Language School pins

Those of you behind the Circ Desk who speak a language other than English can now wear a LS button during your shift that states the language(s) you speak. Our LS borrowers are always appreciative of LIS employees who speak their language and can help them avoid speaking English when receiving service at the Circ Desk. The pins are available in a little bin at the Circ Desk — please remember to remove them at the end of your shift. More pins coming soon for RUSS, CHNS, and JAPN.

Reserve and film screening shelf locations

I’ve placed all LS Reserves in a more consolidated spot for the summer. Both books and media will be shelved where we normally shelve only books during the academic year. Since there are fewer items on Reserve during summer term, it’ll be nice to have fewer places to look for Reserve items.

Also, I’ve relocated the film screening shelf (where media/rental films sit with their booking slips attached) for the summer only. It will live at the end of the LS reserves area. Please let me know if you need a brief tour of where things are.

If you have comments or concerns about any of this, please let me know!

Intersession Projects?

What’s on your project list for the upcoming intersession?
Let’s centralize the project list on this blog post – that way we can have the projects specific to this intersession for all branches in a shared place, for easy updating etc.
The master intersession checklist is on the wiki – please review/update as needed.

Books returning from Davison in bins

As the many bins of returns from Bread Loaf students roll in, please be aware that there may be some items that were never properly checked out, and will generate a “send in transit for holdshelf” message. Other unusual messages may appear as well. Please hand these items to a supervisor to handle. This goes for NExpress and ILL items as well — they too will generate an unexpected message at check in if they were never checked out to the borrower. In the five bins that arrived at Main this morning, there were about six items (a mix of our books and NExpress books) that had never been properly checked out. Supervisors can simply cancel the holds and send the books to reshelving.

Also found in the bins sent to Main were books that live in the Davison stacks, as well as Davison Reserve items. Please be on the look out for these as well! Supervisors, please keep a close eye on the bins as they’re being unpacked each day. Many thanks!

Midd ID’s – Double Check Name and Photo

Please note!
We just experienced another incident of the wrong ID number being embedded in a summer ID.
Which means that when you scan an ID, the wrong account will display on the screen and you may inadvertently check things out to the wrong person.
Help solve this problem by verifying that the name on the ID and the name on the screen always match.
Scan ID
Look at photo and name on ID
Look at name on borrower account on screen
Do they match?
If yes – proceed with check-out
If no – alert a supervisor immediately – do not check out
This person needs to get a new ID at Public Safety before borrowing
If necessary, ask for another photo ID and type in their name to bring up the correct borrowing account.
Please extend our apologies for the inconvenience.
Thanks! 🙂