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My bunny ruined my sex life

Some bunny humor


“My dating life went down a rabbit hole soon after the bunny moved in. The bunny was a game changer, and it took me the rest of a year loaded with hard rejection to figure out why.”

This is what expects me according to my dearest friend Nathan Alexander who was so nice to send me the article.

There is light in the tunnel even according to the author, though:
“These days I’m at the cusp again, the very beginning stages of seeing someone new. … The woman has not been to my house yet and therefore knows nothing of my small roommate. But as I have nothing to lose, I decided to go full immersion from the start. I invited her to go with me to Bunnyfest 2013, which is the annual fundraiser for the San Diego Chapter of the House Rabbit Society.

“Are you ready for this madness?” I emailed. Her answer came back: “Yes.”