New Student Staff Film and CD Picks at the Circ Desk ~ your input is needed!

At the end of the Circ Desk, we have a  new display case  which showcases DVDs and CDs.  The reason we have this on display is for you, (Circulation Student Staff members) to add your favorite TV, film and music recommendations. We get plenty of questions from all students about which films to check out, so this is an opportunity for Circ students to bring out some of your favorites. It would be great to print your picture (optional) and a comment about your choice (s), and I will place that sign next to the display case.  Many DVDs and CDs are sitting on the shelves without much press. We can make this a weekly rotating list of recommendations. Simply write down your favorite titles, and pull them off the shelf. On my desk, you can leave me a list of one or more of your choices, along with your comments. If you would like your picture to accompany a comment, tell me which picture you want to use, and I will print it, then place it in the sign.  Your opinions are valued so bring it on.

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