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Middlebury International Airport Run

This is a tough time of the year to get out on the trails. For one, the “stick season” weather can be kind of grim, and most of the people out on the trails are carrying their guns, in search of the elusive slow buck. I don’t begrudge the hunters their time, or at least not much. We have the trails for the rest of the year, and they get them for a only a few weeks. I was thinking to myself…..”Where would people carrying guns, even for non-nefarious reasons, not be allowed, where I might want to run?” And then the answer came to me – what is the one place in the US where guns are never allowed? Airports of course! Now, I have no interest in doing laps on an airport concourse (although I have done that to kill time on long layovers), but thought that a run around the periphery of our own Middlebury International Airport might be the safest place around to run. I had also recently noticed that the fencing which was put up around the tiny airport (can’t have enough airport security!) also had a 6 foot wide apron around its periphery for maintenance. Sounds like a good place for a run.

Starting the run down by the corner of Munson Road and Schoolhouse Hill Road, I came face to face with the fence that would soon be my companion. The dire warnings sent a shiver up my spine. No way I was crossing that wall…Oops…I mean fence.

Stern Warnings!

I started my run to the right, alongside the fence which seemed to stretch on forever! The footing was perfect, and I even saw a few deer prints in the soft sandy soil. Perhaps they too had figured out that Homeland Security made this a safe zone for them? I also thought it was cool how the wire fence semi-shaded the path in front of me – it looked almost like it was meant to be lanes, but there was no sign of oncoming traffic.

Heading further south, I turned the corner at the end of the runway, running past the “back yards” of some of the auto repair and storage facilities on Schoolhouse Hill Road, before returning north, closer to the airport facilities. When I reached the paved road, the gates were open allowing me to peruse the airplanes, as after all, it was a quiet work day there. Some of the planes were lined up tidily, clearly ready to be flown.

Neatly lined up

On the other hand, there were also some real “beaters” – the remnants of older planes that were clearly being scavenged for parts, or a few that looked like fixer upper specials, that were a long way from being airworthy. One oldie was the following airplane, with the name “Comanche 250” inscribed on the side. Looking up the details on this plane, clearly missing some major parts, like a tail, I found that it was a model put into service in 1958.

Comanche 250

Running past the “control tower” – actually not a tower, but just one of the buildings, I realized, much to my dismay, that the official name isn’t “Middlebury International Airport” after all. “Middlebury State Airport” sounds so much less grandiose, and to think, I had been naming it incorrectly all these years. Finally, I sought out an old jet aircraft, that had been sitting alongside one of the runway sheds, partially covered in a tarp, for probably 20 years. It was no longer in its rusting place, but as I headed towards the main tie-down area, I saw it there, actually up on its wheels, and looking considerably healthier than I last saw it. Asking around, I found it was an aircraft called the “Fouga Magister” and was an old French training jet from the early 50’s – literally the dawn of jet aircraft. How on earth did someone every fly it in to such a short runway? How on earth was anybody ever going to fly it out of there? Finally, who on earth would ever fly a jet like this, which literally looked like not much more than a few seats strapped on an engine? In any case, this oldie is the blue plane in the back of the picture below.

Fouga Magister

Realizing that I was indeed on the wrong side of the fence, and liable for who knows what kind of federal offense, I headed out, and followed the fence further to the north. Quite a few paths joined in, although I expect that most of them were paths from people’s back yards, and at one point, literally was on someone’s back yard. They must have been bummed when the airport put up the wall, I mean fence, spoiling their view! Finally, returning to my starting point, I concluded an easy, and kind of cool 2.6 mile run. And no, I am not going to include the altitude profile for this one, because, you know, airports are kind of flat!

Route around the Airport

Hear from Pete Steinle ’92 about how to attract and retain the best possible talent in the next MIDDVantage interview!

We are excited to continue our fourth MIDDVantage series, Exploring Careers in Innovation: Start-Ups to Larger Enterprises! The next episode in the series is:

People: Attracting and Retaining the Best Possible Talent with our guest Pete Steinle ’92, Partner at Lightspeed Ventures. Pete was interviewed by Lucas Cappelletti ’23.

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Day With(out) Art / World AIDS Day 2020

For the fifth consecutive year, the Museum and the Student Friends of the Art Museum are pleased to partner with GlobeMed, a student organization dedicated to improving global health, and the Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs to offer a series of events marking World AIDS Day. A video screening, a panel discussion with artists, a...

Alumni Referred Finance Internship Opportunities

Middlebury alumni are eager to receive applications for the following opportunities posted in Handshake! Applications reviewed as they are received. Please APPLY EARLY!

Internship – Investment Banking Analyst (Renewable Energy spring and summer internships). Karbone Inc. is a fully-integrated financial services firm that specializes in renewable and traditional energy markets. The firm houses key strengths in Capital Markets / M&A, Brokerage, and Research services. Over the past decade, Karbone has successfully helped its clients secure long-term revenue contracts, funding sources, and key analytical information to help them achieve their investment and trading goals. Deadline is Dec. 31.

Immersion Program – The PeakSpan Growth Equity Immersion program was created to provide current rising sophomores from underrepresented groups (including students of color, women, and LGBTQA students), with a unique and rich opportunity to gain direct exposure to growth equity.
This will be an immersive five-day program taking place in August 2021 consisting of education, mentorship, networking and a case study competition. It will be fully remote and requires participants to have access to a computer and internet connection. Deadline is Dec. 31.

Internship – PeakSpan Capital is an emerging growth stage investment firm with a simple, focused mission of partnering with innovative business software entrepreneurs to help them achieve excellent risk-adjusted outcomes. PeakSpan looks to partner with businesses that have removed the binary risk levers typically associated with early stage venture capital, where product-market fit has been established and the next phase of growth and maturation focuses on execution and sensible scaling initiatives. PeakSpan further refines its lens by taking a deeply thematic approach to investing, with investment professionals focusing on no more than 3-4 segments or themes for each team member within the B2B software landscape (PeakSpan’s “BluePrint Market Themes”), which are aligned around dynamic segments of the software universe such as Customer Experience Management, Next-Gen Security, Human Capital Management, Hospitality Technology, Digital Health, etc. which the firm has conviction will be attractive areas to evaluate for years to come. Deadline is Dec. 31.

Job – Investment Analyst at Seven Post Investment Office in San Francisco. This position is ideal for someone who has had multiple internship, are who is an alum with at least one year of experience. Deadline is Jan. 1.

Job – 2021 Deutsche Bank Analyst Program – Finance. These opportunities are in Jacksonville, Florida. Thid team provides timely, accurate, relevant and independent information and analysis to meet external reporting requirements, drives resource allocation, challenges and enables business decisions and safeguards the financial position of the bank. The Jacksonville office’s work helps maximize the sustainable performance of the bank across its divisions. The diverse teams offers a broad portfolio of capabilities: the coverage of internal and external stakeholders is delivered by aligned teams (Group Finance), supported by specialized functions (Group Tax, Treasury, Planning and Performance Management, Investor Relations) as well as change enablers (Finance Change). Together, the team oversees all financial details for Deutsche Bank globally. Deadline is Jan. 3.

Internship – Brokerage/Research Intern (Renewable Energy spring and summer internships). Karbone Inc. is a fully-integrated financial services firm that specializes in renewable and traditional energy markets. The firm houses key strengths in Capital Markets / M&A, Brokerage, and Research services. Over the past decade, Karbone has successfully helped its clients secure long-term revenue contracts, funding sources, and key analytical information to help them achieve their investment and trading goals. Deadline is Jan. 31.

EMT or Paramedic Needed

I’m an athletic trainer working at Middlebury College currently working on my Doctorate in Athletic Training. I need some help for my Advanced Emergency Care class. One of the assignments is to interview either an EMT or Paramedic about emergency response and transfer of care.

Is there anyone who might be willing to let me interview them for my assignment? It shouldn’t take more than 30-45 minutes and done over zoom due to COVID. I need to do the interview before December 9th. 

Anyone who may be able to help me out can email me at


UVM Healthcare Panel Series: The World of Medicine

Thursday, December 3, 2020 6:00 PM

Please join the Office of Primary Care & AHEC, along with the Burlington Army Medical Recruiting Team for a special virtual presentation. Listen to a panel of providers discuss their careers and the journey they have taken through the world of medicine!

ZOOM Meeting ID 914 8621 9950

Thanksgiving Break Reminder

This is a reminder that the 2020 Thanksgiving holiday break extends from 12:00am Monday November 23rd through 11:59pm Friday November 27th. The break has been extended to the full week to show gratitude to all members of the Middlebury College community during this difficult time. Please note that this change does not affect the time entry deadline. For information on entering holiday time in Oracle, please refer to the following page on our website:

We hope everyone enjoys a safe and happy holiday.