Print Release in Main LIB242

LIS has undertaken a project to implement print management for all public printers.
During this test period students, faculty and staff can log in with their username and password to release print jobs sent to the printers in Lib242.
Guest users can log in with the daily pclab username and password to print.
The computers in 242 are dedicated to print release and cannot be used for other purposes during this test.

What is a print release station?
A print release station allows users (faculty, staff, students, and guests) to release their print jobs to the printers rather than use the current configuration of automatically printing jobs to the printers.

Why install a print release station?
A print release station should reduce the number of unnecessary or duplicate print jobs from being printed, give the user greater control over their printing, and increase print availability.

How does a print release station work?
When a user sends a document to the printer, it queues on the print release station. The user must log into the print release station using their Middlebury username and password to view jobs they submitted. The user sees only the documents that they sent to the printer and they can release or cancel the print request.

Please try out the new stations and provide your feedback. Please also record any and all comments, questions, suggestions etc. on the notepad at the Circ desk. There are also stickies available in 242 for writing comments.

Printers without release stations are available on the 3rd floor of the Main Library (LIB303) or the lower level of the Main Library (LIB142).
Please direct all printing from Main Level walk-up stations to the upper and lower level printers.

If you experience problems or you are notified of problems with the print release stations during the testing, please contact the Helpdesk.

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  1. A suggestion for circ staff: If a patron indicates that their print job is not coming up at the Print Release Station when they log in, please inquire as to if they are logged into the computer they printed from with either a Midd password or the guest password. Currently the Walk up stations and the Info desk walk up (which people are not likely to log into) will not pull up print jobs “as is” and this has been confusing for some users.

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Lexa.
    As I mentioned in this post, all printing from Main Level walk-up stations needs to be directed to the upper and lower level printers. We posted signage to that effect at every walk-up station on the Main floor – but it still seems to be confusing. Printing as we know it will change – and those of us at service points can help our users navigate the changes.

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