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Activate Your Handshake Profile – Week 5 of #NoFailFall

Your To Do for Week Five:

Did you know that you can upload a resume to your Handshake profile?

For Handshake’s 5th week of #NoFailFall: make sure your latest documents are added to your profile. That way, you can use the “Quick Apply” feature on many job listings to apply in mere minutes!

⁠⁠Pro-tip: if you plan to apply to several different types of jobs, you can upload multiple resumes. Tailor each one to highlight relevant skills and experience for different roles.

Activate Your Handshake Profile – Week 4 of our #NoFailFall

Your To Do for Week Four:

This #NoFailFall (and all year round), be sure to keep your interests updated!

These are common fields that employers use to search for potential candidates, so including them in your profile is essential to getting recruited.

💡 You can update interests anytime, so don’t worry about changing your mind—it’s natural!

Activate Your Handshake Profile – Week 3 of our #NoFailFall

Your To Do for Week Three:

We’re back with Handshake’s #NoFailFall!

Maybe you took summer courses, or helped organize a food drive for your community.

Add ’em to your Handshake profile to show recruiters what you know — and what you care about!

Activate Your Handshake Profile!

Your To Do for Week TWO:

Before you get started applying to roles, attending virtual fairs, and connecting with recruiters, you’ll want to show everybody what you’re made of!

During week two of the Handshake #NoFailFall, add any skills and past work experience — including volunteering + internships — to your profile. These elements can improve your chances of showing up in an employer search.⁠⁠

Pro-tip: you can edit your profile anytime, so keep adding skills, certifications, and work experience to your Handshake profile as you build up your resume over the years.

Activate Your Handshake Profile!

Your To Do for Week ONE:

We are setting you up for a “No Fail Fall!” Whether you’re looking for an internship, trying to find a job, schedule an appointment with an advisor, or simply hoping to figure out your ideal career path this semester, we’ve got the steps to get you there. It all starts with activating your Handshake profile:

If you haven’t already, sign up at https://middlebury.joinhandshake.com/ with your Middlebury email and login.

First-Years and transfers – check your email for an invitation to join Handshake AND Midd2Midd.

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Internship Highlight: Cindy Cardona, 2022 – Animal Care Intern at the Niabi Zoo

What surprises you the most about your work experience?

I was surprised to see how involved zookeepers are in the lives of the animals they care for. It’s beautiful seeing how developed the relationships between them are. The animals even recognize the zookeepers’ voices, granted it could be because they associate it with food, but I’d like to believe it goes beyond that too.

What helped you to prepare for success during the internship and what are you most proud of achieving?

Communication and research were extremely helpful in my preparation, whether it was asking my supervisor questions before beginning the internship or looking into the company’s website for information. I am most proud of how capable I have been of providing proper animal husbandry to a variety of different animals. Summer internships are not very long so I am especially prideful of all that I have learned so far.

How are you developing personally and professionally throughout the internship?

This internship has allowed me to have hands-on experience with animals and develop various professional relationships. It has also provided me with a great deal of confidence and clarity in my future career decisions.

Do you have any advice for future interns?

It’s easy to doubt your abilities and compare yourself to other students, however, you were picked for a reason. Prove to your supervisors and to yourself that they were right in choosing your application out of the many that they received.

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