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Biotechnology and Life Sciences Financial Advisory Boutique Summer Analyst Position – APPLY NOW!

Adam Volwiler ’09 of Chestnut Partners shared that the firm has begun scheduling interviews for summer 2022 internship. He is VERY KEEN on Middlebury candidates, so please get your applications in RIGHT AWAY.

Chestnut Partners, Inc. is a private, 9-person advisory firm formed in 1995 that focuses primarily on the biotechnology and life sciences industries. The firm provides private and public clients with financial advisory services including valuation, financial planning & analysis, merger & acquisition advisory, debt & equity capital formation, and tender defense advisory. While Chestnut Partners is an investment bank, its deep client relationships typically result in advisory assignments that are a mix between traditional banking and consulting activities and expose Summer Analysts to all aspects of clients’ business models and strategies.

Chestnut Partners offers Summer Analysts an exceptional ten-week opportunity to participate in a nimble entrepreneurial environment in downtown Boston. Summer Analysts will have the opportunity to:
This opportunity should appeal to students who are interested in careers in finance, consulting, healthcare/biotech. Interested candidates from the Class of 2021.5, 2022 or 2022.5 should submit a resume and unofficial transcript no later than October 30. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

**This firm is very selective (<4% acceptance rate), they are serious about doing a rolling review of candidates — last year they extended the first offer in July!**


Internship Highlight: Brett Gilman, 2024.5 – Ecotype Project Intern at the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Connecticut

“I am constantly surprised and enthralled by nature’s unending ability to amaze. This summer, I am interning at the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Connecticut, where my work is specifically focused on the Ecotype Project, an initiative working to create sources of truly local native wildflowers in Ecoregion 59 by sustainably harvesting and growing wild-collected seed. Ever since I first learned of the Ecotype Project back in my senior year of high school, I have been absolutely dedicated to native plants and pollinators. They are my passion. This internship has provided me with the opportunity to delve deeper into that passion by learning from the best. My task is to meet and interview many of the key stakeholders (farmers, nurserymen, botanists, non-profit organizations) that are involved in the initiative to learn from them how they do what they do. This will allow us to make protocols for each stakeholder archetype as the Ecotype Project builds this movement towards a replicable model. 

Each week, scientists from the Connecticut Agricultural Station visit the home-base farm for the Ecotype Project. At this farm, rows of 200 individuals per wildflower species are grown to create living seed banks. The scientists perform pollinator surveys on these plots each week as they bloom throughout the year, and I had the opportunity to shadow them and help them with their study last week. The most fascinating thing I learned was about an observation we made as we watched the luminescent pink blooms of Swamp Milkweed. We watched a miniscule one-millimeter hoverfly circle the bloom, bouncing from leaf to leaf, but never going for nectar. This was extraordinary, in the original sense of the word. After wild bees like bumblebees, flies are the most important pollinator group. A few days later, I was sitting on my front step watching the new blooms of my Black-Eyed Susans when a hoverfly appeared. It circled the bloom, bouncing between the leaves of abutting plants. And I watched it and followed it and photographed it. All of a sudden, a female hoverfly landed on the bloom. The two became entangled, and they zoomed off to a nearby leaf. At that moment, I realized I had just observed the behavior that the scientist had explained to me back at the Swamp Milkweed. Male hoverflies emerge earlier than the females, and they employ a mating strategy called patrolling that involves circling new blooms and waiting for females. I was absolutely fascinated, and quite thrilled that this extraordinary event had taken place right outside my door, all because I had planted the right plant in the right place, had opted not for ornamental and sterile traditional plants, but instead for native plants fit for these majestic wild pollinators.”

Middlebury Community Music Center Internship Opportunity

Middlebury Community Music Center (MCMC) is a nonprofit organization that hosts music learning of all kinds for community members of all ages, located in a beautiful historic building on Main Street in Middlebury. Private lessons, group classes, workshops, summer camps are offered year-round. MCMC believes in collaboration and bringing together different types of music under one roof.

The arts administration intern position provides key administrative support in a variety of areas ensuring smooth operations and growth in this dynamic emerging arts organization. Responsibilities include carrying out administrative projects and communications; involves assistance with new enrollment, social media updating, marketing, community outreach, fundraising, copy writing, and website maintenance. 

Candidate must possess self-initiative, organizational astuteness, willingness to follow processes, excellent preparation and reporting, the desire to build community relationships, hospitality, outstanding written and verbal communication skills and expertise with MS Office and Google Systems required. Social media experience and visual and creative skills strongly preferred. Interest in the arts and enthusiasm for music education is a plus! 

Below you will find a list of potential projects you might work on as an intern.

-Monthly Teacher Newsletter

-Occasional Full Community Newsletter

-MCMC private lessons enrollment push (newsletter and maybe a flier/print ad)

If you are interested to learn more about this opportunity, please contact me at agomez@middlebury.edu.

Hot Handshake Education Internships & Jobs

Check out some of these new opportunities that have been added to Handshake recently in areas of Education. Apply today!

Hot Handshake Social Impact Internships & Job Opportunities

Here are some new opportunities that have entered Handshake amongst the many others that are there. Apply TODAY!


Coral Reef Conservation & Technology InternPerry Institute for Marine ScienceWaitsfield, Vermont, United States
Conservation Fellow – AmeriCorps positionsMontana Conservation CorpsBozeman, Montana, United States

Government/Public Policy/International

Fall Interns 2021International Development Group LLCArlington County, Virginia, United States
Events and Communications Internship, Economic StudiesBrookings Institution (The)Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Intern Diversity and Inclusion NJ Economic Development AuthorityTrenton, New Jersey, United States 
Summer and Fall Policy & Research Internships — Paid, RemoteNew England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE)Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Social Services/Youth/Empowerment

Job opportunities in Handshake!

Below you will find tips on how to use the Filters to search for opportunities/experiences in Handshake.

-Click on Filters, click on Internships or Jobs, enter Performing and Fine Arts in the Industry section, and click show results. You should then sort by application deadline date. Click here to see the internship results.

-Click on Filters, click on Internships or Jobs, enter Architecture and Planning and Design in the Industry section, and click show results. You should then sort by application deadline date. Click here to see the internship results.

-Click on Filters, click on Internships or Jobs, enter Movies, TV, Music in the Industry section, and click show results. You should then sort by application deadline date. Click here to see the internship results.

-Click on Filters, click on Internships or Jobs, enter Advertising, Marketing and PR in the Industry section, and click show results. You should then sort by application deadline date. Click here to see the internship results.

-Click on Filters, click on Internships or Jobs, enter Journalism, Media and Publishing in the Industry section, and click show results. You should then sort by application deadline. Click here to see the internship results.

There are Remote opportunities available in Handshake. You could do a keyword search for Remote and click on Part-Time or on Internships.

If you need help searching for job opportunities and with your job search strategy, please schedule an appointment with me in handshake. If you can’t find an appointment that works with your schedule, please email your availability at agomez@middlebury.edu.

Hot Social Impact Handshake Internships & Jobs

2021 Program Summary Summer InternThe Consortium for Energy EfficiencyMiddleton, Massachusetts, United States 
Year Round Intern – Industry Growth ForumNational Renewable Energy LaboratoryGolden, Colorado, United States
Policy Research InternCenter for an Urban Future120 Wall Street, New York City, New York 10005, United States of America 
Philadelphia Education Research Consortium (PERC) InternResearch for ActionPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Year Round Intern – Industry Growth Forum at National Renewable Energy Laboratory

ACE: Program Education Support Team Members Denver, CO RemoteAmerican Conservation ExperienceDenver, Colorado, United States
2021 Summer Operations InternGrowing Gardens of Boulder CountyBoulder, Colorado, United States