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Are you a CS Major Without a Summer Internship? Consider Contributing to Open Source Projects.

If you are unable to find a CS internship or a research project, do not dismay! You can still be productive and add bullets to your resume while at home this summer!

Consider taking on side projects. They keep you moving forward with what you already know while also pushing you to learn new skills and tackle problems on your own. Working on side projects is the perfect excuse to learn new and upcoming languages or frameworks and stay ahead of the curve.

We recommend working on open source projects that make you more marketable. Open source projects offer powerful preparation for the real world. By contributing to open source projects, you cultivate an awareness of how tools and languages piece together in a way that personal projects cannot. You learn to collaborate and project manage. You build on your communication skills, teamwork, and problem-solving. All skills that hiring manager look for.

What do we mean by open source projects:

Maybe your goal for the summer was to learn enough Python to land a great internship or job. Don’t stop at Python, look into learning the graphics processing library, the web frameworks, or the scientific modules. This is a great way to test the waters and see what you really enjoy doing. Take the summer to play and learn at your own pace and really hone in on what you are most interested in doing.

If you haven’t already, open a GitHub account and check out
the trending list. Review this list of beginner-friendly projects and these six starting points to begin your open source journey.

Check out this opensource.com series “Young professionals find the open source way a good fit”

Tech Resources from the Folks at Google University

Coding Practice:

Polish up your technical skills by practicing some coding problems this summer. Google offers a Tech Dev Guide created specifically for students to explore and direct their learning. They also highly recommend Cracking the Coding Interview, LeetCode, and HackerRank to help get your coding skills into tip top shape!

Recommended Courses:

Taking courses such as Algorithms and Data Structures is highly recommended to help with Google’s coding interviews. If you have not taken these courses at Midd, or just want a refresher, Stanford offers a free online Algorithms course that Google loves! For a deeper dive, Pluralsight offers a two part course that shows day to day applications of algorithms and data structures.

Resume Tips:

Google has plenty of resources to help you polish up your resume this summer. Check out their tips for how to apply to Google.  It has everything you need to know from what they would like to see on your resume to how to prepare for interviews!

Multiple Positions Open with Fast Enterprises – One of Glassdoor’s 2019 Best Places to Work!

Congratulations on exploring your career opportunities with FAST and taking the first step to becoming a FASTie! A FASTie? Yes, a FASTie

FAST-ie \’faeste\ noun 1. an energetic, intelligent, enthusiastic person who works at Fast Enterprises. 2. a person dedicated to modernizing government technology to better serve the general public. 3. someone who is open to adventure and wants to experience new places around the world. 4. someone who enjoys collaboration with clients and camaraderie with teammates while solving business and technology problems.

Available positions are listed below. All application deadlines are Tuesday, 4/23. Click on the title and if the description speaks to you, take 5 minutes (seriously, only 5 minutes) to apply!

Software Engineer at Temboo in NYC

Application deadline Monday, April 22nd.

Temboo builds software that people are using to fundamentally change the world around us. Temboo is empowering people to build an amazingly diverse range of physical computing systems at the intersection of hardware, software, and human aspiration, and they want you to help them as they grow and scale.

As a software engineer at Temboo, you’ll work closely with their product team to design, implement, test, deploy and maintain new features. Your specific technical skill-set is less important to us than your all-around intelligence, problem-solving ability, and eagerness for new challenges.

Learn more in Handshake.

Data Center Manager Internship at Amazon

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is growing rapidly, and they are looking for a Data Center Manager Intern to join their expanding Infrastructure Operations team.

They are looking for college students with high-potential to obtain more experience in people management, strong technical understanding and vision to take AWS Data Center Operations to the next level. A successful candidate will have experience creating/devising strategies, mentoring people in all levels, sponsoring projects and proposing technical solutions.

Amazon has multiple Data Center Manager Intern openings in Ohio, Virginia, and Oregon for candidates that will be graduating between December 2019-June 2020 in a relevant Technical Field.

Learn more about the internship in Handshake.

How to Prepare for Phone or Virtual Interviews

Article by Aja Frost of The Muse.

“A colleague of mine once compared phone and Skype interviews to take-home tests.

“You still need to study,” she explained. “But you can also have everything you need in front of you.”

If you’re wondering what exactly is “everything you need” and how you should you prepare your materials so it’s not totally obvious you’re shuffling through papers or reading over your notes, good news—we’ve got all the answers to help you properly prepare for your next remote interview.” Read more.

Cloud Technical Residency at Google

The Cloud Customer Engineering, Cloud Professional Services (PSO), and Cloud Technical Support teams provide technical expertise across the full Google Cloud portfolio of products to prove the value of, deploy, and provide ongoing support of the technology to their customers. These teams are on the front lines of leading customers through the largest technological shift in the history of the IT industry. They are the consultants and engineering gurus that help customers understand the unique value of and transformational benefits that result from applying these technologies to their business workloads.

As a part of the Google Cloud Technical Residency Program you will have the unique opportunity to work in different Google Cloud roles under the direct mentorship of experienced staff members. Before you start projection rotations, you will undergo training to prepare you to add value on day one of your customer engagements. The project rotations include opportunities to work with partners, engage in technical solution validation, develop scalable tools, demos and related assets, and provide implementation, advisory and support services to Google customers across a wide spectrum of industry and scale.

You will also have the opportunity to develop your business and product skills by working on a range of projects, such as building tools to automate and scale business processes, come up with different Google products to create custom solutions, and provide data driven insights to Google’s internal sales and product teams.

Learn more in Handshake. Deadline 4/10.