Jack Maher: April’s Student Employee of the Month & DVD/CD Display Center

This note is so everyone is aware of this month’s student employee award, which went to Jack.  He has worked at the Circ Desk since starting as a first-year at Midd, longer than some supervisors.  It was unanimous that Jack had earned this accolade and we are proud of him. Jack’s participation at the circ desk has been memorable and fun. He will not be forgotten at Circ. So far, our circ employees of the month featured Jun Chen as our first, Chad Sonn, Cynthia Wang and Jack. Way to go!

Additionally, Jack selected several DVDs, featuring Ryan Gosling and acclaimed TV series, The Wire for the display area, and we have found that all of his choices have been checked out!  (R. Gosling is a huge draw, so that couldn’t hurt). Our previous student Christian Schoning made his selections before Jack’s picks, and they were also popular checkouts. It is obvious the display center is successful, so we appreciate your input. Brittany Gendron had a fabulous run as our first student recommending films and TV shows. Her picks did well too. This is a great way for faculty, staff members and other students to have easy access to our collection. We have had a lot of feedback from those checking the displayed DVDs and CDS, with comments like, “Wow. I didn’t know you had “The Ides of March,” or “I haven’t heard “The Smiths” in a long time!
So, don’t keep your favorite picks to yourself!  Keep them coming our way so we can share your recommendations. This is your chance to practice your music and movie criticism skills!
Ciao for now ~~

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