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Road to A.T. Kearney: Summer Office Visits

Please join us in one of our North American offices for an introduction to A.T. Kearney and an opportunity to network with our consultants over light bites and refreshments. Please register by June 7. You will receive a follow up email on June 10 where you can select the office you wish to visit.

Govern for America – start up in NYC wants recent grads

Govern for America is a startup nonprofit working to build the next generation of public sector leaders. Through a two-year paid fellowship, we recruit, train, and connect exceptional recent graduates to high-impact roles in state and local governments across the country and empower them to transform the systems that we interact with on a daily basis. We imagine a world where our most dynamic young leaders see government as an avenue for meaningful change, and our governments reflect the values and diversity of our nation. GfA believes that by engaging America’s top talent we can better meet the needs of all residents while revitalizing public service as an attractive career path for recent graduates and building a diverse leadership pipeline into government.

This position is a core member of the founding team and will report to the COO. As the Associate grows and learns, they will have the opportunity to take on increasing responsibility. The individual serving in this position should be excited to roll up their sleeves and work on projects in a diverse set of areas including: recruitment, selection, training, fundraising, internal operations, data management, research, strategic direction, and fundraising. This individual’s work will help GfA grow and develop better systems to achieve its mission of building the next generation of public sector leaders.

Learn more and apply now to the Operations and Special Projects Associate role in Handshake here:

Overdue – a poem

Thanks to poet Gary Margolis for sharing this library-related poem.

The library sends you a notice to return
three hundred books of theirs
shelved in your personal library.

No other patron has asked to borrow
one of them over these years.
Before there were security men

and x-rays, a chip, to let the circulation
desk know where a book has been.
On a shelf. Next to a bed. In a satchel

left on a train, traveling from Paris
to Bonn and back again. You have no
way of retrieving. Or remembering

if that book was rare.
If there were notes in the margins,
you, or some other reader, wrote in pen.

Another offence against you,
in this borrowed lifetime.
Which is never long enough to pretend

you’ll have enough time, in the after-
life or here, to renew yourself.
Ignore all the overdue notices

that used to arrive by boat,
to your unaddressed island.
Where, you’re happy to assume,

no one can reach you. Or that drone
overhead, dropping its hook,
to retrieve what you don’t believe

isn’t yours. Which you can keep for
as long as there are writers,
who want you to read what they have written.

Editors and publishers who believe
in more than one reader. And buildings
as large as computers, to hold all

the books in the world, for someone
like you to take out, forget whether you have
read them or not. And where they belong.

-Gary Margolis Ph.D.
Executive Director, Emeritus,
College Mental Health Services
Associate Professor of English
and American Literatures
Middlebury College

Weekly Web Updates – May 20, 2019


  • Drupal views 7.x-3.23
  • Drupal video_embed_field 8.x-2.1
  • WordPress akismet plugin 4.1.2
  • WordPress jetpack plugin 7.3.1
  • WordPress ml-slider plugin 3.13.1
  • WordPress osm plugin 5.2.1
  • WordPress post-types-order plugin
  • WordPress regenerate-thumbnails plugin 3.1.1
  • WordPress parabola theme

Fixes and Tweaks

  • We’ve added two new components to our Drupal 8 sites: image gallery and button.
  • Basic Content pages on the Drupal 8 site can now activate a chaptered navigation, which will add a sticky right sidebar to the page letting you jump to each heading.
  • Captions and image credits are now displayed for the Drupal 8 page header images.

Ongoing Work

  • Creating a new “Offices” site for institution-wide anchor functions.
  • Creating new Drupal 8 sites for our schools and programs.
  • Upgrading the Course Hub to Drupal 8.

How to use library databases from off campus

You don’t have to say goodbye! Even when you’re off campus, you can connect to library databases like JSTOR and PsycINFO from the library website:

When you're off campus, you can connect to library databases from the library website.

Links that are on library web pages (a few examples include Research GuidesSummon and the Journals list) will ask you to log in with Midd credentials when you’re not on campus. It’s as easy as that!

Seniors: Here’s how to get alumni access to library databases!