College Counseling Workshop Offered by Admissions Office

College Counseling Workshop

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The annual “Applying to College” workshop sponsored by the Admissions Office has been scheduled for Friday, June 9, 2017 of Reunion Weekend at McCardell Bicentennial Hall. High school age children and grandchildren of Middlebury alumni, faculty and staff as well as students from Vermont high schools and their parents are invited. Preference is given to juniors in high school.

This program gives an overview of the general selective college application process and does not focus on Middlebury College. It runs from 9:00 A.M. to 12:30 P.M. with registration beginning at 8:15 A.M.

The workshop for students covers 1) The admissions process:  The student’s responsibilities in owning and directing the admissions process and, 2) An admissions office’s responsibility in owning and directing the admissions process.

The workshop for parents addresses 1) How to be a supportive and effective parent throughout the admissions process.  Sarah Soule, Post-secondary Planning Coordinator at Middlebury Union High School and Tim Pratt ’88, Dean of Advising at Saint Paul’s School will join the parent panel and 2) a presentation and discussion of case studies of college applications.

The student and parent workshops will run simultaneously.

In separate sessions there will be a financial aid overview as well as a hands-on session reviewing the common application process.

Following the final presentation, individual afternoon appointments can be scheduled with Student Financial Services.

In addition, for any students who are interested specifically in Middlebury College, a group information session will be conducted at 1:30 P.M. and campus tours will be offered at 2:30 P.M.

The required registration deadline is Tuesday, June 6, 2017.

Questions?  Contact Joanne Leggett

8:15-9:00 A.M. – REGISTRATION: Great Hall, Bicentennial Hall


9:10-10:00 A.M.

For Students:  The admissions process: the student’s responsibilities in owning and directing the admissions process.

For Parents:  How to be a supportive and effective parent throughout the admissions process.

10:00 A.M.  Break

10:15–11:15 A.M.

For Students:  An admissions office’s responsibility in owning and directing the admissions process.

For Parents:  Case studies of college applications.

11:30 A.M. – 12:15 P.M.  FINANCIAL AID OVERVIEW: Student Financial Services Staff
Who qualifies?
Factors affecting eligibility?
How much aid is available?
What sources are available?

11:30 A.M. – 12:30 P.M. COMMON APPLICATION: An overview and hands-on session for students.

1:30 P.M. – 3:00 P.M. INDIVIDUAL CONFERENCES: Student Financial Services Staff Please call their office directly at 802.443.5158 to schedule an appointment. Priority will be given to juniors.

Admissions Office, Emma Willard House

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It’s not NExpress, but it’s close!

Find it in WorldCat button

We know you miss NExpress. (Wait, what happened to NExpress?) We miss NExpress, too, and we want you to know that we’re thinking of you! We’ve added a “WorldCat” button to MIDCAT to make it easier to request items from other libraries. The WorldCat button is on the right-hand side of most results pages, exactly where the NExpress button used to be.

If you search MIDCAT and don’t find what you want, click on the “Find it in WorldCat” button. When you’re viewing a MIDCAT record for just one item, WorldCat will be able to look for that item and others like it. Once you find something you want, just click on the “Request item through Interlibrary Loan” button.


  1. Yes!  You may request items owned by Middlebury if they’re not available here (for example, if they’re checked out to someone else or missing). More answers to your ILL questions here.
  2. If you’ve never used Interlibrary Loan, now would be a good time to log in to to sign up for ILLiad. Then, the “Request item through Interlibrary Loan” button in WorldCat will be able to fill out your request form for you!

Stay tuned, because we’re continuing to work on improvements to the interlibrary loan process with our former NExpress partners.

Pursuits: A Life Story

The first time journalist Barbara Cummiskey ’52 met Grey Villet, it was in the lobby of the Beverly Hilton Hotel. He’d been assigned to photograph a story she was developing and was seated on a couch, surrounded by cameras and wearing old jeans, sneakers, and a wrinkled denim shirt. After she sat down next to him, he stood up to his full six-foot, four-inch height and, peering down his nose, said in a rich South African accent, “I suppose you want a martini?” Inwardly she groaned. She was going to have to put up with this attitude for the next several weeks?

Thus began their love story. The year was 1961 and Barbara was among a small number of women reporter-writers at Life magazine. She had pitched a series of three stories about what it meant to strive for the American dreams of fame, wealth, and success—goals that too often ruin lives. She had the perfect subject for success: Victor Sabatino, the owner of a national line of foam-rubber-furniture stores. Sabatino was developing stores in California. As a “natural” for such a story, Grey, then Life’s bureau photographer in Los Angeles, was assigned to it. “After he ordered that martini for me and a pot of tea for himself (the second put-down!), I explained what I hoped we might accomplish with Victor. We spent a day with Sabatino, and I could see from the way Grey began shooting the story that he totally understood its essence. That night, when we got back to the hotel, he walked me to my door, kissed me lightly, and told me I was going to marry him. After three more days of working together, I agreed.”

Barbara and Grey were the perfect collaborators, sharing an almost electric sympathy. They recognized that to get to the truth of any essay, they had to be low-key in their approach in order to let people tell their own stories. They chased stories that were intensely human, showing what makes people tick and what drives them to follow a life’s passion. Working together until Life folded in 1972, they produced some of the finest photographic essays to appear in the magazine. Their first, the Sabatino essay, appears in Life’s Great Essays.

Everything changed after 1972. “The years after Life ended were hard,” Barbara says. “I sold real estate, he built houses. Slowly the importance of Grey’s work to photojournalism was fading.” When Grey died in 2000, Barbara had a new goal. “It became my raison d’être to make sure his legacy stayed alive and to preserve at least its essence.” Her first stop was the Life archives, to see what photographs she wanted to preserve for books and exhibitions.

Then in 2012, Nancy Buirski did a documentary on Richard and Mildred Loving, the interracial Virginia couple behind the Supreme Court decision that invalidated laws prohibiting interracial marriage. Grey had done a photo shoot with the Lovings in 1965 for a Life story. He had eventually given many of the photos to the couple, and their daughter shared them with Buirski, who, knowing Grey was dead, hadn’t bothered to get permissions to use them. “When I learned about the documentary and the photos, I hired a lawyer and informed Buirski that if she didn’t credit Grey BIG, I’d sue,” Barbara says. Buirski complied. Once director Jeff Nichols saw the documentary and Grey’s stills, he was inspired to create the movie Loving, which came out in 2016.

At that time, Barbara was completing a 2016 retrospective of Grey’s work at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, located at the site of the famous 1969 Woodstock concert. She acted as cocurator and author for the exhibit. Barbara was also completing a book combining Grey’s Loving photos with her own text, as she had done so many times before.

After 16 years, Barbara feels she has accomplished what she set out to do. Through her perseverance, Grey’s artistic legacy has been saved.

Weekly Web Updates – May 22


Fixes and Tweaks

  • GO links now work even if there is a Google Analytics “Linker” code appended to the URL.

Ongoing Work

  • Creating a new website for the Middlebury Institute of International Studies.
  • Archiving Moodle.
  • Building out the configuration of our CAS servers in Chef, which is a configuration management system. We have already completed this work for our Drupal, WordPress, MediaWiki, GO, Omeka, and the Course Catalog services.
  • Upgrading the Drupal sites for the Davis programs, Dining Menus, and Museum of Art to Drupal 8.
  • Integrating Panopto (streaming videos) and Canvas (LMS).