So many cards – so much confusion

There has been some confusion recently about the many cards needed to print, copy, borrow and do other things on campus…
Please explain very carefully the difference between Copy Cards and Print Cards when providing assistance. You cannot use a copy card to print. You cannot use a print card to copy.

Print Cards:
*Middlebury College students, faculty and staff do not need to purchase Print Cards – they simply log into the release station with their Midd username and password to release their print job.
*Guests need to purchase a Print Card at the Library Cafe, the College Bookstore or MiddExpress to create an on-line PaperCut account that will allow them printing privileges. The Print Card itself does not get inserted into any machine or unit – it is used only to create an on-line guest print account.

Copy Cards:
Guests AND students need a copy card to be able to copy.
*Copy Cards can be purchased from the black Equitrac copy card vending units with a $1 bill – and value can be added after the initial purchase.
*Copy cards are inserted into the black Equitrac box adjacent to the copier to be able to copy
*Faculty and staff may have a departmental account – in which case a copy card is not needed.
*Faculty and staff need to enter their ID and departmental code (2) into the white Equitrac box adjacent to the copier.

Thanks for helping our users navigate unfamiliar procedures and systems.

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