thesis carrel

Renewing thesis carrels

I just sent out an email informing thesis students that if they need their carrel in J-term or Spring, they need to come to the desk with a Banner printout indicating they are enrolled in a 5,6, or 700 level class for EITHER J-Term or Spring.

Students – please refer all thesis key renewals to a supervisor.

If they are only enrolled for J-term, change the due date on their key to 1/31.
If they are enrolled for only Spring, or both J-term and Spring, change due date to 5/21.

If they are not enrolled in either, please do not renew their key. It is due back on 12/17. If there are any available, they can check back in J-term.

Thesis Carrels!

Thesis Carrel Monday has come and (thankfully) almost gone! As people come to pick up their carrel keys, please remember to have them sign the agreement on the green clipboard at the circ desk. If people had problems signing up online, please refer them to a supervisor.

If juniors or non-thesis-writing-seniors want a carrel, please have them check back next Monday and they are welcome to whatever scraps are left.

Carrel Keys in MIDCAT

In preparation for online booking in the fall, the carrel keys appear a bit differently in MIDCAT (and Millennium). They have been separated according to where they are in the library (Upper North, Lower South, etc.) and each has a link to its own map. The records can be found by typing any of the following: carrel, carrel keys, thesis carrel, senior thesis carrel. The hope is that this will make booking easier for the patron. We’ll see…

Thesis Carrels – Monday 2/15 at Noon

Spring thesis carrel sign-up starts this Monday Feb 15th @ 12 NOON.
Seniors may reserve a thesis carrel if currently enrolled in a 500, 600 or 700 level thesis/project.
For guidelines and more info – click here.
Thesis Carrels are available at all three Libraries.
Thesis Carrels – Music Library – about 70 carrels available
Thesis Carrels – Music Library – 8 carrels available
Thesis Carrels – Armstrong Library – 9 thesis carrels available on the lower level
Midd ID required
Applications will be available at the Circulation Desks
No Banner print-out needed – the library account has been coded if eligible
Due date for carrel keys will default to 5/18
Please refer questions to Steve

Spring Thesis Carrels @ Main

Hey everyone. Students are asking about how carrel signups will work this Spring, so I wanted to make sure staff and student workers knew what to tell them. There’s a couple of major changes, but we think people will like them.

Carrels will still be available first-come first-served only to seniors currently writing a thesis or independent project, and will still be available starting on the second Monday of classes (February 15). Seniors will still need to fill out a thesis application and pick the carrel they want from our master carrel map.

However, instead of early morning, carrels will start being handed out at 12 noon. We got some complaints about waiting in line before the building even opens, so we’re going to try 12 noon as a start time instead.

Also, students wanting carrels no longer need a Bannerweb printout! Dan has worked out a way, through Banner’s regular updates of Millennium, for all students who are registered for a thesis or independent project to show as a new patron-type: 6 – Thesis student. So instead of needing a printout from Bannerweb to confirm that a senior is enrolled in a thesis or project, their p-type will automatically update in Millennium. We simply need to swipe their ID card to confirm that they can get a carrel.

Hopefully these changes will make the process of getting a carrel easier for students and easier for us as well. If you have any questions, please ask!