What Would A Sanders’ Presidency Look Like?

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While most of the media understandably remains fixated on the horse-race aspect of the presidential contest (“Bernie’s surging!”), a few intrepid journalists are daring to think the unthinkable: what if Bernie actually won the election? What would a Sanders presidency look like? This is an important question, not least because how one answers it goes […]

Student Org Profile: Service Cluster Board

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Our student organizations and continuing initiatives are collectively known as the Service Cluster, and each member organization of the cluster is supported by the Service Cluster Board, a peer-advised council. The SCB functions as a support platform that provides training, oversight, and funding.
Each year, SCB hosts a retreat for student organization leaders as well as monthly workshops for program development. Topics include budget planning, leadership transitions, and member recruitment. SCB also administers the Flex Fund, which grants funding to student-designed community service projects.

Budgets and ledgers and emails, oh my! A week in the Community Engagement Office as a co-coordinator of the Service Cluster Board (SCB) is focused on making sure student service organizations on campus have the resources they need to do quality community service. Together my co-coordinator, Huy Nguyen, and I peer-advise the 17 student service orgs on campus and help troubleshoot problems ranging from budget snafoos to annual leadership transitions. An average day in SCB revolves around communicating with student leaders, auditing org budgets, and planning regular leadership meetings for org leaders to develop their skills ambassadors for service on campus – there’s never a dull moment! I love working with SCB, because it allows me to collaborate with a variety of student service leaders. Like a spark plug that never tires, every student org leader I interact with is thinking of new and creative programming for their organization that goes beyond the confines of previous events. This energy motivates me to ensure that any student interested in service on campus is able to get involved and continue to foster the strong partnerships with communities in Middlebury, in Addison County, and further afield.

-Maeve Moynihan ’17

Friday Links – August 28, 2015

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NMC has released the second Library Edition of it’s Horizon Report, it explores academic and research libraries in a global context. You can download the report here:

Download theNMC Horizon Report > 2015 Library Edition (PDF)

The report explores some of the same trends and challenges that we are talking about. Below is a video summary.

Systems Maintenance this Sunday, Aug 30th

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During our regular maintenance window this Sunday, August 30th  from 6 am – 10 am we have the following activities scheduled:


  • Our Exchange email environment will receive the latest patch from Microsoft (Cumulative update 9)
    • There is no service outage planned with this maintenance, though active Outlook Web Access (webmail) sessions may be prompted to re-login


We appreciate your patience as we continuously strive to keep our systems functioning optimally.






Billy Sneed

ITS – Central Systems & Network Services

Middlebury College

New Library staff member: Mikaela Taylor

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On September 1st, Mikaela Taylor ’15, will join the Library in Special Collections & Archives as our inaugural Postgraduate Fellow for Special Collections and Archives.

Mikaela studied Comparative Literature at Middlebury, worked as a Digital Liberal DanteDivineCommediaArts intern this summer, and studied Italian language and culture in Rome and Siena, Italy. She hails from Houston, Texas.

Mikaela will have an office in Special Collections and a nomadic presence in the Library and across the campus as she helps us increase the impact of special collections through outreach to academic departments and students, event planning, and exhibitions. Welcome Mikaela!


Image credit: Title page from the Divina Commedia by Dante Alighieri with a portrait of Dante, Venice, 1564. Special Collections & Archives, Middlebury College.

Trust Me: We All Liked President Carter Then Too But…

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By now, most of you have likely heard of Jimmy Carter’s recent announcement that he has cancer which has spread to his liver and to his brain. Carter, who is 90 years old, is undergoing radiation and other therapy with an uncertain prognosis. However, he wryly noted in this press conference, hosted at the Carter […]

Employing Students this Academic Year

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Posting Your Position Online

Open student positions can be posted online through PeopleAdmin. For instructions on posting a job go to the SEO website and in the Supervisor Tool Box, select “Using PeopleAdmin”.

Postings will be made visible to students on September 9th. The week before classes begin and during the first two weeks of school, students that have received financial aid will have the chance to apply for posted jobs on campus. Students that have NOT received financial aid must wait to apply until October 1st. The intent is to assist students receiving work study to obtain a job that best meets their needs. (Yes, it is okay to ask a student if they receive financial aid.) If you are rehiring a student that has worked for you previously, or for research purposes, financial aid status is not relevant.

Employment Eligibility

Student employees MUST complete the federally mandated I-9 and W-4 forms in order to work. Once these forms have been completed (this only needs to be done once!) the student will receive a blue employment card indicating that they are eligible to work for the College. Blue cards, once issued, are valid until the student graduates. Students that have NOT received their blue card CANNOT work or be paid until their employment forms are completed!


  • All student employees are limited to working no more than 20 hours per week in on-campus jobs during the academic year, with the exception of full-week recesses.
  • An Electronic Personnel Action Form (“EPAF”) must be completed for all students hired to work during the academic year. Even if the student worked last year – or over the summer – an EPAF still needs to be submitted to our office.
  • Students must submit the hours that they work in the pay period in which those hours were worked.

For more information go to: http://www.middlebury.edu/offices/business/seo/toolbox. Feel free to contact SEO at x5377 or seo@middlebury.edu with any questions!