Circ Meeting 6/22

Circ Meeting 6/22 Main Lib 145
Present: Todd, Dan, Nancy, Maura, Rachel, Steve, Brenda Ellis, Phil, Janine
We celebrated Maura’s June birthday with Lemon Cake.
Brenda presented a brief (but riveting) intro to the Mosio Text LIS service – a web platform for receiving and replying to text messages from users. LISBorrowing has been set up as an account, and Circ may in the future monitor Mosio more actively. Currently LIS librarians are monitoring the site and will forward messages as needed to the Lib Circ mailbox. Users can text LIS by sending a text to 66746 (mosio) using the keyword “midd” to begin their message. Please refer questions about Mosio to Brenda or Steve.
Dan presented a brief overview on BLSE workflow for Midd, NExpress and ILL requests for Davison pick-up. Please refer to the BLSE procedures on the Circ Wiki for details about BLSE.
And…at the very same time…Kellam presented a training session on the BLSE workflow at the Davison Library. Present: Kellam, Joanne, Judy, Chris.
Please refer questions about BLSE workflow, procedures, and schedules to Kellam and Dan.

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