Gates Cambridge Application Now Open

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Gates Cambridge Scholarships are offered to students who would like to pursue a full-time postgraduate degree at the University of Cambridge. The scholarship is open to students from most citizenship types.   Applications opened on 1 September 2015 for entry in October 2016. There are two Gates Cambridge application deadlines: 14 October 2015 (for US […]

Curricular Technology Team Notes, 2015.08.18

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Present: Stacy, Heather, Amy Collier (Associate Provost for Digital Learning), Joe A., Jamie, Mack P., BKoul, Zach, Adam, Amy Slay (MIIS Digital Learning Specialist)

Main Topic: Canvas Pilot Preparation

  • Update on MIIS Course building in Canvas: so far so good, one prof left to add
  • Kickoff meeting next week during this meeting slot. We’ll use this slot for pilot meetings throughout the semester where possible. (MIIS may need to schedule things slightly differently on occasion, given that their semester schedule is different.)
    • Joe will send out further reminders for things for faculty to check before the kickoff meeting.
    • Let’s finalize course lists at that date so we aren’t constantly requesting new stuff from Cindy Peet (manual importation of students).
      • Add/drop will be manual; finalize at the end of the add/drop period.
  • Review of timeline; looks good.
  • Instructure meeting: signoff on branding, Midd KB document. KB signoff activated support: we tested submitting a support request through the interface and got a response within half an hour.
    • Todo: enable support for importing Moodle courses. Need to find out if faculty will use it first.


Goals and Outcomes

  • What questions should we ask?
  • How do we assess the course-building process?
    • Let’s ask ASAP after courses are built (quite soon for MIIS, by Sep 8th for Midd).
    • “What did you enjoy? What excited you about the platform? What didn’t you like?” Assume that everyone had both positive and negative experiences, and try to hear about both. Trying to ask people to directly compare to Moodle may not be productive; they may not ever have built a Moodle course, or built one years ago that they’ve been using since. “Like asking someone to compare their first year of college to first year of high school.”
  • Difficult to balance collecting useful data during the pilot about how well this works for Midd, vs. helping faculty use the new tool in the best possible way.
    • Moodle and Canvas are two different tools; it’s quite difficult to compare them directly. Different features.
    • Not just about using the tool; the focus should be pedagogy. Educational technology should be educational. If they were only going to be doing the same things they’d be doing in Moodle, there’s no point in switching.
    • We don’t want to just throw people in the deep end as far as support goes; be available for question.
  • “What are your goals for participating in this pilot?” (ask in e-mail before kickoff meeting, then go around the room). Help make connections between faculty of different disciplines.
  • “How do you picture this enhancing your pedagogy?” (+ check in again later)
  • It’s definitely worth asking the same question more than once to see how things change over time. We can directly ask the faculty about what’s changed over time, as well.
  • Questions for students: No inspiring questions for the beginning of the semester; we’d like to get a general answer to “What do you want in a course website?”
  • We should e-mail out a more-formal survey for mid-semester (students and faculty). We should come up with good questions by October.
  • Joe has some letters and other communication that other students have used. Questions from MISO survey: Bill will get from Terry.


LTI (Learning Technology Integration framework)

  • Adobe Connect is a good example. The way other schools do it is to pay an integrator a yearly fee (AC outsources their LTI.)
  • Canvas’s release schedule means integration is a moving target.
  • LTI use gets complicated very quickly. Ex: integrating TurnItIn broke assignment dropbox. We should have a process. (SR goal for this year is to clarify support models, we can start by being clearer with this.)
    • Support, privacy (FERPA), data use, etc.: draft recommendations. “If you’re thinking about using a tool, here are some considerations to be aware of.”
    • Stanford policy: Can’t force students to use a tool that uses personal data for a graded assignment. Has to be an option.
      • Amy Collier has talked to Chris Norris about how to start a conversation around how we handle this at Midd. In the meantime, let’s stick to guidelines.

This Year’s CE-related courses

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See this year’s CE – related courses below. These courses incorporate partnerships with organizations and individuals from Middlebury’s surrounding community. Courses that fall under the Privilege & Poverty Academic Cluster are also listed.

Check back throughout the year, as the list will continue to be updated!


Semester offered Course Number Course Name Professor
Fall 2015, Spring 2016 ENVS 0112 Natural Science and the Environment Lapin, Marc
Fall 2015 EDST 0305 Elementary Literacy and Social Studies Weston, Tracy
Fall 2015 EDST 0410 Student Teaching Seminar Miller-Lane, Jonathan
Fall 2015, Spring 2016 ECON 0155C Introductory Microeconomics Isham, Jon
Fall 2015 PSYC 0320 Social and Emotional Development Moeller, Robert
Fall 2015 HARC 0731A Architectural Studies Research Thesis Lopez Barrera, Silvina
Spring 2016 HARC 0330A Intermediate Architectural Design Lopez Barrera, Silvina
Fall 2015 SOAN 0105A * Society and the Individual Oxfeld, Ellen
Fall 2015 ENVS 0380A * Global Challenges of the 21st Century Baker-Medard, Merrill
Fall 2015 RELI 0298* Privilege & Poverty Davis, James C.
* designates Privilege & Poverty Academic Cluster

Tales From the Campaign Trail: Kasich In New Hampshire

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Today is the first of what I hope to be a regularly recurring feature on this site during the current election cycle: a post recounting a visit to a campaign event put on by one of the major presidential candidates. On Tuesday I attended Ohio Governor John Kasich’s visit to West Lebanon, a small (population […]

Faster Helpdesk Ticket Updating

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In the past when you responded to an email from the Helpdesk about a specific ticket, someone had to find your ticket, and copy your email into it so the technician assigned to your issue would see the lastest information. As of Wednesday, 09/09/2015, this can be a much faster process. When you reply to an email from the Helpdesk about your ticket, it will automatically be added to your ticket, and the assigned technician will receive notification that there has been an update from you. This method will only work if you reply to an email from the system. If you send an email to the Helpdesk about your ticket that does not have the correct subject line format, the system will create a new ticket, which may delay the resolution of your issue. The emails from the Helpdesk system look like this:

From: Helpdesk []
Sent: Thursday, August 20, 2015 3:29 PM
To: Your Name
Subject: Ticket 499799 Open –> The description of your issue

We hope that you will find this new functionality easy to use, and that the progress of your tickets to resolution will be faster.

Voice mail system performance issues

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The campus voice mail system is indicating multiple performance issues at present. This includes choppy/clipped speech on new messages and new greetings recorded since August 21. Currently, the system is not accessible. Our vendor is working on this.

Interested in learning more about Banner? Join the Ellucian eCommunities.

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Are you interested in learning more about Banner?  Have questions about best practices?  Want to connect with colleagues at other Banner schools to learn how they have addressed challenging problems?  Consider joining the Ellucian eCommunities.

Some of you may remember the older Sun Guard Higher Education ListServ and Banner Commons that used to allow Banner schools and users to communicate, collaborate, and stay connected.  These have largely been replaced and augmented by the new Ellucian eCommunities system which is now integrated with the Ellucian Support Center.

The Ellucian Hub can be used to get to all Ellucian resources.   If you’ve used their “Action Line”, you have a Hub account.  If not, you will need to have an account created.

Main URL to access the Hub:

To sign up for Hub account:

For help if Hub password has been forgotten:

To access eCommunities directly without going to the Hub:

From there, you should see a page with a list of “Getting Started” videos which you can watch to learn about the eCommunities system.

NOTE:   The information from Banner Commons was not able to be moved directly over to eCommunities.  If you had been using Banner Commons, you’ll need to do the “Edit Profile” step in eCommunities like you had previously done in Banner Commons.  Data about your name, e-mail address, title and company name come from the Ellucian Support Center so it’s important for you to have a Hub account there.

You’ll also need to set e-mail preferences and select the “Places” you’d like to follow.  You can click on “All Places” near the top of the page to see all the groups/streams and then click on the “gear” icon to the right of those you’re interested in to “Follow”.  If you “Follow in Daily Digest”, you will get an e-mail message with links to each posting once each morning.

If you have problems with this, please e-mail