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HP Opportunities for grads!

Research Assistant, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA

Opportunity expires May 4, 2020

Working very independently and under very general supervision from a manager or Principal investigator, the research assistant provides support to clinical research studies. May be responsible for the following activities: making independent judgment of suitability of potential subjects for clinical trials, developing and implementing patient recruitment strategies, recommending changes to protocols, and overseeing the work of more entry level staff.

Research Assistant (Vascular Cell Biology), Joslin Diabetes Center, Boston, MA

Opportunity expires May 15, 2020

The Schaffer lab studies diabetes and its cardiovascular complications. We are using genetic, biochemical, cell biological, and physiological approaches to elucidate mechanisms through which abnormally high levels of metabolites cause cell dysfunction and cell death. Current areas of focus include non-canonical functions of small nucleolar RNAs (snoRNAs), regulated RNA degradation, and translational regulation in response to metabolic stress. Our goal is to discover fundamental mechanisms of metabolic stress responses and to translate our findings in ways that inform development of approaches to improve the lives of patients with metabolic diseases.

An opening is available for a graduate with an interest in basic and translational studies with high relevance to important human diseases. The position will afford the opportunity to learn a broad range of techniques and gain first-hand experience in design, execution, and interpretation of experiments.

Research Assistant I Ortho Trauma, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA

Opportunity expires May 19, 2020

The Harvard Orthopedic Trauma Initiative is one of the most successful fully-integrated cross-campus clinical programs. The Initiative has a very robust clinical research patient-reported outcomes programs that have grown substantially during the last five years.

The Research Assistant I position offers exposure to clinical, operative, and academic aspects of Orthopedic Trauma Surgery. This position offers terrific opportunities to both work with expert Orthopedic Trauma surgeons and contribute to cutting-edge innovations.

Working independently and under general supervision from the Senior Project Manager and/or Principal Investigator, the Research Assistant I will provide support to clinical research studies and outcomes data collection. He/She may be responsible for the following activities: gathering data from the clinical record; recruiting and enrolling subjects into clinical protocols; developing and implementing patient recruitment strategies; and recommending changes to protocols.

Dermatology Clinical Assistant, Seacoast Dermatology, PLLC, Portsmouth, NH

Opportunity expires May 29, 2020

Opportunity to apply for our Clinical Assistant Gap Program. Become certified as a dermatology clinical assistant and work with several well-known, personable, and experienced dermatologists and advanced practitioners. You will learn all aspects of patient care and become a key member of the provider’s day-to-day team. This includes scheduling, scribing, managing clinic flow, assisting with dermatology procedures, counseling patients, and all patient care follow-up.

Clinical Assistants also have the opportunity to assist with literature research, writing, and clinical photography for the original articles or international best-selling dermatology textbooks published in our practice. There may also be an opportunity assist in surgery and the Mohs surgery lab processing tissue.

This program is ideal for candidates with an undergraduate degree and interest in the sciences/healthcare who have already applied or plan to apply to medical school or PA/NP programs. It is also an excellent opportunity for someone wishing to learn the business side of a medical practice.

Clinical Research Assistant I in the Department of Otolaryngology and Communication Enhancement, Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA

Opportunity expires May 31, 2020

This research assistant position offers an incredible opportunity to build research project management skills that will benefit any future career path. The research assistant will work closely with two pediatric otolaryngologists. The research focuses on pediatric otolaryngology, with a focus on airway disorders, rhinology, and head and neck cancers. This position offers tremendous education on the research process, database creation and management, statistics and manuscript writing. This role offers the opportunities to collaborate with a diverse group of clinical professionals and to attend medical conferences within the department and nationally.

Research Data Specialist, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA

Opportunity expires May 31, 2020

The Research Data Specialist will support the Leukemia clinical research program at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, under the auspices of the Principal Investigator, Dr. Coleman Lindsley, in the areas of data collection, computing, and database organization. These job duties will be primarily related to capturing clinical, genomic, and pathologic information on patients with hematologic abnormalities, including patients with acute leukemia and other blood cancers. Duties may include but are not limited to: interview/discussions with clinicians and scientists in order to develop and refine database architecture; examination, synthesis, and evaluation of medical records; the abstraction and recording of pertinent medical information; and the monitoring of patient status. The Research Data Specialist will be responsible for the collection, management, and quality assurance review of patient clinical and research data. The Research Data Specialist may work as a content expert by helping clinical and translational researchers develop data requests, and enhance database functionality.

AmeriCorps Health Fellows, Lifelong Medical Care

Opportunity expires May 31, 2020

LifeLong Medical Care’s AmeriCorps Health Fellows program is a community service and professional development opportunity wrapped into one. This experience enables individuals to increase the number of medically underserved individuals have access and utilize preventative/primary care services while getting the skills they need to pursue a career in the health care field.

Research Assistant in Neuroscience Lab, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX

Opportunity expires May 31, 2020

We are looking for a highly motivated individual to work as research technician in a neuroscience lab at UT Southwestern in Dallas, Texas. This position is ideal for you if you would like to gain primary research experience in order to move on to PhD and/or MD programs in biomedical fields.

Our lab focuses on understanding how neural circuits in the brain mediate behavior. We are particularly interested in answering questions such as how learning occurs and how motivation influences behavior. We employ a multidisciplinary approach that includes neural recordings, optogenetic manipulations, molecular genetics, and computational modeling, and use Drosophilia as a model. Your responsibilities include assisting with experiments and maintaining common lab functions.

Cool article from ’16.5 alum and current UVM med student Richard Brach!

Why Social Justice Belongs in Medical Education

By Richard Brach ’22, UVM College of Medicine

March 6, 2020

The well-being of a country’s children is an important measure to track, as poverty in early years can have long-lasting consequences on children’s performance in school and their adult health status. The United States is considered one of the wealthiest countries in the world, but we have childhood poverty rates that are some of the worst. When compared to other countries with similar gross domestic products in a recent State of the World’s Children Report, the United states ranked 34/35, only ahead of Romania. Things look more grim when you look at childhood poverty by race in the U.S.: one in three Native American, one in four black and Hispanic, and one in nine white children live in poverty. To get a better idea of where we stand today and how best to proceed, we need to come to terms with how we got here.

Our nation has a deep history of racism and inequality. This country was built on the backs of slaves after which decades of lynchings, Jim Crow laws, and legal harassment crushed the possibility of upward mobility for African Americans. One example: 98 percent of the $120 billion in federal home loans distributed between 1933 and 1962 went to white homeowners, excluding African Americans from economic opportunity. This kept money and power in the hands of white Americans. Even after legislation banned discrimination in housing loans in 1968, the stage of structural racism was already set, permeating every aspect of our culture. In schools, African American students are suspended and expelled three times more often than white students, which is fueling the school-to-prison pipeline and mass incarceration. There are now more African American men in prison than there were enslaved in 1850.

Health care and STEM research are not immune to these challenges. We have a dark history of subjecting marginalized communities to cruel treatment and punishments. Most people are familiar with the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments between 1932 and 1972 in which the U.S. Public Health Service knowingly withheld treatment from hundreds of African Americans that had contracted syphilis in order to study the progression of the gruesome disease. Even in Vermont, when we’re so proud of being the first state to abolish slavery, we have a racist history of eugenics, in which healthcare professionals forcibly sterilized Abenaki Indians between 1930 and 1957. We need to recognize that we, as current and future health care professionals, are just as fallible as anyone else.

Seniors–amazing research positions about to expire on Handshake!

Clinical Research Database Analyst, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA

Opportunity expires March 18, 2020

The Department of Dermatology, Brigham and Women’s Hospital is looking for a programmer to provide database and programming support for clinical and research databases that both exist and are to be developed. Working under the very general direction of the research administrator, principle investigators, and clinical medical directors, the incumbent develops and maintains complex databases for specific clinical utilizations, and broad based research studies on skin diseases, skin-cancer and cost of care. Develops data collection tools for multiple studies and ensures regulatory compliance of all data collection.

Research Assistant, Bauer Lab, Boston, MA

Opportunity expires March 31, 2020

We seek a highly motivated and organized individual to join our efforts to study novel genetic treatment approaches for blood disorders. We are particularly focused on applying genome editing technologies to develop novel treatments for hemoglobinopathies. The selected candidate will work on computational and experimental research projects.

Research Position in Translational Neuro-Oncology Lab, Nationawide Children’s Hospital, Columbus, OH

Opportunity expires March 31, 2020

The Rajappa Lab is accepting applications for a Research Position from backgrounds in Neuroscience, Tumor Immunology, or Cancer Biology. Our team is part of the Institute for Genomic Medicine (IGM) at the Abigail Wexner Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, which is at the forefront of using genomic sequencing in the clinical setting to predict best health outcomes for patients and is one of the driving forces shaping precision medicine. Our passion and vision is to rapidly translate research discoveries into lasting treatment options for pediatric patients afflicted with Central Nervous System (CNS) tumors. Specifically, our laboratory is studying the mehcanisms that potentiate low to high grade glioma progression. We use transgenic brain tumor mouse models that recapitulate low to high grade glioma progression and correlate our findings with peripheral blood and tumor specimens from patients with CNS tumors. These models also serve as a platform to explore the contribution of the tumor microenvironment and myeloid cells in low grade glioma progression and also test novel therapeutic agents aimed at impairing malignant transformation. Furthermore, modulating myeloid-derived cell population recruitment using JAK 1/2 Inhibitors prior to malignant tumor progression has shown translational promise.

Clinical Research Assistant I- Ophthalmology, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA

Opportunity expires April 1, 2020

The Division of Ophthalmology of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) provides the highest level of eye care and serves as an important referral center for New England. The Longwood Medical Eye Center of the BIDMC Division of Ophthalmology is accepting applicants for a two-year clinical research assistant position under the supervision of Dr. Jorge, Arroyo, MD, MPH> Dr. Arroyo is an Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at Harvard Medical School and Director of the Retina Service at BIDMC. His research interests include evaluating surgical outcomes follow vitreoretinal surgery, developing novel procedures such as endoscopy-assisted surgical techniques and pneumatic vitreolysis, and improving our understanding of retinal pathology in conditions such as retinal detachments, diabetic retinopathy, and retinal vein occlusions.

HSS Research Assistant- Dept of Medicine (IROC), Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, NY

Opportunity expires April 7, 2020

The Research Assistant is an integral member of the research team responsible for a variety of tasks essential to the conduct of clinical research. This position involves a great deal of patient contact as well as interaction with physicians of various specialties in the hospital. Duties include recruitment of patients, assessment of eligibility criteria, administration of questionnaires, coordination of study visits, drawing blood, obtaining specimen from the operating room, bypassing of biospecimens, obtaining regulatory approvals, and maintaining accurate databases. S/he will have proven abilities to work autonomously, bearing independent responsibility to ensure data accuracy and timely follow through of study procedures. Opportunities for mentorship, authorship, and presentation at international meetings exist for the right candidate.

An Important Message from Health Professions

Dear Health Professions Student:

Like you, we are working to process and assimilate the abrupt transition we’ve all just experienced. Many of you have reached out with questions about how the shift to remote learning will impact your pre-health preparation. The short answer is that we don’t know, as the conversations between pre-health advisors and health professions programs are just beginning. We have strong, longstanding relationship with many folks in medical school admissions and know them to be reasonable and understanding. We will keep you posted as we learn any information with respect to MCATS, tweaks to the AMCAS application process, a greater openness to accepting online coursework, and consideration of the P/F option for prerequisites. For now, the CCI will be open and we are here to talk! As always, feel free to email us a question or schedule a virtual appointment on Handshake (ML) or by email (ML and HB). As we move forward, we anticipate potential disruptions to your summer plans, but rest assured, we’ll figure it out together.  

We leave you with this: We are entering the greatest public health event of our lifetime. As you settle in to your new locales, look to the organizations in your communities that might need your help. Your engagement might look different than anything you ever imagined; perhaps it will take the form of telephoning elderly shut-ins to provide them with human contact, dropping meals or books off outside the door of a quarantined individual, or assembling activity kits for homebound school aged children, but your efforts will matter. When you reflect on this time years from now, how powerful it will be to know that during an immensely challenging time, you showed up. We believe in your ability to weather this storm and deliver empathy, kindness and connection along the way.

Be well and keep your hands off your face : )

Mary and Hannah

RSVP for Tufts University School of Medicine Admissions Talk on 3/6

Come meet Dr. David Neumeyer, Dean of Admissions at the Tufts University School of Medicine. You’ll learn firsthand what makes for a compelling medical school application and hear about Tufts’ unique Main Track MD Program. Pizza will be provided! Strongly encouraged for ALL students interested in medical school.

Get insight into a career in health care with Eileen Whalen of UVM Medical Center

Conversation with Eileen Whalen, MHA, RN

Monday, March 9th, 8:00-8:45pm MBH 430

Join Women in Health Sciences in a casual conversation with Eileen Whalen, MHA, RN. She recently retired as President & COO at the University of Vermont Medical (UVM) Center and worked in health care for 35 years. We’ll discuss her career path, leadership positions, and numerous accomplishments. Come with questions! This event is open to students of all genders and backgrounds.