Media Screenings Info for Circ

This is a brief reminder of the major points I covered during Circ student training on June 25.

1. Screenings students have messages in their Mill records saying they can take Media out of the library.
2. The Film Screenings binder (updated daily by supervisors) is located on the front desk to the right of the pillar; student Screeners will use this binder to tell you what media they need.
3. Screenings materials do NOT get checked out to borrowers on the day they’re being screened, only screening students (or in rare cases, the professor).
4. Always ask screening students if they need a Projectionist Key (located in the key drawer).
5. Professors are responsible for A) giving Reserves media to be screened beforehand, or submitting a list of media from our collection; B) reserving a room for the screening through the Scheduling Office; C) getting a screener assigned by emailing/calling Helpdesk.
6. If professors/TAs/bilinguals appear in person (or call) with a problem (most usually “We’re in room X for a screening but no one’s here with the movie”) hand the issue to the supervisor on duty.

Any questions, please ask me. Thanks!

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