators – 4 hours

Since we are at the end of the semester, we are turning around these items quickly (daily) so we need to get them back to the desk by their due date. Others are in line for booking.  Many students have blocked accounts due to late equipment returns; you will need to get a supervisor to speak with those students when they come to the desk.  This is a very busy time and we thank you for all of your hard work!  Let us know if you have any questions.

Work Etiquette: clearing the deck of debris (loose books, CDs, etc) between shifts

Hello Circ Students!

Please be absolutely certain to clear away books, DVDs, CDs and all stray items at the end of your shift. There have been several requests from your co-workers about this issue. Several students are beginning each shift by cleaning up after the student employee who worked before their shift. This pertains to the area next to the check in computer. CDs need to be shelved, and not left behind for someone else to put away (moi, for instance). If you see an ILL cart with books to be shelved, please take initiative to take it on and shelve it with your co-worker. One person does not need to do all of the tasks.
This is good information for you to retain and to use in the future when you are hired outside of the college. Leaving a mess for others to clean up does not bode well in the professional world.  Sharing the workload does wonders. Take the tip.
I know this does not apply to all of you, but I hope everyone is conscious of others at work.

On the positive side, thank you to everyone for doing excellent jobs overall at the desk. We are grateful to have you work hard for us. Have a great Thanksgiving weekend as we give thanks to you.

Reminder to all Circulation student staff members

This is a brief reminder to preferably let me, or if necessary, another supervisor know when a piece of equipment is loaned out by you, when that particular item does not have all of its components at checkout time. There have been cases in which a patron has claimed that all of the items within a laptop, camcorder or a camera were not included when checked out. We want to avoid these situations so there is no question about components missing. Today I had this scenario, since a patron said a laptop did not have its mouse when he checked it out by a student. I need to know when this occurs. The best procedure is for you to place that laptop or media item on my desk with a note that the mouse (or whatever the case may be) is missing, and to get another laptop case with all of its pieces intact. Even if a patron says they do not need a particular part inside a case at checkout time, they need to receive the complete case with all of its parts. It is important so we can keep track of responsibility for media.  Thank you very much for your attention to this issue. Details matter.

Reminder to student circ staff for equipment loan periods

This is to remind everyone that we need to keep with the established loan periods associated with each media item that we loan out. Frequently, patrons ask for extended time periods. When asked this question, you can explain to the patron that a one-day or one-week loan period (which ever the case) is our practice so other borrowers have an opportunity to borrow the same equipment. If you find it is sometimes difficult to refuse these requests, please feel free to defer these requests to a supervisor. We have limited supplies of our items, particularly VGA adapters, digital cameras and LCD projectors. When loan periods are extended, it makes it hard to circulate these items as often as we would intend.  Thank you. You have each done such great jobs at the desk all summer long!

Replacement NExpress Slips Behind the Circ Desk

I have printed out a small stack of blue replacement NExpress slips next to the check-in computer, above the printer at Circ. These should be filled out when a NExpress book is returned without its jacket/sleeve.  They will only replace books when checked in with a “b.”  You will include your initials, date of return and patron name. This information will be helpful to the ILL/NExpress staff when processing their returns. Thank you for your help.

New Canon Digital Cameras at Circ Desk

This is to let everyone know that we now are loaning out Canon “Power Shot” ELPH 100 compact/pocket digital cameras. We now have four of these added to our inventory.  They are sophisticated little cameras; reliable, easy to use,  turning out high-quality photos.  The Power Shot has a built in flash, automatic best image selection, continuous shooting and many other beneficial features. Everyone who borrows one will enjoy taking photos. We appreciate having them to loan out. Check them out when you can!


Browsing DVD Circulation Reminder

This is a reminder to Circulation student staff members to regularly check our browsing DVD cases. We are routinely finding DVDs left in their cases when returned to the browsing shelves.  At the same time, we are finding the opposite situation with missing/lost/never seen again DVDs, arriving to the Circ Desk in empty cases.  It is getting to be a regular thing, evolving into a new game called, “Where is the ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ DVD ?”  Or yesterday, “Where is the DVD case for ‘Traffic’?”  This is actually bound to happen, but maybe we can cut down on some of that search time by opening cases when they go in and out.
I do want to thank the students who have been great about taking DVD cases back to the browsing area; it has been a huge help! Remember to help out with book carts too…

Try to stay healthy. There are some colds lurking around the area. Take care and look for new snacks coming your way in a drawer near you.

Post-Halloween Gratitude!

I am sending out a special thank you to Momo and Brittany for sponsoring and working extra time on this year’s Halloween “Top Ten Scary Movie Picks!”  You two created a hauntingly fun poster, which set the mood for a “spooky season” feeling inside the library.  All visiting Circ Desk students were engaged by participating in coloring Halloween decorations, which Momo and Brittany hung!  You two did a fantastic job, and we had enthusiastic responses from your Halloween jolt!  Thanks to the entire student circ staff for participating. Thanks to everyone for the chills!!!!!!!!!!  You guys keep it lively and fun!