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Student Org Profile: Language in Motion

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LiM at MUHS Study Abroad Fair
Language in Motion (LiM) is an educational collaboration that connects Middlebury’s international, study abroad, and upper level language students with local high school and middle school teachers, students, and classrooms. 
“Spending time out of the United States and learning foreign languages have been instrumental in shaping my worldview and my academic path at Middlebury. Participating in the Language in Motion program through the Office of Community Engagement has given me the chance to combine my love for languages and intercultural exchange with my interest in education. LiM facilitates connections between Middlebury College students who have had international experiences, through study abroad, summer programs, gap years, or by virtue of being international students, with secondary school students in Vermont. It gives Middlebury students the chance to make their abroad experiences meaningful in new ways and to reflect on how the insight they have gained through their international experiences can be valuable to the larger Middlebury community. Midd students participating in LiM go through training to plan and give presentations to high school and middle school students in the area on an aspect of their international experience. Topics range from superstitions in Russia to foods of Spain to life in Ethiopia.
In addition to presentations, we just hosted the second annual study abroad fair at Middlebury Union High School to give students access to resources on high school study abroad and gap year opportunities. We are working on exciting new programming for this spring including “language days,” through which we hope to bring high school language classes to Middlebury to experience language tables and the atmosphere of Middlebury language-learning. It has been immensely rewarding for me to get to share my experiences and love for languages with students in the larger Middlebury community through presentations, and to learn more about other cultures in helping other Midd students plan their presentations.”
-Emma McDonald ’16

Student Org Profile: Nutrition Outreach and Mentoring

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Nutrition Outreach and Mentoring is a student organization at Middlebury College with the goal of creating community and connecting people through food and food education. Our student-run group organizes volunteering events and classes with the purpose of teaching people how to cook healthy food for themselves on a budget and to acquire the independence and knowledge that comes with this life skill. The aims of these initiatives are to establish healthy eating and cooking habits and to raise awareness about nutrition and current food issues.
With our amazing college dining on campus, it can be easy to forget about the food security issues in Addison County and Vermont. NOM works to teach healthy cooking and living by going into schools, hosting workshops and through other events with community partners. My work with NOM has shown me the power of sharing food, that eating almost always involves conversation, and has allowed me to branch out beyond the Middlebury campus. – Emily Beneroff ‘16
This organization has given me the opportunity to dive more deeply into my own study of nutrition as I learn alongside the kids participating in cooking and even writing, drawing and mapping activities together. NOM has also raised my awareness of the problem of food insecurity in Addison County. Children are so affected by this issue but they have very little control over it. I like working with the children in the classroom and in after school settings to try to empower them and place some agency around informed food choices in their lives.
One of my favorite memories was at the Sister-to-Sister Summit last year when NOM brought kale and fruit in to make smoothies with the middle school girls. Many of them were excited about strawberry banana but hesitant to try adding kale because it was green and unknown. Seeing myself and some other volunteers blend in the kale and drink it many girls followed our lead. We had one girl in particular that was so enthusiastic about the kale she wanted seconds and proudly told us she couldn’t wait to go home to tell her mom she had tried kale. My favorite part about NOM is the joy of creating and sharing food with students. – Chelsea Colby ’17.5

Update: 15 November

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We are continuing to regularly communicate with our students.  Tomorrow, November 16th, we will welcome them at our Middlebury Center here in Paris to talk about Friday night’s events, to answer their questions, and they will also have to possibility to speak with a counselor.



Live Blogging the Second Democratic Debate

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Following the attacks of November 13th

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All 60 of our students here in France- in Paris, in Bordeaux, and in Poitiers- are safe and sound!

We have advised them to not leave their homes for the moment, to follow the security advisements given by the authorities, to stay informed, and to keep their telephones charged so that our team can contact them and continue to assure that they are safe.  We will continue to regularly communicate with them.


Teaching Resources & Stories

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Teaching at Middlebury WordPress site

Teaching at Middlebury WordPress Site

The  Library and the Center for Teaching, Learning and Research have been working together to develop a site where Middlebury College faculty can share different teaching methods that are being used across campus. We will also use this site to collect, organize and share resources that can be used to achieve different learning goals. Examples of stories currently featured on the site include:

  • Ways that faculty are using different annotation methods to provide feedback and emphasize close readings of texts
  • Creating collaborative resources to highlight and contextualize course content and themes

We are pleased to share the start of the Teaching at Middlebury site and look forward to working with all of you  to develop and refine the work that has already been done. It is designed to be a dynamic source of new content, connections and opportunities, so we hope you will engage, return, and share your work as you begin or continue your journey as educators at Middlebury. Please visit the site at http://sites.middlebury.edu/teach

We look forward to featuring your work soon!


Learn about Joshua Allen’s workshop, “Organizing at the Intersection of Black Lives Matter & Gender Justice”

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On November 19th, Joshua Allen presented their workshop entitled “Organizing at the Intersection of Black Lives Matter & Gender Justice” in the Warner Hemicycle. This workshop was sponsored in part by a Community Engagement Mini-Grant. The workshop was also attended by a number of community partners, including the Department of Residence Life at UVM, a staff member at Safe Space, and representatives of the Burlington-based Pride Center Vermont.
            Joshua discussed overlapping or intersecting social identities and oppressions. In this case, they detailed the intersection of the Black Lives Matter movement with violence against women, femmes, and girls. Joshua challenged participants to engage in these movements, providing students, faculty, and community members with tools to create inclusive organizing spaces and engage with these issues more effectively. Joshua didn’t hesitate to ask difficult questions about life at Middlebury, including the language that we use, the identities that we inhabit, and what solidarity means in our community.
            Middlebury’s Queer Studies House initiated this workshop. Noting the increased institutional focus on intersectional identities, including the upcoming visit of scholar Kimberle Crenshaw, student organizers sought to create a space to resist cis-normativity and celebrate trans* leadership. Moreover, given last year’s die-ins and the alternative spring break trip to Montgomery, Alabama, student organizers sought to build upon much of the conversations that had already begun at Middlebury.