Books returning from Davison in bins

As the many bins of returns from Bread Loaf students roll in, please be aware that there may be some items that were never properly checked out, and will generate a “send in transit for holdshelf” message. Other unusual messages may appear as well. Please hand these items to a supervisor to handle. This goes for NExpress and ILL items as well — they too will generate an unexpected message at check in if they were never checked out to the borrower. In the five bins that arrived at Main this morning, there were about six items (a mix of our books and NExpress books) that had never been properly checked out. Supervisors can simply cancel the holds and send the books to reshelving.

Also found in the bins sent to Main were books that live in the Davison stacks, as well as Davison Reserve items. Please be on the look out for these as well! Supervisors, please keep a close eye on the bins as they’re being unpacked each day. Many thanks!

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