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Reserve Reprints? Where can they be found?


Some Faculty submit reprints (photocopies) for reserve. Reprints are housed in the file cabinet to the left of the printer. Reprints are filed alphabetically, by the title of the article. The first three letters of the title of the article will appear in parenthesis after the location (reprint file)

Author Richard Ivey School of Business
Title Make green delicious
Call No. Reprint file (MAK)

Reprints circulate like books (watch the screen for date/time due). Remove the reprint from the folder, and circulate only the reprint. When returned, place the reprint back into the correct folder.

Reserves – highlights from training meeting

– Our summer students turn out to be the most knowledgeable and best trained students we have. They become the “point” student for our academic year students because they deal with such a variety of questions during the summer. Thanks for becoming so knowledgeable.
– Our language patrons need a little extra “hand holding” – they come from varied institutions, and are not familiar with our systems. Thanks for your patience and guidance.
– Media items: during LS, we receive many “personal copies” for media screening. Besides completing the purple reserves slip, please make sure there is an English title on the film case.

Processing of NExpress returns at the Circ Desk

Seems this week we’ve had a lot of ILL carts floating in and out of Circ. I like the idea of Circ checking in NExpress returns, it seems to fit well with what we do at Circ. If we continue this process, it would be great to have clear signage on the carts, as we handle a lot of books and the books need to end up in the right place!