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Internship Highlight: Megan Job ’21, Assistant Researcher at William Montague Cobb Research Laboratory

Megan Job is on the far left.

Major: Neuroscience

Assistant Researcher at the William Montague Cobb Research Laboratory

I think it is very important to introduce diversity in the various databases on the human genome. Many of the original genome projects centered on European-descended populations and this project is one of the first steps to unlocking questions like “Why are Black women 243% more likely to die in childbirth (compared to White women”? Or “Why are African Americans prone to hypertension, diabetes, etc.?”

How did you find your internship? Dr. Jeremy Ward.

What was your work like? One of the main projects I worked on was Petrous Bone Extraction of the bones in the William Cobb Collection. William Montague Cobb was the first African American to get an MD/PhD and went on to found a lab. He studied over 100 African Americans who died between the 1930s and 1960s and conducted autopsies on each of the individuals. My research included extracting over 200 petrous bones–a dense region on the side of the skull next to the ear canal–in order to sequence the DNA of the individuals who passed. After extracting the petrous bone, we found susceptibility genes for the diseases the individuals died from. Among the diseases were tuberculosis, diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, and more. A lot of the diseases are still the main cause of death of Blacks today. After the DNA is sequenced, we cross matched their genes with the susceptibility genes to see if there were matches. In the future, we will be able to address the weaknesses that may or may not have to do with our genetic codes. Ideally, we will be able to have prenatal testing where we identify these genes and advocate a healthy lifestyle that will suppress the likelihood of these diseases manifesting and taking the lives of our people.

How did CCI help you find this opportunity? Funding, advising, moral support, EVERYTHING!

What advice do you have for Middlebury students looking for an internship? Think outside the box! Don’t think that the organized programs are the only internships you have available to you…there are countless others you can make up or find anywhere.

What was the most rewarding aspect of your work? Being surrounded by black scholars.

And to add to this question from Megan’s interview in the Cobb’s Corner News: Seeing people in positions of power in STEM that are Black is what I will cherish the most. Carter [Clinton, Assistant Curator] is a great example as well, with both of us being from Brooklyn. I’m reading a book by Elaine Welteroth called More Than Enough: Claiming Space for Who You Are (No Matter What They Say) where she mentions that it is “important to leave signposts along the journey of success for those that come behind you.” I believe there will be another young girl like me who is obsessed with science like me but needs a role model to show her that women and people of color can succeed. I really want to be that guiding light just like this experience has illuminated my journey.

Did you have a mentor that helped you get to where you are today? If so, who? Jeremy Ward, Susan DeSimone, and much much much more.

You can read more about Megan’s internship in the Middlebury Newsroom and this WUSA9 news story.

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Don’t Wait – This Internship with Salesforce Expires this Week!

Apply on Handshake before January 22, 2020

Summer 2020 Intern – Software Engineer, Philanthropy Cloud

This is your time to shine. Our software engineering interns are considered full time employees by their peers–in fact, you will be expected to contribute right away as a member of our Scrum teams for future releases. As the world leader in enterprise cloud computing, we release 3 new versions every year with close to 100 new features each release. You will write code that reaches millions of subscribers who use our applications everyday, work on our automated testing infrastructure, and craft the tools that provide real-time monitoring of our service. With such quick turnaround, we don’t want our interns to sit on the sidelines and enjoy the view– we want you to change the way our customers connect their business to the world!


  • Contribute to our suite of automated tests and testing infrastructure
  • Monitor and enhance performance capabilities
  • Implement code fixes under the direction of software architects and senior developers
  • Develop well-tuned code that may be included as part of our next software release

Required Skills:

  • Enrolled in sophomore year or higher at a college/university or any year at a graduate school
  • Working towards a BS or MS in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or related
  • Academic or professional/internship experience with Java
  • Understanding of object-oriented programming/design
  • Working knowledge of HTML and web technologies
  • Ability to quickly learn new technologies
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Be a self-starter and possess strong sense of self-motivation

Desired Skills:

  • Coursework in SQL and relational database concepts
  • Strong competency in javascript and associated frameworks
  • Cloud Experience – AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform

Check Out this New Data Analysis Job with MRDC

Application deadline is February 14, 2020 – apply on Handshake!

Hybrid Research Assistant

MDRC is a leading education and social policy research organization. We are currently seeking a Technical Research Assistant to join our Center for Applied Behavioral Science (CABS), which assesses individual and organizational behavior to identify areas amenable to low-cost, high-impact interventions. CABS combines MDRC’s policy and evaluation expertise with insights from behavioral science. Since launching the first major project to apply a behavioral research lens to human services programs that serve low-income families in the United States, CABS has developed numerous projects in child support, child welfare, welfare-to-work, workforce development, K-12 education, and higher education. Our research draws upon behavioral science, predictive modeling, and other advanced quantitative techniques. Research Assistants within CABS work as a part of multidisciplinary teams on current social policy issues in a dynamic and challenging environment, alongside leading public policy experts.

Roles and Responsibilities:
The new Research Assistant will have a range of technical and nontechnical responsibilities, including:

  • Assistance in all stages of program and evaluation design and implementation
  • Involvement in various stages of producing reports, proposals, and papers (coordinating across authors; memo writing; literature searches; preparing figures, charts, and tables; fact-checking and documentation)
  • Statistical programming using SAS and/or R: data collection, data cleaning, and converting data files received in a variety of formats to a form that is that is useful for answering research questions
  • Participation in quantitative analyses
  • Participation in qualitative research, such as coding and organizing and attending site visits to conduct interviews with staff and program participants
  • Participation in operations work, including recruitment of, outreach to, and coordination with program sites
  • General support for multiple projects, including management of evaluation activities, scheduling meetings, taking notes, and managing project organization databases 


  • BA/BS in mathematics, statistics, economics, education, public policy, psychology, sociology, or related social science field
  • Demonstrated interest in behavioral science and social policy issues
  • Basic understanding of quantitative and qualitative research methods
  • Excellent attention to detail and ability to multi-task and work efficiently
  • Comfortable working in a team-oriented, fast-paced environment
  • Very strong writing and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to collaborate and work well with program teams comprised of senior and junior staff and demonstrated sensitivity to conducting research in communities that serve traditionally underrepresented groups
  • Demonstrated experience with a statistical or database programming language (e.g., SAS, R, SPSS, STATA, SQL)
  • Previous experience working in a nonprofit setting or as a research assistant is a plus, but not required

The Research Assistant position is based in MDRC’s New York City office. Some on-the-job training is provided. We offer excellent fringe benefits, including generous paid vacation and personal days and comprehensive health insurance, among others. Salary will be commensurate with experience. When applying, please include a programming and writing sample. Only candidates selected for further consideration will be contacted.

General Motors has New IT Positions for Seniors and Grads!

Learn more and apply on Handshake. Application deadline is June 1, 2020.

Early Career – Information Technology – Software Developer positions are available in Atlanta, Georgia, Austin, Texas, Phoenix, Arizona, and Detroit, Michigan.

At General Motors, we’ve charged ourselves with one mission: to design, build and sell the world’s best vehicles. We have recently undergone one of the largest Information Technology transformations in the history of the automotive industry and continue to drive technology innovations within General Motors.

GM IT is a leader in cutting edge technologies such as Mobility, Telematics, Mission-Critical Business Systems, Supercomputing, Vehicle Engineering, and Real-time Computing. We offer challenging positions for passionate professionals looking to get in on the ground-floor of a growing “Fortune 5” firm that is re-inventing IT with a laser focus on Innovation, Speed, and Business Value. 


  • Have an insatiable drive for excellence
  • Challenge themselves and their peers
  • Enjoy working collaboratively in a cross-functional teams
  • Demonstrate a strong work ethic
  • Have a strong ability and willingness to learn
  • Excel in a variety of job assignments
  • Understand physics and math concepts, and have the ability to apply them to real applications
  • Desire to deliver innovative solutions to complex problems

In addition to specific areas below, our roles require critical thinking, excellent communication, and a passion for service excellence. If you have what it takes, come join our team as a Software Developer:

A Software Developer is responsible for developing solutions that drive innovation and competitive advantage. The role encompasses writing code to build and support GM’s systems, applications, and platforms as well as configuring, optimizing, and deploying packaged software (COTS). The role will interface with other project developers and architects to ensure that designs and quality are meeting GM requirements. Each Developer is envisioned to be part of the full SDLC of a project: from initiation through deployment.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has a New Internship on Handshake!

Application deadline is February 21, 2020 – apply on Handshake!

Biological Intern

Three full-time interns to assist with biological field work from early-May to early September 2020 on the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in Oceanville, New Jersey. This is a non-paying internship position. Housing is provided.

Opportunity Description: Duties: Data collection will follow standardized biological inventory / monitoring procedures and may include: vegetation surveys, salt marsh elevation surveys, waterbird surveys, invertebrate sampling, and threatened/endangered species monitoring. Other tasks include bird banding, invasive plant species inventory, mapping and eradication. Interns may mechanically and chemically control invasive plant species within the refuge boundary and monitor areas that were treated. In addition, assist with water level management actions within refuge impoundments. Other duties as assigned include, but not limited to data entry and editing, environmental education, public outreach and interpretation, maintenance, construction, and office assistance.

Qualifications: Interns may be working long and variable hours in adverse conditions. Adverse conditions include, but are not limited to: working in hot and humid weather conditions, biting insects, walking on uneven/muddy/wet terrain, carrying heavy field equipment, and walking long distances. Applicants must be in good physical condition, possess valid driver’s license, have good communication and organizational skills, ability to work well with others, live in close quarters, and be an enthusiastic field worker. Work vehicle, field gear and equipment provided. Familiarity with field research techniques, data collection procedures, and computer skills is helpful. Independent projects may be possible as time allows, and college internship credit may also be possible according to individual institutional guidelines. Position will be approximately 40 hours per week and includes weekend work.

A video made by the 2014 interns summarizing their experience can be viewed at: http://usfwsnortheast.word press.com/2014/10/06/through-the-eyes-of-the-interns-e-b-forsythe-national¬wildlife-refuge

Send resumes, cover letter, and three references to Vinny Turner at: vinny_turner@fws.govor you can call (609) 382-7644 if you need additional information.

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The Center for Careers and Internships is having a second annual Tell Your Story Campaign that culminates in a drawing for a $500 flight gift card!

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Need help creating your first résumé? Don’t worry! Our PCAs are here to help.

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Create Your First College Résumé Workshops will be hosted on the following dates:

  • Tuesday, January 21 from 1:00-1:30 p.m. in the ADK House
  • Tuesday, January 21 from 2:30-3:00 p.m. in the ADK House
  • Tuesday, January 21 – Résumé Crash Course for First-Years – 7:30-8:30 p.m. in Battell Basement
  • Monday, January 27 from 1:00-1:30 p.m. in the ADK House
  • Monday, January 27 from 2:30-3:00 p.m. in the ADK House
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