Midd ID

IDs required to check out items!

We have noticed that we are all becoming more lax about requiring IDs in order to check out items. Starting in January, we will REQUIRE IDs to check out items. So as people come to the desk over the next month and a half and do not have an ID, please tell them that in January they will not be able to check out items without their ID.

ID’s required

A reminder that we do require IDs to check out material at the circ desks. If someone does not have their ID:
* remind them that they will need their ID next time
* after they give you their ID number, ask for their name as confirmation that they are who they say they are

Always feel free to refer any patron to a supervisor.

Midd ID’s – Double Check Name and Photo

Please note!
We just experienced another incident of the wrong ID number being embedded in a summer ID.
Which means that when you scan an ID, the wrong account will display on the screen and you may inadvertently check things out to the wrong person.
Help solve this problem by verifying that the name on the ID and the name on the screen always match.
Scan ID
Look at photo and name on ID
Look at name on borrower account on screen
Do they match?
If yes – proceed with check-out
If no – alert a supervisor immediately – do not check out
This person needs to get a new ID at Public Safety before borrowing
If necessary, ask for another photo ID and type in their name to bring up the correct borrowing account.
Please extend our apologies for the inconvenience.
Thanks! 🙂

9-week Language Schools begin Fri 6/12

The Language Schools summer session started on 6/5 in Mills California and will officially begin on the Middlebury campus tomorrow 6/12, with the arrival of the 9-week Language Schools.

A few reminders:

Full summer hours resume at Main on Fri 6/12, and at Music and Armstrong on Monday 6/15.

Midd ID’s are required to borrow.
Midd ID’s are often not issued to LS students, staff and faculty right away. A photo ID (license or passport) can be substituted if necessary to allow borrowing. NOTE! Be sure to double check that you are in the right borrower record – verify that first and last name match exactly what is listed on the photo ID.

Please respect the Language Pledge in all aspects of your front desk work. If the you speak the language of the person you are assisting, please feel free to use that in your interactions. English is allowed to transact business, but please minimize any casual visiting in English.
The Language Pledge is a formal commitment on the part of all LS students to speak, listen, read, and write the language of study as the only means of communication for the session.

Many thanks for all your great help.