Meeting minutes 8/25/2010

Starring: Todd, Janine, Kellam, Kim, Morgan, Shawn, Dan
with Special guests: Nate Burt and Joseph Watson

Joseph brought candy! He started off by giving an overview of when to send something P&P.
* Pages missing or falling out
* Missing chapter 2
* use your judgement on old and worn vs. falling apart
* Fill out the slips and be specific
* If a group of books has the same problem, use one slip and rubber band them together
*DO NOT send down books that are marked but readable

If a book is wet or gooey…
Gooey: put it in a bag and send it down
Wet: get it to P&P staff ASAP with clear notification that it is wet
– If it will be a while before P&P can look at it, turn the book upside down and fan the pages open to dry. Also, see procedures here

Encourage students to use bookends when moving a non-full cart of books.

Joseph closed with an overview of the ADA Access brochure which resides at the info desk. The form for access to the building for community members is in the forms drawer at the circ front desk.

Nate’s turn!
Nate gave a brief overview of go/print and go/papercut and outlined the steps we at circ should take when no one from the Helpdesk is around. Instructions for this can be found here.

Patrons can print from their own computer to a Papercut printer (assuming they have a Papercut account). From go/print, they should select the “Web print” option.

Reserves reminders with Kellam!
* Watch for yellow slips on carts of new books – give those books to Kellam
* If faculty come with large stacks of ERes, please ask them to prioritize the articles

Kim asked about bookings and recalls:
* Anyone can recall anything at any time from anyone else (students have the power to do this, but we don’t necessarily train them how)
* NExpress is faster, easier, and more desirable than recalling
* If something is needed for reserve, we cannot put NExpress or ILL items on reserve, so a recall would be necessary then
* Students have the authority in Millennium to place a booking, but they are not trained how to do it. If they do know how, great.
* Encourage patrons to book things for themselves via MIDCAT

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