2 summer things

1. Patrons asking to take our reserve DVDs for Mittel and Keathley’s summer course can do so for however long they want, apparently. It is fine for these to leave the building. A supervisor may need to override.

2. There may be patrons coming to the desk who have temp ID cards and who are not in the system. Supervisors, please go ahead and enter them, making sure to ask for both a date when they will no longer be on campus and a valid email address. Please enter these as ptype 121, Summer student.

Reminder about reserves

All items that need to be placed on reserve — whether they are library-owned items or personal copies — need to be placed on the Reserves processing shelf with an orange reserve slip so Kellam can process them. Even if a personal copy has been on reserve in a previous semester, it still needs to be processed for reserves for the current semester. To recap: whenever a professor comes to the Circ Desk with an item that needs to circulate for his or her students, it needs to go on reserve. Please don’t hesitate to ask a supervisor if you have any questions! Thanks.

Reserve photocopies in reprint file

We have our first addition to the reserve reprint file (a.k.a. that file drawer next to the Circ printer). The call number is “Reprint file (Sample papers)” and it’s a folder with sample papers for Prof. Rochford’s course. It’s the only item in the reprint file so it should be easy to find! The items had previously been available on ERes but they’re now only available as photocopies to be borrowed for a two-hour loan. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Bound periodicals on reserve for GEOG 0239

Several bound periodicals of Fortune Magazine (from Special Collections) are now on reserve for Prof. Knowles’s GEOG course. Since the items are huge, they’re sitting on a flat cart in the vicinity of the “K” reserve shelves (K12 Knowles). They’re all banded with call numbers and barcodes etc. Hope this isn’t too confusing for everyone, I tried to make things as clear as possible. If you can think of other signage that would be helpful, please let me know!

Ebooks on reserve

So, you know how I spend all of my waking hours these days placing books and media on reserve in Millennium so students can find their course materials via MIDCAT? Along with print books and media, we are now adding ebooks to the items associated with a reserves list in MIDCAT. Please see Prof. Williams’s PSCI 0430 as an example of what this looks like. Similar to media items, ebooks are identified as such in the title (via a bracketed “[electronic resource]”). Likewise, their call numbers end in “eb”, as DVDs end in “D” and BluRays end in “B” etc.

Please familiarize yourselves with how to access ebooks in MIDCAT, as our Circ students and patrons will surely have questions about it. Rebekah’s blog post will get you started, and here is a more detailed Q&A. I think our borrowers will be delighted to find that ebooks can be used by multiple people at one time, and are not limited to the usual two-hour reserve period that restricts our print reserves.

Please leave comments or questions below!

eTextbook Pilot print copy available for loan

Have you heard about the eTextbook pilot that will be happening at the College this Fall? If not, you’ll want to read up on this exciting news, and also note that we’ll have one print copy of an eTextbook available for two-hour loan at the Circ Desk. This copy will simply give borrowers an idea of the quality of printing, and is not associated with any particular class. The binder containing the print copy will be located at the start of the print reserves and marked appropriately. Please let me know if you have any questions.

End of term and personal copies

It’s the time of year when faculty members often want to remove their personal copies from reserve. We do this for them automatically at the end of each semester, but if someone wants a book or media item off reserve right now, we can easily handle it. If I’m in the office, simply hand the item to me and I’ll remove it immediately — the process only takes a minute. If I’m not around, please jot down the faculty member’s name and the call number of the item — leave this info in a note for me and hand the item to the professor. Any questions? Please ask me or any supervisor. Many thanks!