Spring Thesis Carrels @ Main

Hey everyone. Students are asking about how carrel signups will work this Spring, so I wanted to make sure staff and student workers knew what to tell them. There’s a couple of major changes, but we think people will like them.

Carrels will still be available first-come first-served only to seniors currently writing a thesis or independent project, and will still be available starting on the second Monday of classes (February 15). Seniors will still need to fill out a thesis application and pick the carrel they want from our master carrel map.

However, instead of early morning, carrels will start being handed out at 12 noon. We got some complaints about waiting in line before the building even opens, so we’re going to try 12 noon as a start time instead.

Also, students wanting carrels no longer need a Bannerweb printout! Dan has worked out a way, through Banner’s regular updates of Millennium, for all students who are registered for a thesis or independent project to show as a new patron-type: 6 – Thesis student. So instead of needing a printout from Bannerweb to confirm that a senior is enrolled in a thesis or project, their p-type will automatically update in Millennium. We simply need to swipe their ID card to confirm that they can get a carrel.

Hopefully these changes will make the process of getting a carrel easier for students and easier for us as well. If you have any questions, please ask!

Some items can’t be returned anywhere

While most items can be returned at any of the three branches, there are some items that can only be returned at the location where they were checked out. These items include:


If someone returns one of these items and it goes in transit when you check it in, please either

a. Check it back out to the person and have them return it where they got it
or, if the patron has already left
b. Alert a supervisor


1, 2, 3 … and now 4 and 5: Keys for equipment storage units

To accommodate our ever-expanding equipment collection, we’ve moved several items into the storage units across from Doreen’s office. (The items, so far, include computer speakers, extra headphones, the minidisc recorder, and the new keyboards). I figured it’s time we started locking these units! So you’ll see two new keys on the “Equipment Storage Cabinet Keys” — a #4 and #5 that correspond to that new unit. Hope it’s clear — please leave a comment if you have a question.