Princeton in Asia Webinar Oct 8, Application Deadline Nov 13

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From PiA: Interested in teaching on the coast of Thailand, studying environmental conservation in the foothills of the Himalayas, reporting for a leading newspaper in Myanmar, or working on local economic development in Mongolia? Then step out of the country, out of your comfort zone, and out of the cubicle and apply to Princeton in […]

Upcoming Info Session about Fellowships for Sophomores, Juniors

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Attention first-years, sophomores and juniors: learn about fellowships with late fall/ winter deadlines: Beinecke, Critical Language Scholarship (CLS), Goldwater, Pickering, Rangel, Truman, Udall and more. Most of these are only open to sophomores and juniors–but a few are also open to first-years. These are all different, but include awards for graduate study, summer study, and […]

The Library Celebrates President Patton’s Inauguration

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After populating various campus buildings for the last few weeks, banners portraying these eight leading women from Middlebury’s history now stand in the Davis Library atrium in honor of President Laurie Patton’s inauguration, taking place this Sunday, October 11th. Additional information about each of these women can be found at go/specialblog or in person at the library.
May Belle Chellis

Mary Annette Anderson 

Charlotte May Johnson

Rhoda Mabel White

Eleanor Sybil Ross

Catherine Emma Robbins 

Viola Chittenden White 

Gertrude Cornish Milliken

Will you be the next Midd woman to make history? Picture yourself among these women by posting a selfie with the display (tag @middleburyspecialcollections) on instagram, or emailing


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Canvas has a simple and helpful tool for creating a course site: a Checklist. This is a step-by-step guide to help faculty build their sites without having to remember every step they took in previous semesters. Start at the top with importing content, and work your way down the list to where you add TAs...

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Tree Tour and Planting Wednesday

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I’m hosting a tree tour and tree planting for our fall Arbor Day celebration this Wednesday at 4:30. It’s part of the 50 Years of Environmental Education & Leadership at Middlebury celebration (view the whole schedule here). We’ll be leaving from the front porch of Franklin Environmental Center (Hillcrest), wandering around wherever my feet and your questions take me, and ending up back at Hillcrest about 5:30 to plant 3 oak trees on the corner.

The oaks are coming from Miller Hill Farm in Sudbury, and are a mix of Red and Bur Oak. We’re replacing two blue spruce that died in that location, and these will be hardy long lived street trees. Another Sugar maple is dying nearby (not a great street tree, by the way), so the oaks are particularly fortuitous here.

And of course, doughnuts and hot cider. Come be as happy as these volunteers last year!


Weekly Web Updates – October 5, 2015

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The New England Review website was updated last Thursday with a new design, developed by College Communications. This is a child theme based on the Genesis Theme Framework, which we’ve done an extensive security review on. It will be used to produce other custom WordPress themes including (eventually) a refreshed set of Middlebury-branded themes for use on your sites.

We have set up an application we’re calling “BannerSelect” that creates a nightly cache of Banner data that is used in our Drupal and WordPress sites. For example, lists of donors for the Online Donor Roll or course descriptions shown in the Course Catalog. This removes Banner as a dependency for these applications (though the Course Catalog was already creating its own cache) and will speed them up as well as make managing the web servers a little easier as they will no longer need to know how to connect to Oracle. We’ll be working with areas that rely on these applications to ensure they’re tested and working with the new system.


Fixes and Tweaks

  • When a piece of content on any of our Drupal sites appears on multiple pages, links to it will always go to the current page if you’re already on the current page. This mostly applied to pages with lists of profiles and lists of news stories. If you are viewing a list of faculty profiles on a department site and click on one of them, you should now always stay on that department site, rather than sometimes jumping to a different department in which that person also teaches.
  • We have disabled a redundant scheduled task that was causing slowness in the Course Hub application. This should slightly improve performance of all of our Drupal-based websites.
  • Information about commons association and advisors for students displayed in Course Hub Rosters is now stored in a local database (using the BannerSelect application mentioned above) and refreshed nightly from Banner, rather than being read directly from Banner.
  • The Study Abroad and Language Schools navigation elements will now appear properly as 36px high in all browsers.
  • When we upgraded the Drupal modernizr module this week, we took the opportunity to pare down the list of tests that the JavaScript file runs for older browsers. This shouldn’t affect anyone on the Middlebury campus, as most people should be using a modern version of each browser now, but this should mean a slight performance increase for people using Internet Explorer 7-9.

Audrey Lasserre wins national prize

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Middlebury is thrilled and proud to announce that one of our faculty here in Paris has won the second Thesis Prize for 2015 from the GIS Institute of Genders (CNRS/MSHPN) (see links below) .  This national and interdisciplinary prize aims to promulgate  knowledge in the gender and sexualities domain.   Audrey was awarded this prize for her thesis entitled :  “Histoire d’une littérature en mouvement: textes, écrivaines et collectifs éditoriaux du Mouvement de libération des femmes en France (1970-1981)” (in English: “History of a literature in motion: texts, [female ]authors and collective editorials of Women’s liberation in France (1970-1981)”).  Audrey will receive her prize from sociologist and research director at the CNRS, Madame Catherine Mary in a ceremony on November 6th at the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Paris Nord.


Congratulations, Audrey, on all of your hard and important work and on this well-deserved recognition!


GIS Institute of Genders



Prize Results