Language Schools

Finding Language Resources for the summer

To help patrons find language resources this summer, start at go/guides. The first drop down is a language selection menu, which will take the patron to the appropriate guides page for that language.

Once on a language page, there will be links to CDs and DVDs in the lower right corner (in most cases).

How to find foreign language music CD’s

If you are looking for foreign language music CD’s, here is the best way to do it.

1. Go to go/subsplus
2. Select the language you want (from the Subject drop-down)
3. In the right hand column, near the bottom, there should be a link that says “Chinese (or whatever langauge) CD’s”. That takes you to a specialized MIDCAT search.

Please ask Dan (x5928) if you have any questions.

LS families

Just a head’s up that LS family members will no longer be loaded into Millennium via Banner. If they come to the desk and want to borrow, we will need to add them manually.

Students – please direct these requests to a supervisor.

Supervisors – create a guest borrower card and use ptype 120.

Direct any questions to Dan.

Language School pins

Those of you behind the Circ Desk who speak a language other than English can now wear a LS button during your shift that states the language(s) you speak. Our LS borrowers are always appreciative of LIS employees who speak their language and can help them avoid speaking English when receiving service at the Circ Desk. The pins are available in a little bin at the Circ Desk — please remember to remove them at the end of your shift. More pins coming soon for RUSS, CHNS, and JAPN.

LS@Mills – New Pick-up Location

Please note a new pick up location for our Language Schools at Mills College in California when paging requests.
Here is a summary of the workflow:
1. Patron logs in to Midcat at Mills, places a request to be picked up in California
2. Paging slip is generated here and sorted by Main Circ.
3. Item is retrieved
4. Item is checked in, which will generate a new hold pickup notification telling the patron that the item is on the way and may be picked up at Mills Circ when they are notified by Mills’ system.
5. If item is not available, a standard cancellation notice will be generated (refer to Circ supervisor to cancel request if not found)
6. Place item on Cataloging shelf @ Circ
7. Item will go to Collections Management, where it will be processed for Mills in the regular manner, then shipped out by ILL.