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Apply Today! Summer Internship with Amazon

Don’t wait – this posting expires on November 18, 2019

Area Manager Intern

*You must be open to relocate across the US for this role.**Amazon does not sponsor for immigration, including for H-1B, TN, and other non-immigrant visas, for this role.*

This role is a 10 week internship starting in the summer of 2020.
Amazon is looking for college students with high potential who are ready to own their impact in Amazon Operations as an Area Manager Intern. We promise you will have your leadership capacity stretched to its full potential. As a front-line leader, you will have an opportunity to truly invest in others and develop a people-focused leadership style, while mastering the tools, processes, and operations that have created the most customer-centric company on Earth. If you want to be involved in continuing to define the future of online retail, and are dynamic and an organized self-starter, join our team in Amazon Operations as an Area Manager Intern opportunities.

As an Area Manager Intern, you will have the opportunity to lead and develop your own team of Amazon Associates in a distribution warehouse environment. Your main focus will be motivating, mentoring and coaching your team. As a servant leader, the Area Manager will ensure that their team of Amazon Associates have all the tools needed to succeed for any task during a shift. Engaging with your team during a shift to ensure that the highest levels of safety, quality, attendance performance and engagement are maintained are core functions of the role. Come learn how the largest online retailer in the world runs its fulfillment and delivery networks!What is fulfillment you ask? Fulfillment is how we refer to completing or fulfilling a customer’s Amazon.com order and the acts of picking, packing, shipping and delivering their order to meet or exceed their expectations!

Program Quick Facts & Locations

  • The position is NOT a corporate role and will be located in a Fulfillment Center, Sort Center, Delivery Station, or other warehouse environment
  • Must be willing to relocate nationwide for the summer with relocation assistance (position location is most heavily weighted on business need but will also take into account individual location preference)·
  • Term: 10 weeks during the summer of 2020
  • Competitive Salary, Relocation and Housing Assistance
  • An offer for full time employment may be given after the internship·
  • You must be willing to work weekends, holidays, and/or overnight shifts and overtime in peak season and as needed

Key Responsibilities:·

  • Lead, manage, and develop a team of 50 to 200 Amazon Associates·
  • Drive Standard Work and Continuous Improvement through an intern project·
  • Communicate policies to Associates and act as the primary information source for the team, maintaining compliance and consistency and taking corrective action when needed·
  • Create, manage and support recognition and communication programs·
  • Support all safety programs and OSHA compliance to ensure a safe work environment for all Associates·
  • Ensure procedures are followed for building security and product loss prevention·
  • Partner with the management team to establish and maintain quality control standards·
  • Develop performance goals and objectives to achieve customer promise expectations and ensure accuracy and quality·
  • Perform the following tasks, with or without reasonable accommodation:·
    • Stand and walk during shifts lasting up to 12 hours
    • Walk in and around the warehouse with great frequency; many facilities are over a quarter mile in length
    • Ascend and descend ladders, stairs, and gangways
    • Regularly bend, lift, stretch, and reach below the waist and above the head
    • Lift and move items weighing up to 49 pounds
  • A driver’s license is strongly recommended due to the remote nature of many internship locations


  • Currently working towards a bachelor’s degree with an expected conferral date between December 2020 and June 2021

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Winter Term Internship Applications for Credit: Deadline Dec. 1

Any student wishing to participate in a Winter Term internship for credit must complete all paperwork by Dec. 1.

After securing your internship, follow these steps:
1) Have your resume approved by a CCI Peer Career Advisor.
2) Identify a Middlebury faculty member to serve as your academic sponsor.
3) Create an Experience (application) on Handshake and upload 3 documents to your Experience — your approved resume, your signed internship agreement, and a personal statement which includes 3 scholarly sources linked to the learning of your internship.
4) Inform your internship supervisor and faculty academic sponsor that once you have submitted your application for credit, they will receive emails from Handshake to complete online approval forms.

All forms, information, and FAQs at go/WTinternships. Limited $1500 grants available to eligible students on a first-come, first-served basis. CCI recommends that all applications for credit be submitted before the December 1 deadline.

Additional questions? Make an appointment with any CCI Advisor on Handshake or contact Cheryl Whitney Lower.

Apple’s Reach Reshapes Medical Research

The company’s tools enable researchers to track huge numbers of people. But doctors do not yet know if it will significantly improve health outcomes.

In 1976, the Harvard School of Public Health and two other major medical institutions started a study on nurses that has become one of the largest and longest research efforts ever conducted on women’s health. They have so far enrolled more than 275,000 participants.

On Thursday, the Harvard school announced an even more ambitious women’s health study, one that aims to enroll a million women over a decade.

The new ingredients allowing the huge scale: Apple’s iPhones, apps and money.

Harvard’s new study is just one of three new large research efforts that Apple is working on with leading academic research centers and health organizations. Together, the studies, which Apple is paying for, show how the Silicon Valley giant and its popular products are reshaping medical research.

To enroll in clinical trials, patients have often had to travel to medical centers to be briefed by researchers and fill out the study paperwork in person. Many studies also follow patients only intermittently, in periodic surveys and visits to hospitals.

Excerpt taken from Natasha Singer’s article in the New York Times. Read the full article here.

6 Tips to Land the Tech Internship That Will Lead to Your Software Engineer Career

Article written by Jane Hurst. Read the article here.

Source: Pexels.com

You have completed most of your coursework in college and are looking forward to starting your career as a software engineer. One thing that will help you gain your dream job is to have an internship while you are still in school. Here are six tips to land the tech internship that will lead to your software engineer career.

1. Start early

When you are looking for a tech internship you want to start early. Some schools will offer assistance finding internships but it is up to you to apply for them. Sometimes you have to do your own research and find your own tech internship. If this is the case you need to start even earlier. Either way, you will need to apply for your tech internship at least a year in advance, sometimes even longer. If you wait until the last minute, there may be no tech internships available or you may not have enough time to organize your own tech internship.

2. Resume

Make sure you look at your resume before you submit it. You may want to change the style of your resume to suit the tech internship you are applying for. You can find different resume samples online. You also want to make sure your resume is updated with any pertinent information such as classes you have taken and jobs you have held. Be sure to find a style you like and stick with it throughout the resume.

3. Coding challenges

You will most likely face a coding challenge. Coding challenges are usually timed for an hour. A good idea would be to practice for these challenges before you face your first one. You can find practice sites online that will help you prepare for the challenge.

4. Interview

Be ready for your interview before you walk through the door. Research the company where you are applying for a tech internship and be sure to know what they do. You want to highlight yourself in the interview, but you also want them to know you have done your research. There are articles and sites online that will help you prepare for your interview questions. Take advantage of these sites and be ready for whatever questions your future potential employer asks.

5. Personal web page

Creating a personal web page is another way to tell a potential employer about yourself. You can include pictures, videos, and show them your coding abilities along with a link to your internship resume. Think of a personal web page as an addition and enhancement of your resume. Make sure you highlight your favorite projects that show off things you have created.

6. Keep learning

You want to keep up with new codes that come along. While this may be hard to do, it will be easier when you have your internship. Let your interviewer know that you want to challenge yourself and ask for jobs that you are not familiar with. Learning new codes will help build you up for your career and will let your boss know that you are not afraid of new things and challenges.

7. Thank you

When you are done with your interview be sure to thank your interviewer. Wait a couple of days and send them a thank you email. With a thank you email you can include things that you forgot to mention in your interview that you think might be pertinent to the tech internship. Do not make this a long email. Thank them for their time and make sure you include up to date contact information where they can reach you. That way they will know where to find you when they offer you the tech internship.

Apply for a Winter Term Tech Internship with Davis Family Library!

Application Deadline is November 15, 2019

Open exclusively to Middlebury students! Apply and learn more on Handshake!

One Library Data Services intern will collaborate with librarians to develop a web application using R and Shiny that will allow faculty, staff, and students across our campuses to explore data that measures how Middlebury faculty, students, and staff view library and computing services. The data will be extracted from the biennial Measuring Information Services Outcomes (MISO) Survey. The MISO Survey is a web-based quantitative survey sent to faculty, staff, and a sample of students at Middlebury every other year. The results of the MISO Survey help us to understand how the campus uses and values information services, as well as satisfaction levels with these services.

An interest in open source development and a desire to contribute to assessment technology at higher-ed institutions is important. The data from the survey will need to be cleaned and standardized before developing the Shiny application, and all scripts and development will need to be well documented with the goal of sharing the code with other institutions so that they will be able to build on the work done at Middlebury. 
In addition to working with librarians to understand the data, clean it, and develop the Shiny web application, there will be opportunities to explore other facets of working in an information science profession, including shadowing Research & Instruction librarians in their work and informational interviews with a variety of library staff. 


  • Write R scripts to clean and standardize SPSS data files for use in R/Shiny
  • Develop a prototype Shiny web application for use by the larger Middlebury community
  • In conjunction with the Digital Scholarship & User Experience Librarian and the Data Services Librarian, design and execute user testing of the prototype application
  • Propose and, where possible, make revisions to the prototype based on testing
  • Shadow select library staff in various library departments
  • Document all aspects of the data cleaning and application development
  • Keep a daily work/learning journal 

Educational Goals

The Library Data Services internship offers students the opportunity to learn about library and information science careers for individuals with data science and/or programming skills. Librarians, even those who work primarily with data, wear many hats, and the intern will get a chance to see the wide variety of work that happens ‘behind the scenes’ in libraries. Through seeing the development of a web application from beginning to deployment, the intern will also gain valuable experience in project development, documentation, and sustainable programming. In developing and executing user testing of the application, the intern will gain experience in user-centered design, UX research, and stakeholder communications. Finally, the intern will gain experience in reflective self-assessment through keeping a daily work and learning journal.


  • Computer science or data science experience preferred. 
  • Knowledge of the R programming language, including the RStudio IDE and the tidyverse package required.
  • Experience with the R web application package Shiny preferred.
  • Curiosity about library and information science, digital scholarship, or alt-academic careers strongly preferred.
  • Strong documentation and communication skills required.
  • The successful candidate will be required to sign a Non-disclosure Agreement due to the possible exposure to sensitive data.
  • The successful candidate must be responsible, energetic, and able to work well both independently and as part of a team.

Interested in a Summer 2020 Cybersecurity Internship?

Application Deadline is December 3, 2019!

Los Alamos National Laboratory is hiring for a 10-week paid cybersecurity internship featuring Cyber Fire instruction and data manipulation. We offer two tracks to choose from: Investigation Track and Research Track

Investigation Track: Students learn the necessary concepts and skills for responding effectively to cyber security incidents. The goal is to provide participants with the equivalent skills and experience one would obtain working a full month on a professional Incident Response team dealing with an Advanced Persistent Threat intrusion. Students are trained on the three core pillars of incident response: Host Forensics, Network Archaeology and Malware Analysis. Students are also given the opportunity to learn about Incident Coordination and Operational Technology.In addition to classroom training and lectures, students spend most of their time working on a small team project investigating real data from a historical incident. At the conclusion of the program, students present their findings to senior management in standard incident reporting format.

Research Track: Students apply their skills to develop innovative solutions to help address national cyber threats. Students work in small teams on a cyber research project, guided by mentors with scientific and computing expertise in the cyber domain. Projects may include:

  • cyber analytics (scalable “big data” processing, statistical inference, anomaly detection, deep learning)
  • data integrity (steganography, encryption, adversarial machine learning)
  • intrusion detection and analysis (malware reverse engineering, network/protocol analysis)
  • cyber-physical system security (complex systems, physical attacks against cyber systems)

For more information on research areas see csr.lanl.gov. Students gain experience in communicating their work through posters and oral presentations. In addition, students attend seminars by LANL researchers and external visitors and given the opportunity to take short courses in core cyber subjects outlined in the Incident Response Track.

To apply, please fill out the application at: https://cyberfire.energy.gov/school/2020/

Read more on Handshake

Film Screening on 11/11/19: Human Nature – A Gene Editing and CRISPR Documentary

CRISPR is a gene editing tool that allows us to manipulate and control the basic building blocks of life. It can be used to cure disease, reshape the environment, and even design our own children! “Human Nature is a documentary about CRISPR’s far-reaching implications, through the eyes of the scientists who discovered it, the families it’s affecting, and the bioengineers who are testing its limits” (Goodwin, Wonder Collaborative, Inc). It is a must-see for those interested in how this technology can change our relationship with nature, and what it means to be human.

  • WHERE: Dana Auditorium
  • WHEN: Monday, November 11, 2019 at 7 PM