No – we do not repair personal DVD’s

FYI – message from Joseph Watson in Preservation and Processing (P&P):
We recently had a request to send some personally owned DVDs through the repair machine and that prompted Terry and me to weigh the pros and cons of offering that service to the community. We have decided that we will not accept DVDs from individuals and that we will only treat items owned by Middlebury College.

If we did decide to offer that service, in order to make it cost neutral, we’d have to charge for staff time, wear and tear on the machine, and supplies used. We don’t want to get into that because we really can’t afford to devote staff resources to non-essential work, especially work that doesn’t directly benefit the College.

The good news is, Video King does do this… they charge $3 per DVD. If anyone asks about such a service, please explain that we only treat items owned by Middlebury College and refer them to the retail establishment downtown.


Shelf reading media collection

one thing i have noticed is that there are some items behind the circ desk which do not begin the string of call letters with the word MEDIA.  if an item does not have MEDIA as the first entry in call # sequence, scan the item to verify its true location. There are many items that look as if they should live behind the desk but actually they belong in the stacks and the only way to verfity is to scan the item.  So always look for the word MEDIA.

Film Screening Media

In an effort to ensure that media scheduled for a film screening is in the best possible condition, we have changed our procedures for processing film screening media.

All media scheduled for the day’s screening will be placed on a separate shelf after processing.
I have designated a shelf for this purpose next to the reserve media shelf.
Also – I have designated a new area for the rental films next to the new screening media shelf.

Media will not be available for individual viewing prior to a scheduled class screening.
Media will be available for viewing as soon as possible after the scheduled screening is over.

Please note that we are trying this for the Winter Term, and will evaluate the film screening workflow for Spring Term. Please pass on comments, concerns and observations.


Reserves and Media Collection Shelf Reading!

A new clipboard (how exciting!) has been created at Main with a breakdown of assignments for shelf-reading the book reserves, media reserves, and media collection. It’s being kept where all the other clipboards are kept (how enterprising!)

Supervisors are welcome to start assigning section to students on shift. You can go in order or hop around to especially troubled sections. Have the students add the date and their initials when they’ve finished a section. Any questions, just ask. Thanks, everyone!