Spring Thesis Carrels @ Main

Hey everyone. Students are asking about how carrel signups will work this Spring, so I wanted to make sure staff and student workers knew what to tell them. There’s a couple of major changes, but we think people will like them.

Carrels will still be available first-come first-served only to seniors currently writing a thesis or independent project, and will still be available starting on the second Monday of classes (February 15). Seniors will still need to fill out a thesis application and pick the carrel they want from our master carrel map.

However, instead of early morning, carrels will start being handed out at 12 noon. We got some complaints about waiting in line before the building even opens, so we’re going to try 12 noon as a start time instead.

Also, students wanting carrels no longer need a Bannerweb printout! Dan has worked out a way, through Banner’s regular updates of Millennium, for all students who are registered for a thesis or independent project to show as a new patron-type: 6 – Thesis student. So instead of needing a printout from Bannerweb to confirm that a senior is enrolled in a thesis or project, their p-type will automatically update in Millennium. We simply need to swipe their ID card to confirm that they can get a carrel.

Hopefully these changes will make the process of getting a carrel easier for students and easier for us as well. If you have any questions, please ask!

Stairwell Crashbar Alarm Key

The key for the stairwell crashbar alarm is kept at Main Circ. If the stairwell alarm goes off, please use this key to disarm/arm the “crash bar” alarm on the emergency exit door. The keys do not actually lock the door, they simply arm and disarm the alarm.
If the alarms are going off and a key can’t be found, call Public Safety – any Public Safety officer can silence the alarm.

Getting Thesis Carrels Ready

We’ve already gone through and cleaned out all the thesis carrels in the Main Library, and are now at work on policies and procedures for the start of the academic year.

As seniors start returning to campus, they may ask you at the various Circ Desks about how and when to get a carrel. We’ll begin checking out thesis carrels on the second Monday of classes, September 14. There’s currently a question of whether we will give out carrels that Monday morning, or wait until Monday evening. Do you have a preference, or pro/con ideas about the time of day? If so, please add your thoughts as a comment below in the next couple of days.

Seniors are the only students eligible for a carrel, and they also need to be currently enrolled in a 500, 600, or 700-level thesis or independent project. 500 and above level senior seminars do NOT give thesis carrel eligibility. Seniors will need a printout from Bannerweb confirming their enrollment in an appropriate course in order to check out a carrel.

Additionally, a new policy change for this year is that we will no longer be giving out orange due date slips for display on carrels and lockers. Staff will continue to periodically check library books on carrels to see if they are checked out or not, and remove them if they aren’t, but we will no longer be using the due date slips for this purpose.

Media Screenings Info for Circ

This is a brief reminder of the major points I covered during Circ student training on June 25.

1. Screenings students have messages in their Mill records saying they can take Media out of the library.
2. The Film Screenings binder (updated daily by supervisors) is located on the front desk to the right of the pillar; student Screeners will use this binder to tell you what media they need.
3. Screenings materials do NOT get checked out to borrowers on the day they’re being screened, only screening students (or in rare cases, the professor).
4. Always ask screening students if they need a Projectionist Key (located in the key drawer).
5. Professors are responsible for A) giving Reserves media to be screened beforehand, or submitting a list of media from our collection; B) reserving a room for the screening through the Scheduling Office; C) getting a screener assigned by emailing/calling Helpdesk.
6. If professors/TAs/bilinguals appear in person (or call) with a problem (most usually “We’re in room X for a screening but no one’s here with the movie”) hand the issue to the supervisor on duty.

Any questions, please ask me. Thanks!

1, 2, 3 … and now 4 and 5: Keys for equipment storage units

To accommodate our ever-expanding equipment collection, we’ve moved several items into the storage units across from Doreen’s office. (The items, so far, include computer speakers, extra headphones, the minidisc recorder, and the new keyboards). I figured it’s time we started locking these units! So you’ll see two new keys on the “Equipment Storage Cabinet Keys” — a #4 and #5 that correspond to that new unit. Hope it’s clear — please leave a comment if you have a question.