2 reminders!

1. If you are searching for an item from a hold slip and you can’t find said item, please go into the patron record, go to the holds tab, and cancel the hold, choosing the “cancel hold and change status to missing” option. This is important because it a) informs the patron that our copy is missing and b) lets them request it via NExpress or ILL.

2. Before DVDs go back to the shelves, please make sure their cases are locked!

Items Going on Hold at Another Location

Please pay careful attention to system hold messages when scanning barcodes.
If you get the message:
“Put on holdshelf at X Library (X=Main, Music, or Armstong) for X (name of borrower)”
Select “set status to in transit to X library” and print the slip, and insert in item. (This is the only time you need to print transit slips for materials traveling between the branches)
Do NOT select “on holdshelf”.
We want the item to have the correct “in transit” status while en route to/in transit between branches to the correct pick-up location, NOT status “on holdshelf”.

Hold Shelf Procedures

Procedure for placing requests on the Holdshelf at all Circ Desks:
Scan barcode
Print hold slip
Place on holdshelf – alphabetically by borrower’s LAST name
Why print a hold slip?
Important info is printed in BIG and BOLD for easy identification and tracking of holds
Verifies borrower’s name – listed Last, First
Verifies pick-up location – material is placed on hold at correct branch
Verifies status dates – time/date placed on hold shelf
Verifies title and call number info – hold slip is placed inside correct item
Thanks for your help in ensuring that when our borrowers come to pick up a hold that the correct item is waiting for them at the correct location.
Please let me know if you have any questions.