Join the Global Impact Career Popup

Global Impact Career Popup–WHAT???

This will be a live event on June 21 from 7 am to 1pm US EST gathering some of the world’s most talented organizations and professionals hiring and supporting a wide-variety of changemakers advancing careers of impact. We are combining our collective experience, reach, and creativity in a highly interactive & engaging online event with hundreds, if not thousands, of professionals and students seeking to combine purpose and their career.

Attend highly interactive workshops, meetups, connect with employers and walk away with new ideas, connections and strategies for all things careers of impact and change.

Do Good + Do Well. To register for the event make a donation to an organization working on covid relief in India, Colombia or other locations. Choose the amount you want to give as well as the organization (or select one we recommend & trust). This is a pro-bono event conducted with love by the co-creators. 


·         20 + interactive breakout sessions on all things careers of impact including: building a high-impact resume, understanding the hiring process, how to switch to the social impact sector as a mid-career professional, to grad or not grad, landing social impact fellowships, sessions on building careers in specific sectors and more

·         Meetup and networking sessions

·         Chance to meet with key employers and organizations in the impact space


·         Learn from some of the world’s leading impact professionals/organizations including Ashoka, PCDN. Global, Arthan, Moving Worlds, Matteria, and many more. 

·         Network with employers and peers from around the world

·         Support Covid Relief in India and Colombia & beyond

·         Learn about the key trends and opportunities in social change and social impact careers

·         Develop improved materials and strategies to improve your job search

·         Receive tons of resources to help you in the next stage of your career

Careers in Environmental Consulting at ICF: Sustainability/Climate Change

Recent alumnae, Caroline Wolfe ’19, reached out to CCI to let us know that she’s been working at ICF as a climate change and sustainability analyst and is working on a range of domestic and international climate issues. She also wanted to offer herself up as a contact if you are interested in ICF and environmental consulting. In addition, she wanted to let folks know that ICF was hosting a Career Panel on Environmental Consulting on June 23rd. See details and registration below.

Do you want to help make progress on some of the world’s toughest challenges? Do you want to continuously learn and grow your expertise? Are you looking for variety and dynamic projects where you collaborate with others? Then consulting may be a great fit for you. We want to show you what’s so fulfilling about a career in environmental consulting. Learn about this career path by joining our event!

DATE: June 23rd, 2021

TIME: 12:00pm – 1:00pm EST

Join 826 Boston with Various Hiring Opportunities

Just in from Middlebury summer intern, Patrick Wachira, some information and contact info about job opportunities at his Boston-based internship with educational access org., 826 Boston. For more details, feel free to contact Karen Sama,, 826 Boston’s Out-of-School Time Program Director.

826 Boston is a nonprofit youth writing and publishing organization located in Roxbury, Massachusetts, that empowers traditionally underserved students ages 6-18 to find their voices, tell their stories, and gain communication skills to succeed in school and in life. Our high-impact programs are based on the understanding that great leaps in learning can occur with one-on-one attention, and that writing skills are fundamental to future success.

Here are the hiring opportunities (both full-time and part time):

  • Bilingual Spanish/English Program Assistant
  • Out-of-School Time Program Coordinator
  • K-12 Programs Coordinator
  • Writers’ Room Manager
  • Institutional Giving Manager
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Director
  • Community Engagement Coordinator

Utilizing Khan Academy for LSAT Prep Success, workshop June 23

Are you planning to take the LSAT? Did you know that Khan Academy Official LSAT Prep offers free, personalized test prep materials that can help you build the skills you need for success on LSAT test day?

You’re cordially invited to join us on Wednesday, June 23, at 2 p.m. ET for an informative webinar for aspiring law students, “Utilizing Khan Academy for LSAT Prep Success.” This free event, hosted by the Law School Admission Council and Khan Academy, will explore the high-quality resources available through Khan Academy Official LSAT Prep, including interactive lessons, timed practice tests, strategies, tips, and everything else you need to prepare for and feel confident on test day.

Panelists Dave Travis, who leads the Test Prep Content team at Khan Academy, and James Lorié, the director of assessment development at LSAC, will review the structure and content of the LSAT and provide attendees with a section-by-section review of how each type of question on the test is addressed through Khan’s prep program. 


AT&T Summer Learning Academy

You’re Invited!   We’re excited to announce registration is now open for the 2021 AT&T’s Summer Learning Academy and you’re invited to this exciting educational experience.

For two weeks of powerful learning in July, AT&T connects you to live speakers who are experts in their field like Sal Khan, Troy Aikman, Rachel McGowan and many more surprise speakers yet to be announced.

With a variety of topics that cover business, technology, diversity and personal growth, there is something for everyone.

The AT&T Summer Learning Academy provides access to online courses powered by AT&T’s award winning curriculum including Time Management, Artificial Intelligence, Design Thinking, Personal Branding, Effective Listening, Professional Writing Skills and many more topics.   

Interested? Check out the details and register below:    

Audience: All High School and College Students
Dates: July 12 – July 23, 2021
Platform: Summer Learning Academy Website

Student Reflections: Teaching Assistants

Kathlyn Gehl ‘21.5 and Alana Kornaker ’22, two teaching assistants of Middlebury’s first cohort of the Community Connected Project-Based Learning Teaching Assistant program, share their experience as a TA. To read the full reflection, visit the corresponding link.

Kathlyn Gehl ‘21.5:

When I started my job as a Community Connected Project Based Learning Teaching Assistant, I wasn’t quite sure what my job would entail. I thought that I would be doing a lot of different tasks, designing assignments, grading, and overall adapting to the needs of the class. I’m very happy that in the end my job was much different than I thought. In the class which was taught by Professor Ellery Foutch and entitled “Vermont Community Collaborations,” I ended up serving the role of spell checker, Henry Sheldon enthusiast, and formatting professional. In the class the students worked with Ellery to transcribe Henry Sheldon’s accession logs, donation records, and journals into large Google sheets which were then proofread by Ellery and me.
Although this might seem boring, it ended up being very interesting and a great way to help the community. Henry Sheldon is the founder of the Sheldon museum that still exists in downtown Middlebury. He was the museum’s first collector, curator, and his tastes were eclectic to say the least. His collection contains pieces of family history, town history, and national history but, prior to this year, his accession records have not been searchable.The digitizing of these records allows for much more accessibility as now family members can search their last name or a keyword and immediately figure out what was donated.  
I think it grounds me to the community and who will be able to use our work.  Hopefully along with the upcoming celebration of Henry Sheldon’s birthday more people will be encouraged to explore their family history or the history of Middlebury.
I’m very happy Ellery decided to take on this project because it gives back to the town of Middlebury. I have a CCE grant to continue working this summer as a research assistant helping to finish this work as well as assisting with cataloging other collections. Even though this job was different than I thought, I am so happy I took it and am very excited to continue in the future!

Alana Kornaker ’22

This semester I had the honor of being a part of Middlebury’s first-ever cohort of student leaders trained to help professors implement a new educational model into their classrooms: Community-Connected Project-Based Learning (CCPBL). CCPBL is a framework rooted in bridging the gap between local communities and their universities. Within the CCPBL model, students learn by doing — that is, students learn through hands-on experiences. Students work with community partners (Community-Connected) to work on consequential, meaningful projects (Project-Based) where both the community partners and the students benefit. 
I worked with Professor Nadine Canter Barnicle to implement the CCPBL model into ENVS0300: Approaching Sustainability from the Roots. In this class, students met with Nadine at the beginning of the semester to answer some tough questions — Who are you? What are your dreams? Where do you want to be 5, 10, 20 years down the road? How do you want to get there? These questions are at the core of each student’s semester-long projects.
Once paired, I helped students prepare to have conversations with their respective community partners. I assisted students as they created final presentations to share their CCPBL experiences with the rest of the class. Every single student reported that they felt their community partner played a huge role in their self-exploration project because of the way their mentor was able to get the students excited about the person that they currently are and the person that they are becoming. The community partners reported that engaging with the youthful energy that each student brought to the conversation helped remind them of the reasons why they entered into their respective professions in the first place. In this way, both parties left the partnership with a newfound sense of self, purpose, and vision. Both the students and the community partners were reminded of what it truly means to be a lifelong learner. This, to me, is what education is all about. 
Knowing that Middlebury offers hundreds of classes a semester, I am excited to see just how many lives are touched as this CCPBL curriculum becomes rooted in more and more Middlebury’s courses.