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We are excited to announce the kick-off of our 2023 Wealth Management Summer Analyst Recruiting Season. We invite current first years and second years (expected graduated between December 2023 and Spring 2025) to join the Wealth Management Virtual Series, where you will learn more about Morgan Stanley, the firm’s people and culture, and the Wealth Management business. Please register in advance via the linked event titles below.
Wealth Management Summer Analyst Program – Morgan Stanley Wealth Management is broken up into two distinct areas: the Field and the Home Office. Summer Analysts will join us for a competitive, 10-week program where they will be placed into a specific team within the Wealth Management Home Office. The Home Office is where the development and strategy of products, investment solutions, digital offerings and research take place for Financial Advisors to leverage with their clients. Summer Analysts will gain a thorough understanding of the Wealth Management business and the full range of financial products and services available to our clients.

Wealth Management 101 Info Session
February 23rd, 5:30 PM EST – Zoom Webinar
During this event, a senior leader will provide valuable information on the industry and the Wealth Management Summer Analyst Program. Following the business overview, there will be a live Q&A.

Wealth Management Analyst Panel
February 25th, 12:00 PM EST – Zoom Webinar
This panel will include current and former Program Analysts who will be able to share meaningful insights into their experience in the recruiting process and the day-to-day life of a Summer & Full-Time Wealth Management Analyst. The panel will be moderated by a senior leader in the Wealth Management Division.

Economic Equity Policy Fellow at Greenlining Institute

The Greenlining Institute’s Leadership Academy Fellowship is an 11-month training and experiential learning program for early career leaders seeking to gain hands-on public policy experience and invest in their personal and professional growth.

Fellows are integrated into one of Greenlining’s policy teams to develop, plan, and implement the organization’s policy and advocacy efforts while they simultaneously work with the Leadership Academy to focus on the skills to support their personal growth and deepen their leadership perspective.

We’re looking for individuals who have a strong commitment to racial equity and social justice for communities of color and can demonstrate a sincere interest in building themselves into true race equity leaders. Our offices are based in Oakland, CA and participants will be expected to attend in-person throughout the program.

More details and to apply, check out Handshake here

Check out this special episode of the How Success Happens podcast!

Photo of Robert Tuchman with yellow Print "How Success Matters" over a blue background

This month, Brett Perlmutter ’24 had the opportunity to host a special episode of Entrepreneur Media’s How Success Happens podcast and interview current host Robert Tuchman. In addition to his role on the leadership board for the Innovation Hub’s Midd Ventures Community, Brett serves as the brand manager for the podcast. Check it out on the How Success Happens website as well as on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Learn about startups, digital forensics, and electronically stored information in this week’s Future Forward with Beth Downing ’01.

This set of Future Forward features focuses on women in leadership roles in a variety of science, technology, and healthcare organizations, discussing their industry’s current environment, their perspective on the future outlook for that career field, and action steps students can take now to position themselves for entry into those career fields.

Many of these featured guest speakers majored in STEM areas while others had a variety of majors yet have advanced within these career fields.

Beth Downing ‘01

This Future Forward segment features Beth Downing, CFO of Avansic, a start-up and leading provider of eDiscovery and digital forensics services to attorneys, litigation support teams, and the business community. She has held a number of different functional roles with Avansic, including operations, marketing, communications, and finance. Beth graduated from Middlebury in 2001 with a degree in Biology. Beth is joining us to share her perspectives on the growing aspects of digital information and Electronically Stored Information or ESI in our daily lives, including: a broad overview of the ESI landscape, the limitations and opportunities in the future driven my digital innovation and our use of data and information, and her career advice for students.

You can watch one of her three videos below and then check out all three of the videos at go/FutureForward.

Consulting Job at Dalberg Advisors

Dalberg is a global group working to build a more inclusive and sustainable world where all people, everywhere, can reach their fullest potential. We partner with and serve communities, governments, and companies throughout the world, providing an innovative mix of advisory, investment, research, analytics, and design services. Today’s complex global problems require new solutions. We are from everywhere, at home anywhere – a US and Latin American company as much as an Asian, African, Middle Eastern, and European one.

You aspire to become a leader in global development and social impact by tackling global issues, from malnutrition to climate change to economic opportunities, ensuring no population is left behind. You enjoy collaborating with teams working across continents and cultures. You excel in quantitative and qualitative analysis, and you want to put your skills to work – transforming organizations, advising investors, and shaping new initiatives. You are a committed self-starter with an excellent academic record, a passion for impact and development, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Check out the job in Handshake here. Deadline is February 11. This is a great entry level opportunity!

Also be sure to check out their interview prep here, which includes case practices.

Workshop: Lessons on How Embracing Risk and Failure Can Help You Succeed

It’s okay to mess up! Come to this session to explore your capacity to learn and develop. Build your understanding of neuroplasticity, the significance of your mindset, the role of self-talk, and how risk-taking and failure are critical to growth. This session will help you train your brain to embrace “failure” as a learning opportunity, while also planning ahead for potential obstacles and encouraging self-resiliency. Presented by Bruce Perlow | Program Director and Facilitator, The DREAM Program

Tuesday, January 18th 2022

4:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Axinn 219

Identifying Fraudulent Employment Opportunities

Unfortunately, not every job posting or offer is an opportunity. Scammers know that job opportunities are a powerful tool for gathering personal information, so you need to know how to distinguish legitimate job postings from scam attempts.  Below are some tips to follow and red flags to look out for.

Basic Tips

  • If a job sounds too good to be true, it almost certainly is.
  • Don’t provide financial information or your Social Security number! Legitimate employers won’t ask for your bank account details or your SSN.
  • Do not send money! Legitimate employers will not ask you to wire money or pay for services.
  • When in doubt, look for the job posting on the employer’s official website.  Much like phishing emails, scam job postings often capitalize on well-known names and images. Do not follow links from the suspicious posting, which could take you to a cosmetically similar page, and check the employment page to be sure the opening is real. Calling the company in question (again, using publicly available contact information) is another good strategy.
  • If you experience anything unusual about a job posting in Handshake, please contact CCI as soon as possible and flag the posting in Handshake.

Red Flags

  • The same warning signs that signal fraudulent emails and websites: bad grammar and spelling, requests for personal information, and difficulty contacting or identifying the poster are all clear signs of trouble.
  • Request for an initial investment.
  • Request for bank account access.
  • Requests for payment or transferring money.
  • Offers to pay a large amount of money for little work.
  • Offers you a job without interviewing/interacting with you.
  • You are contacted by phone, and the number is not available.
  • Vague descriptions that focus on money rather than the job.
  • Email domain that doesn’t match the employer’s official domain.
  • Email domain of a free provider is used such as live.com, yahoo.com, hotmail.com, gmail.com etc. Legitimate organizations almost always have their own email systems.
  • Website that has information only on the job you’re applying for, rather than about the company in general.

What if I’m already involved in a scam?

  • End all communication and immediately contact the local police and Public Safety.
  • Get in touch with your bank or credit card company and dispute any fraudulent activity immediately.
  • If the scam happened online, file a report with the FTC’s cybercrime division.

Resources from Handshake

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