dvd repair

DVD repair machine

Since we are not using it as much lately, the DVD repair machine will need to have the solution prepped and reversed before and after use. If this isn’t done, the solution clogs the tube and results in the mess you see here. If you are not sure how to prep or reverse the solution, let me know, or consult the directions next to the machine.

Bindery Slips

dvdA reminder to use the blue bindery slips when placing things on the P&P shelf – especially for media – and when it is not obvious what the damage/problem might be. If a borrower reports a problem with a DVD or video, please write the specific details of the problem on the slip.
If it is reserve media, add a yellow rush slip in addition to the blue slip, and alert the Reserve Office.
See this previous post for more info.

P&P Slips and Repair

To P&P or not to P&P?
-When in doubt about whether something needs to be repaired, please place on the P&P shelf
-If there is normal wear and tear – check it in, then change status to “being repaired”, fill out and insert a blue repair slip and place on P&P (repair) shelf
-Please note! If there is obvious damage and neglect (not normal wear and tear) do not check the item in – refer it to a Circ supervisor for damage evaluation
-It is necessary to use blue bindery slips in books whenever the required repair is not blatantly obvious. If, for instance, a borrower points out missing pages, it is important for a blue bindery slip to be forwarded with the book so that P&P staff know what the problem is.
If the book is falling apart then it’s not really necessary to point that out, but inserting a slip does make it clear where the book is going.
For DVDs:
-When a DVD comes to P&P with no slip they will assume that it has playback problems and needs to be sent through the DVD repair machine
-When a DVD case is broken or needs to be relabeled, a blue P&P slip should be placed in it with the appropriate box checked

-Note new “flag” procedure for incoming DVDs: From now on green location flags will be placed in DVDs going to the Browsing Media collection and no flags will be placed in those going to the teaching collection behind the Circulation Desk.

-Please note that Reserve items in need of repair are handled differently because they are in such high demand. If a Reserve item is reported to you as damaged (scratched DVD, cover falling off of book, etc), please give it directly to the Reserves staff member on duty, and we’ll walk the item down to P&P for a rush repair. Please do not leave damaged Reserve items on the P&P hold shelf at Circ. Thank you!

No – we do not repair personal DVD’s

FYI – message from Joseph Watson in Preservation and Processing (P&P):
We recently had a request to send some personally owned DVDs through the repair machine and that prompted Terry and me to weigh the pros and cons of offering that service to the community. We have decided that we will not accept DVDs from individuals and that we will only treat items owned by Middlebury College.

If we did decide to offer that service, in order to make it cost neutral, we’d have to charge for staff time, wear and tear on the machine, and supplies used. We don’t want to get into that because we really can’t afford to devote staff resources to non-essential work, especially work that doesn’t directly benefit the College.

The good news is, Video King does do this… they charge $3 per DVD. If anyone asks about such a service, please explain that we only treat items owned by Middlebury College and refer them to the retail establishment downtown.