Student Employees – Davis

Two announcements

Nothing mind-blowing.

1. The upstairs (A-M) reshelving has been moved to the empty shelves before the A’s.

2. We now have three pairs of “headset with microphones” (if you’re searching in Millennium). They’re in bags in the drawer with the digital voice recorders. They are 1-day loans. Media services says they will get used.

2 summer things

1. Patrons asking to take our reserve DVDs for Mittel and Keathley’s summer course can do so for however long they want, apparently. It is fine for these to leave the building. A supervisor may need to override.

2. There may be patrons coming to the desk who have temp ID cards and who are not in the system. Supervisors, please go ahead and enter them, making sure to ask for both a date when they will no longer be on campus and a valid email address. Please enter these as ptype 121, Summer student.