Congratulations to Circ’s New Students of the Month!

A well-deserved congratulations to the first Fall semester 2013 Circ Student Employees of the Month;
Tiffany Park and Himi Kanaumi!

Tiffany and Himi were nominated from the pool of all LIS student employees.

While we realize that all of our Davis and Armstrong students are of the most excellent quality, we wanted to acknowledge and honor these two particular standouts, Himi and Tiffany. They are exemplary student professionals who are preparing themselves well for success in their futures beyond college.  Senior life can be stressful as you seniors know too well, but Tiffany and Himi always have a sense of humor while they work hard, running the desk.  Over the summer, and now into fall, they continue to show us just how responsible they are, while providing efficiency and top-rate service to anyone at the desk. Their future employers will be grateful when they realize how smart they were after hiring these two smart, charming upcoming recruits!

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