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For two hours a week in June-July, join 30+ mentors from the MiddCORE community to build critical skills for professional success. Each Tuesday night, you will be joined by young alumni and distinguished MiddCORE Mentors to dive into interactive skill-building sessions and gain real-world insights. Each week is designed to build on the next. Realize your potential this summer and deepen your connections within the Middlebury community.

MiddCORE Summer Intern Lab is designed to complement your summer experience, from anywhere!

As recognition for completing the MiddCORE Summer Intern Lab, you will receive a $250 professional development award for attending all sessions.

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No Mow 14 Years Later

In 2009 Middlebury College embarked on a ‘No Mow’ program, an effort to reduce the amount of lawn maintenance done on our campus grounds. At that time we eliminated over 16 acres of maintained grass, and transistioned to mowing these areas twice per year, once Mid June, and then very late in the fall. No other work was done to these areas, and for many years they were quite successful.

We have learned, however, that in a managed landscape, even minimally so, there is still maintenance required. These areas were simply lawn grasses and weeds that were allowed to grow full height. No effort was put into establishment of these zones, so the native grasses and wildflowers were fending for themselves with non native plant species, many of them invasive.

And this was fine in some areas of campus. Indeed, we still have several acres of ‘no-mow’ left, mostly on the outskirts of campus. These areas are large, and look similar to many pastures and hay fields found in the Champlain Valley. The unifying theme though is one of ‘not campus’-the remaining areas are not what one would consider managed landscape campus grounds.

No Mow north of FIC-outskirts of Campus

After 8-10 years, areas of no mow groundcover on campus started to become mown lawn again for several reasons. One of the largest areas north of Battell Beach had steam line construction right through the heart of it. The imported topsoil came with a weed seed load of the worst kind-thistle, stinging nettle, burdock, and poison parsnip. Given the mowing maintenance cycle of these areas, these weeds not only flourished, but spread to other areas as well. Rather than let these noxious weeds spread further we decided to mow more frequently. The only other option would have been on-going herbicide treatments, certainly not in the spirit of the goals of the original No-Mow program.

Pretty-but most of these plants have thorns!

The remaining no-mow areas were then quite small and fragmented. One of the greatest parts of the original proposal was the effect on the landscape. The no-mow zones broke up the large flat expanses of lawn, lending some variety in a one dimensional landscape. Once these zones shrunk, however, it looked less intentional. Rather than looking like a coherent landscape structure, the no mow areas looked unmaintained, small and uninviting.

The lesson learned is that we are still a managed landscape here on campus. Lawns are clearly unsustainable, the trick is to figure out groundcovers, landscape designs, and maintenance techniques to minimize inputs into the grounds, while still acheiveing our goals of having a beautiful, sustainable, and usable landscape for all. Thanks to the work of two great students, Aria Bowden ’23 and SJ O’Conner ’24, we are reinvigorating the no-mow concept using new landscape techniques, Rewilding Middlebury.

Internships and Jobs! Apply now!

Arts Administrative / Lead Summer Camp Counselor PAID Summer 2023 Internship – Deadline date: Friday, March 24!

We are seeking enthusiastic and energetic individuals to join our summer music camp team as lead camp counselors. Connect with the Middlebury community in a unique way, spend time outdoors, inspire children with your enthusiasm, be a mentor to junior counselors, play music, just play, take chances, be silly, develop new skills and exercise other skills you haven’t used in a while. Help us facilitate a summer music camp of your dreams while significantly impacting children’s lives.

The Middlebury Community Music Center summer internship is an opportunity to be an essential part of a dynamic, experiential music program for kids, ranging from ages 4-18, over the course of the summer, Monday – Friday, 8am-4pm from June until August. As a lead camp counselor, the intern plays an essential day-to-day role in supporting our summer camp directors, campers, staff, and junior counselors. This individual acts as a liaison between camp families, directors, staff and our administrative team. On the ground responsibilities include lively engagement in the daily programming, mentorship and emotional support to campers, and modeling important safety guidelines (about 80% of the internship). In addition to the role of camp counselor, the summer intern provides key administrative support in a variety of areas, such as compiling student information for weekly camp binders and distributing them to staff, creating attendance sheets and tame tags, coordination of our daily food fairy program, tidying camp spaces before and after use, sourcing materials for camps, end-of-camp performance planning and filming, written and in-person communication to camp families and directors, and some database and billing support (about 10% of the internship). Other responsibilities include social media communications, and capturing digital media for storytelling and marketing purposes (about 10% of internship).

We are:

Middlebury Community Music Center (MCMC), a small nonprofit organization that hosts music learning of all kinds for students of all ages. Our programs are located in an historic building on Main Street in downtown Middlebury, as well as virtually through remote instruction. Lessons, classes, workshops, and summer camps are offered throughout the year. MCMC believes in collaboration, and in bringing together many different types of music and people under one roof. We look forward to welcoming you into our musical community!

You are someone who:

●       Loves working and connecting with children of different ages

●       Enjoys meeting new people

●       Appreciates a challenge

●       Possesses self-initiative and self-motivation

●       Has strong problem-solving skills

●       Has an outgoing, optimistic, and energetic attitude

●       Enjoys working as a team and has the desire to build community relationships (think sports teams or musical theater involvement)

●       Has organizational astuteness (Do you organize your bookshelf by color? Do you like a clean room?)

●       Has strong leadership skills (think team captain or the lead of the high school musical)

●       Has improvisational skills (How quickly can you come up with a team building game for campers to play at lunchtime?)

●       Has a willingness to follow processes and directives from management and camp directors

●       Has excellent preparation and reporting skills (do you like making lists?)

●       Has strong customer service and hospitality skills (friendly attitude, eye contact, a willingness to help others)

●       Has outstanding written and verbal communication skills

●       Has expertise with MS Office and Google Systems (Do you LOVE spreadsheets?)

●       Is interested in learning new database systems

●       Has social media experience or an interest in documentation and content collection

●       Has some visual and creative skills (Do you like to build things, paint or draw, make friendship bracelets?)

●       Has enthusiasm for the arts, music and/or education

If you are excited about this opportunity at the Middlebury Community Music Center, submit your application today and join us for an incredible summer in Middlebury!

This internship is funded with a CCI award of $4,000.00. If you are offered and accept this internship, please be aware that your funding for this position is provided by CCI, and therefore you will be required to complete funded internship paperwork. Typically, seniors graduating in May and those who have not been enrolled for Spring ’23 are not eligible for CCI sponsored internships, but occasional exceptions are made. Students planning to transfer in the Fall are also not eligible. 

Fee-based campus housing will be made available for Vermont-based CCI-sponsored interns. More information will be available in April upon the intern’s offer and acceptance of the opportunity. Space limitations may apply, so please try to secure your internship early!

Click here to apply in handshake!

Teaching English Summer 2023 Internship in Nosara, Costa Rica – Deadline date: Sunday, March 26!

For 21 years, the Biblioteca David Kitson in Nosara, Costa Rica has used Middlebury College interns over January term to teach intensive English as a Second Language courses for children and adults. We are excited to offer this unique opportunity for a cohort of Middlebury students this summer.

Learn to teach English as a second language to the local children and adults. Interns will be teaching 3 to 4 classes a day Monday through Thursday for children, teenagers, and adults. Interns will be responsible for managing small groups of students, leading activities and lessons, and managing lessons and materials. Training and materials will be provided.

Students should have some experience working with either adults or children to apply.

In addition to applying on Handshake, please complete this short questionnaire.

Program dates:

Orientation begins June 26 and classes end July 28th. Selected interns must arrive to Nosara by June 25th. 

This internship comes with a $2500 CCI grant award to cover travel and living expenses, including housing that will be provided at a cost of only $200 per student.

This internship is funded with a CCI award of $2500.00 for a 5 week experience. If you are offered and accept this internship, please be aware that your funding for this position is provided by CCI, and therefore you will be required to complete funded internship paperwork. Typically, seniors graduating in May and those who have not been enrolled for Spring ’23 are not eligible for CCI sponsored internships, but occasional exceptions are made. Students planning to transfer in the Fall are also not eligible. 

Deadline date: Sunday, March 26

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Careers on the Buy-Side Private Equity & Venture Capital Virtual Alumni Panel

  • Private Equity & Venture Capital Virtual Alumni Panel – March 28 at 7:00 p.m. – Register Here
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Bank of America Campus Recruiting

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